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LEO NEW MOON 11.8.18

Updated: Sep 9, 2018


Sat 11 Aug 10.57 - Mooning Monthly Edition 53 comes dancing....


Allo allo dear Mooners

Oooh by the satin hem of Len Goodman's tuxedo, the heavenly lunar/solar dance is currently paso doble-ing as dramatically as in the Grand Finale of 'Strictly'. We had solar and lunar eclipses last month and as a prelude to this weekend's diva dance floor antics we have a partial solar eclipse to contend with.

Saturday morning's coffee break will see our Lady Luna shrouded in shades of darkest Leo New Moon espresso as she continues to squeeze her sequinned slender orbit between Earth and Sun, casting a shadow partially across Sol's smiley chops that will be visible in the extremities of Northern Europe that morning.

A solar eclipse can be thought of as an amplified New Moon. When normally we would be sewing new moon seeds of positive intent to harvest in the coming months, a solar eclipse provides a temporary interruption in the regular flow of energy from Sun to Earth allowing us to pause, catch our breath, objectively observe our habitual patterns of behaviour and beliefs before taking radical steps to overhaul our whole perspective to a more effective, harmonious outlook.

Courage is required if we are to reappraise our entire vision of self and world by seizing this moment of personal recalibration creatively, and that's where this weekend's Leo New Moon vibe will excel. Known for it's theatricality, Leo can be something of a limelight seeking poseur, however, on the flip, it is traditionally admired for its strength of purpose, kindness and helpful, courageously loyal nature. We are going to need all of that positive, regal Leo support if we are to invoke the change in our belief systems that this Solar Eclipse suggests we can.

Change freaks most of us out. For some reason, we humans are committed to the misguided notion that life is better when things stay the same. We generally don't like taking perceived risks with our ways of life, content with routine and habit, even if the result is a life experience devoid of joy.

As we grow up, we buy into the static beliefs of others, thinking that they are our own. These beliefs are readily spoon fed to us by organisations and institutions (religions, governments, Hollywood, media outlets, schools et al) with culturally defined dogmatic rulebooks that are consistently resistant to meaningful change because they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

To challenge those rules, to declare a difference in belief to the perceived social norms, is to risk provoking ridicule or worse: censure, incarceration and in some cultures torture or execution. Is it any wonder that on a subliminal level we're so fearful of anything that might lead to change?

However, the nature of evolution and life itself is change. Nothing stands still. Everything is in movement, in its own particular way, at a particular speed, with a particular vibration. A perceived inert object, however apparently solid and inanimate, is nothing of the sort. At a molecular and atomic level, not to mention subatomic, even a rock is in constant motion: protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks and antiquarks flying around in space.

To repeat: there is nothing that does not move or change. Nothing. In effect, we are all That Which Moves, there being nothing else. If, as quantum physics now suggests, there is nothing in existence but energy in motion, we, dear Mooners, are part of that Everything. Everything is Stuff in Motion and we are all that same stuff, arranged and vibrating freely in a vast array of different patterns.

Everything in life IS life. Everything is movement, a natural, fluid state of flux. There is nothing in Life that is not part of Life (including us and rocks) and it's all one whole unified field of inclusive, limitless expansion. There is only One Thing of which we are all part and from which we all manifest. We can call that Thing whatever we want: Life, All in All, All That Is, Intelligent Evolution, Stuff in Motion, WooWoo or God but the name doesn't alter the fact that all of us and everything that has ever been, is now or ever will be, are a manifest part of that same One Living Thing.

That One Thing is an ever shifting, constantly evolving process of expansion which we, as humans, can consciously embody or resist but never stop, The suggestion here is that to align oneself with the constantly shifting forces of manifestation at work in Evolution, to go with that flow rather than to obstruct it, is to fulfil one's role in that process of expansion and in so doing, experience the joy inherent to living. The One Thing needs nothing for it is everything. It requires absolutely nothing to be happy. It is happiness itself, pure joy. To recognise oneself as the One Thing is to share that bliss. Bingo!

This interconnected vision of Life counters the widely taught and accepted belief that we are separate from each other, from God (insert alternative chosen Deity moniker here) and everything else. As a result of the misperception, we have ignorantly justified wreaking havoc on our fellow humans, this beautiful planet and her myriad inhabitants. In our self important, carelessness, we have become the authors of our own suffering and potential downfall (to be further examined under another moon).

If we are to start caring, in our heartfelt desire to survive in peace and harmony supported by this ever giving planet, human behaviours need to change. All our behaviours stem from our beliefs so it follows that it is the beliefs that lead to our habitually negative, destructive behavioural patterns that need to be challenged. Beliefs are literally thoughts that we keep repeating so the recommendation here is to develop some new ones that have an entirely positive effect on our outlook and therefore our actions.

To be going on with, here's a topical little sentence for repetition, if you feel so inclined, that can serve as a mantra for personal and world change. You can make up your own obvs.

All things are one Thing. There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.

It's a right royal leap of faith under this Leo New Moon but by embracing change; simply considering or adopting new beliefs, however unfashionable or unformed, that foster intelligent, compassionate, functional behaviour in our thoughts, words and deeds, we can (and do) change the world for the benefit of All.

There is, we might suggest, some urgency required for that compelling call to change. Which of our habituated personal beliefs we choose to challenge or redefine is up to us of course but if it's not us that begin the process dear Mooners then who? If not under this Leo New Moon, then when?

With love from the One Thing 'til next time

Over the next twelve months we call upon fellow Mooner, Mark Weighton, to provide an artistically rendered accompaniment for each new moon, twelve in all. This year he will be working on the same drawing throughout, a different stage of its development being presented each month, culminating in it's completion under the Sagittarius New Moon next December. Pathway seven is probing and seeking, shufflin' and a sniffing its way to the truth like a slobbering, faithful hound. Get down Shep!
Pathway 7


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