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Updated: Sep 9, 2018


Mon 15 May 12.47 - Mooning Monthly Edition 47 searching for the nobility in blokey behaviour...


Salaam dear Mooners

The rampant bull of Taurus hosts a new moon luncheon this coming Monday afternoon, Northern Hemisphere. And it's unusually rampant, as Taurus is generally noted for its preferred state of docile indolence, only breaking into a sweat of activity if it gets severely provoked, when it can suddenly become quite impatient, unpredictable and even dangerous.

There are some major lunar alignments with Mars (planet of war) Pluto (political machinations) and Mercury (communications - subject to external influence) in this week's lunar astrological chart which all seem to point in the direction of our inner masculine muscles being flexed in preparation for a 'no holds barred' brawl of some sort.

Under the shadow of this Taurus New Moon, the bloke in us (whether we gender indentify with girl, boy or other) is that dark corner of our subconscious that HATES to be wrong; to be called out or challenged. Without the illuminating light of the Sun that might otherwise allow the more noble aspects of masculinity to shine, it is the part of us that generally resists change even at substantial personal mental, physical, emotional or fiscal cost and will fight, quite often in cowardly, manipulative ways to support and perpetuate its skewed vision of the world. It is our psyche at its 'win at all costs', recalcitrant, stubborn, warring worst and many folks (well at least 50% of the population) recognise the significant role it has played in causing much of the strife on this planet.

So, the suggestion here is to consciously opt for hyper self-vigilance over the next few days if we don't want to find ourselves lashing out wildly, possibly indiscriminately, when we consider ourselves aggrieved or sorely provoked.

This move toward increased self awareness at a new moon, is the first step on the path to reclaiming our inherent power to create the reality we want in our lives. Each conscious thought, word or action under a new moon is the equivalent of planting a seed of intention for the future we want to harvest - a genuine start to the process of making our dreams come true. That process is a naturally informed kind of manifesting magic that can be harnessed for the benefit of All and here, on these pages, we call it Mooning.

Our Taurus New Moon fury will be easier to spot as the red mist descends in the presence of perceived enemies. Less overt but equally at hand will be the propensity this week (and a theme running through 2018 so far) for self loathing. Self harming, in all its guises, can arise from an ill founded but deep seated sense of inadequacy. Even those of us with seemingly perfect childhoods (is there such a thing?) carry the scars of self doubt as soon as we start to judge against ourselves as teenagers then adults, quite usually through comparison to those around us who seem to be living happier, more 'successful' lives than our own.

Under this Taurus New Moon such comparisons might be heart breaking. In our rage at the perceived injustice of the hand we have been dealt, we may swiftly fall into the added misperception that we are victims or somehow to blame for the misfortune and deserve punishment.

BEWARE MOONERS! Under a new moon, such subliminal thinking is as potent a seed for manifestation as one more consciously and positively devised. In fact, such negative thoughts will easily ride roughshod over positive intents because they carry the additional fuel of emotion. We feel these aspects of self loathing, masquerading as guilt, jealousy, irritation, impatience, anger, much more than we think about them. It is the very real experience of that emotion that carries energetic, manifesting impetus into future possibilities.

This is why we here at Mooning HQ stress the importance of visualising your intents in meditation and actually feeling the sensations of those dreams becoming reality in order to give them additional charge. We suggest not wasting energy with how a positive intention will be realised, instead inviting creative souls to feel and enjoy the sensations of something that has already happened, albeit in the imagination. Those feelings are clear signals to a universe that will objectively coalesce matter toward the strongest energetic beacons. Our subsequent thoughts, words and actions then become an invaluable, universally broadcast reiteration of the intent we have already felt into existence.

This is vital Mooners. If we hold onto perceptions of ourselves as flawed: too fat, too thin; not pretty enough, not funny enough; not this, not that; unworthy, unlovable or unlucky we are unwittingly poisoning the very soil in which we then sow the seeds of our positive intents. Is it any wonder so many of them then fail to germinate? And, if those seeds do happen to flower and fruit, it's more than likely that their taste (our experience of life's bounty) will be bittersweet, tainted by the soil in which they grew.

If, under this Taurus New Moon, we can have the courage to take a look into the long shadows of our less palatable, habitual patterns of behaviour, we may, through an attitude of forgiveness, allow the past to remain in the past, and prevent it from consistently hijacking our present and future. The past holds lessons from which we can learn of course, but more regularly we subconsciously use it as a big stick with which to beat ourselves for not coming up to unrealistic and limiting sets of socially defined expectations. As we repeat so often in these missives: Fuck Hollywood and all it represents!

In summary, under the warring disposition of this Taurus New Moon, it's time to balance the bullish, out of kilter, aggressive, 'mine's bigger than yours' male mentality with some yielding, unconstrained, calming time in the nearest flowering meadows whilst sunning ourselves in the long grass. Lazily chewing the cud in between snoozes is the natural inclination for Taurus the Bull but such luxury will be hard won in this challenging coming week. Perhaps we should double our efforts to consciously find time and space to experience the peaceful path of love and acceptance instead of declaring war on those with whom we disagree....apart from Hollywood.

Incidentally, on the world stage it will be interesting to see what happens this week. The sad likelihood is that if a few bombs are going to drop it will be over the next few days. Those misguided, viagra fuelled boys and their toys, particularly those capable of mass destruction, need calling to account by the rest of us. Now is as good a time as any to personally reject the rhetoric of war as the only route to peace. It's a load of outdated, inflammatory, profiteering bollocks that continues to create civilian genocide and untold suffering to this very day.

Under this Taurus Moon perhaps we can resolve to do what we can to consciously bring peace and understanding to our own individual worlds rather than intellectualise yet another justification for our poor behaviour. You know the score Mooners: Stop. Find a quiet spot and sit or stand still with a straight back concentrating solely on the breath, allowing your thoughts to slow to walking pace, perhaps even occasionally to cease. Retain focus on the sensations of the breath as long as feels comfortable, then, fully reconnected with the present moment go about your business in peace.

And dear Mooners, let's just be kind. Starting with ourselves, such generosity of spirit soon finds its way to others and in an instant changes the world for the better.

With love ‘til next time


Over the next twelve months we call upon fellow Mooner, Mark Weighton, to provide an artistically rendered accompaniment for each new moon, twelve in all. This year he will be working on the same drawing throughout, a different stage of its development being presented each month, culminating in it's completion under the Sagittarius New Moon next December. Path five provides the balanced magic of manifestation, a path of intuitive creativity. Dream big dear Mooners......


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