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Updated: Sep 9, 2018


Thurs 28 June 05.53 - Mooning Monthly Edition 50 delineating the blood line form the spiritual tribe....


Full moon greetings dearest Mooners

Our lovely Luna waxes to the max in a post solstice Capricorn stylee this coming Thursday just after sunrise. We hope you've been bathing in the lingering loved up vibe left by the Gemini New Moon but, as the dreaminess fades, a typically Capricorn, practical approach to the coming weeks is predicted to take its place. Planning and purging will be pertinent - along with an inclination to gather with your spiritual tribe.

Under this Capricorn Full Moon we are less likely to be fazed by the backbiters and haters. We'll actually not give a tuppenny toss what anyone thinks of us as our eyes should be firmly fixed on setting the scene for ambitious future success and happiness. If we can't take the detractors with us on our journey, then now is the time to compassionately let them go their own way and continue their dramas without us.

Full moons are traditionally favourable times for a purge and under Capricorn the mood for general detox, in our personal and business lives, is heightened. It's time for a clear out on every level dear Mooners so let's grasp the metaphoric spreading stinging nettles that are crowding our personal plots and pathways, uproot 'em and make some space for the flowers and fruits of summer to prosper in new found light.

Weeding is an appropriate analogy here as it represents progress through the elimination of unwanted distractions: the choking weeds that can suffocate the delicate shoots of germinating intentions. This Capricorn Full Moon opens a resilient, self confident window through which we can ruthlessly chuck out the crap we've unconsciously attracted, without undue worry about the consequences. It's a bit of a cliché but the old Capricorn goat sets its sights on the mountain path ahead irrespective of the treacherous terrain, thus remaining balanced and sure footed as it seeks new pastures. The coming week promises to be a period in which to emulate the goat - eyes front, negotiating the circumstantial twists and turns of life without falling, moving steadfastly forward in the direction of our future plans regardless. 

We here at Mooning HQ are not devotees of the need for constant planning. If too specific or expectant in nature, over-planning leaves little room for the Universe to have its vital creative say in our affairs, limiting the range of potential outcomes that then, more often than not, result in disappointment. As the saying goes: if you want to give God a laugh, tell him your plans.  However, if there was ever a moon under which we could encourage the enthusiastic planners in our ranks to strategise with gay abandon, it's this one.

It's a period in which to make an inventory of our active involvements; to constructively whittle the list down to our three most important plans of action and concentrate on them wholeheartedly in thought, word and deed. Seriously, this is the week to ignore the time consuming, distracting trivialities on which we so readily waste our valuable energy, in favour of practically targeting our major goals.

The big Capricorn clear out should rid us not only of the cloying material stuff (off to the charity shops with you and your bin bags) but the ingrained, unhelpful ideas we hold (usually about ourselves) that hinder progress on the pathway we more consciously now want to tread. The physical, mental and emotional space we create through a conscious purge then becomes available for more focused planning, free from the restrictions of the past. As ever, clear intentions supported by appropriate thoughts, words and deeds set the most advantageous conditions for the successful manifestation of our desires for the benefit of All - a process we like to call, on these here pages, Mooning.

So, gently does it BUT this would be the window in which to ween ourselves off those time consuming, unproductive, judgemental social media; to edit our profiles and 'friends' to those truly worth the title; to consciously jettison anything or anyone that's spoiling the view of a bright tomorrow. One doesn't need to broadcast the intention, particularly if people's feelings might be hurt, but the trick is to be clear in one's own mind about the focused use of one's finite energetic resources.

This then, would also be the week for a little fast or detox. It's easier than you think. Start with a 24 hour period when you haven't got much happening and simply take in fluids rather than food. Avoid coffee and alcohol and observe how your body reacts. The cravings soon assuage as your body starts to use the nutritional reserves it already has at its disposal rather than taking in more. If you feel good after 24 hours extend the period a while longer but we wouldn't recommend going further than 48. Then, gently reintroduce the lightest and healthiest fresh organic foods as your body recalibrates to shine and function at it's cleanest and crystalline best.

And then finally, there's the tribe. The Capricorn goat loves hanging out with its herd. This should not be confused with blood family. Our blood family often provide our most challenging relationships, regularly the cause of wasted energy and untold suffering. This Capricorn Full Moon encourages us to reject any affiliations that aren't supportive or positively serving our life choices regardless of familial ties. Rather than angrily turning away from family or 'friends', this is the week to consciously draw to us those in our spiritual family instead. 

Our tribe, the uncommon handful of folk with whom we choose to share our lives, passions and most intimate truths, unquestionably want for us what we want for ourselves. They provide unconditional love, a seldom found gift that blesses giver and receiver equally. It is acceptance above all else, a form of spiritual forgiveness that allows us to err and learn, safe in the wider knowledge that, despite our misperceptions and misadventures, we are loved and never alone.

You are not alone dear friends and, as if by magic, our Mooning Tribe provides tangible evidence this coming week. On the full moon this Thursday morning the Mooning Monthly Website will be launched to celebrate the 50th edition of Mooning Monthly in its current format. In something of an ongoing social/lunar exploration, the site will provide a forum for Mooners the world over to unite, communicate and offer their own insights into all matters mooning. Mooners will be able to access our fortnightly missives and the long term intention is to build an archive of previous forecasts for future reference.

You will receive an email during Thursday's full moon announcing the website's appearance online. Please take time to have a look, let us know your thoughts and sign up to the forum if you want to get involved. Mooning HQ hopes the site gives rise to an expansion of our international, inclusive community with comment and insight emerging from a variety of different contributors. Please recommend the site and these messages to anyone you think might be interested in the hope that in some small way as a collective, we can make this world a better place for All.

We here at Mooning HQ are not unaware of the irony in launching a website forum during the full moon period we are suggesting should herald withdrawal from social media. Oh how we laughed.....kind of.

Exciting times dear Mooners With love 'til Thursday (and beyond)


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