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Updated: Sep 9, 2018


Sun 26 Aug 12.56 - Mooning Monthly Edition 54 on the road...


Full Moon greetings dear Mooners

We've finally made it to the other side of the summer silly season of lunar and solar eclipses, a period that was ripe for personal recalibration if we proved courageous enough to grasp the opportunity, but not an easy ride by any stretch of the imagination. The approaching full moon reaches its peak in Pisces this UK bank holiday weekend just in time for a relaxed Sunday lunch with family and friends and some tangible relief from the cosmic intensity of the past few weeks.

There shouldn't be quite such an extreme emotional charge in the air so the next few days would be the time to allow a gentle shift from our recent determined introspections to a more outward facing perspective. And what better way to turn our metaphoric innies to outies than with those we adore? The suggestion here dear Mooners is to seek out the special ones in our lives and congregate. It's a time to chill and reflect in the company of those we love and trust rather than inviting our sun charged, inner wild party animal to outstay its welcome - that was just so last full moon.

If you're heading for Notting Hill Carnival, our recommendation is to locate the sound system with the most relaxed groove and let it resonate with your heart. As an alternative the rest of us would be well advised to hunt down a favourite Reggae mixtape to slap on the home boombox. Play it loud and languid. The intuitively emotional Pisces Full Moon provides a wonderful opportunity to reawaken to the conversation of our hearts and deep dub reggae would be the perfect soundtrack......sway easy - hear me now.....

Aligning with the weather conditions here in the UK, perhaps we can think of the coming week as a gradual breaking of this stifling but welcome summer heatwave, with some revitalising, healing Pisces rain showers damping the dust and softening the baked earth under our feet for an altogether more comforting transition into the warm glow of Autumn.

This is of course Harvest Time dear Mooners. We here at Mooning HQ have been filling freezer drawers full of antioxidant rich blackberries since mid July and our white goods currently runneth over. If you haven't done so yet, make a date with your local bramble bushes this weekend and pick away to your heart's content. Why not take a willing friend and pluck for fun in the last days of summer sun?

The ripening fruits of the land reflect the bounty we should now be harvesting from seeds of intent consciously planted last Spring. This is the weekend to rewind as we unwind, to retrace our steps and consider what has and hasn't worked over the last six months. Let's keep it simple: the stuff that hasn't worked we can objectively accept as dysfunctional and either reappraise and reset our goals or, perhaps more progressively, let it go altogether. Just as importantly, we can express our gratitude for the stuff that has worked by continuing to focus our most positive energies towards it with the intent of making further beneficial advances in our lives and the world with which we engage. Remember the general rule: if something feels shit it then it probably is, so stop doing it. If it feels good then party on.

Under a Pisces Full Moon our intuition is at its keenest and clearest so we can develop trust in it as our own personal guidance system. We need no one (and certainly not Mooning HQ) to tell us how or what to feel. Unless we get in touch with our intuitive guidance system and come to know it as ourselves, the void of self knowledge we inadvertently leave in its place will happily be filled with nonsensical rubbish by those individuals and institutions that have a vested interest in persuading us to think, feel and behave in a specific way. Sadly, most of us, through repetition, then turn that nonsense into misguided beliefs and a whole cycle of societal conditioned misperception is born. Just for the record - fuck Hollywood and all its kind!

The world is, of course, full of manipulators peddling fallacies that will purportedly make us happy but which actually build the foundations for human misery. We are the sole arbiters of our own happiness and the recommended, direct route to that joy (generally advised by all wisdom traditions) lies in working out who and what we truly are. By becoming more aware of our conditioned habitual responses to circumstance (in Mooning circles under new and full moons) we can make more informed, intuitively led, discerning decisions that will be evidenced in our thoughts, words and actions.

In becoming more aware of our ability to marshall our responses to life experience, we start to realise how those responses shape the life we actually lead. We begin to understand the role we play in creating our own reality and that the responsibility for what we believe and how we feel about life is entirely our own. In these columns we like to call the process Mooning and thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an ear to listen.

Perhaps the most helpful tool at our disposal on this journey of self discovery is our intuition: think of it as our own personal sat nav directing us on the most effective routes through life should we bother to listen to its (sometimes irritating) advice. It represents the dialogue between heart and mind as we consciously process the way we feel about our life experience and this Pisces Full Moon, with our intuition at its keenest, provides an opportune window to exercise those natural but oft neglected abilities.

Here's a plan:

Every day this coming week increasingly rely on your intuition to inform your everyday decision making.

For example: when in your locally owned, organic health food store mulling over your choice of locally produced, non plastic wrapped, organic vegetables, allow your intuition in on the act. Without over-thinking, ask it (yourself) what foods your body will most enjoy and benefit from consuming, then act on the advice. Become used to trusting the first thing that comes into your head, it's usually the most accurate intuitive response, even if it surprises you. Also, become aware of the conditioned reactions that arise, such as worries about the cost or whether your housemates will support your decisions, and have the strength of purpose to go with your initial, felt response.

Similarly, when organising your social diary, listen carefully to your initial felt responses about invitations, upcoming events and the people involved. Don't be afraid to act on your immediate feelings even if this means missing a date or appointment. No FOMO for us this week!

At work, let your intuition guide you to the right time and place to broach potentially difficult conversations with bosses, colleagues or clients. Listen carefully throughout those conversations, allowing your intuition to guide your verbal responses toward harmonious resolution.

At home, be guided in the smallest and most puerile decisions. Whether to drink tea or coffee; a bath or a shower? Whether to have a nap? What to make for dinner? Whether to wash the floors? Let the everyday and mundane become cause for celebration of your developing heart/mind convo. Let that dialogue run clear and true and learn to love the sound of your own internal voice. It will dovetail with and inform your external voice beautifully as you spend the last days of summer in a state of grateful awe and wonder at the world that unveils itself around you.

May the bass be with you dear Mooners

With love 'til next time


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