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We are delighted to announce that Mooning Monthly has teamed up with the wonderful people at online journal MEER.COM to spread the Mooning word to an even wider audience worldwide by publishing our column at every full moon.

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MEER, an innovative information channel providing a constant stream of updates, stories and articles in six different languages, has an audience of over 6 million readers across the globe which it believes will benefit from and enjoy sharing our regular monthly lunar fix. I am naturally inclined to agree. As a result, the Mooning family and the Love it represents continues to expand, for which we are deeply grateful.
Do go and have a gander at their journal online. Lots of interesting articles to read....some occasional vagaries of translation.. but nonetheless a valuable, enlightening, advert/marketing free platform to add to your list of most informative, moon influenced online bookmarks. Many thanks to our new friends at Meer for making this dream come true.

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