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Updated: Oct 6, 2018


Sun 09 Sept 19.01 - Mooning Monthly Edition 55 rebels....


Alright Mooners?

Well, September is upon us and we here at Mooning HQ are already missing the long hot summer that has barely passed as we dust off our satchels and foolscap in preparation for a new school term. At suppertime this Sunday evening we'll be doing our homework under the disciplined tutelage of a new moon in the industrious but pernickety school of Virgo.

Each new moon is of course an archetypal seed bed of intentions in which we can plant our finest conscious aspirations. The New Moon in Virgo traditionally delivers a focus on organisation, personal health, service and discernment with a tendency for being overly critical of the self and others but this particular Virgo New Moon has a further nuance concealed up its dark hemmed sleeve....a deliciously creative air to this week's cosmic proceedings and hopefully, having spent time at the recent Pisces Full Moon letting go of the stuff that wasn't working for us this year, we can harness that creativity to refine, in unusual detail, what we want to manifest in our lives as we move gradually towards winter.

Virgo is all about the details. We here at Mooning HQ regularly advise against getting too caught up in the detail of HOW an intention is to be manifested. The more detached one can be about the means by which one's desires are manifested presents the Universe with a much wider, colourful palette of possibility from which to paint your dreams into existence. The more restrictions we impose on our imagination about HOW our dreams are going to come true, the less likely we are to allow the universal forces at work to weave their magic unencumbered, often to even better conclusions than we could have imagined for ourselves.

However, detail can be key to the accuracy of manifestation as we sow seeds of intent under this particular Virgo New Moon. Not in the HOW but the WHAT. This is the weekend to set aside some quality me-time to luxuriate in the finest details of what it is we want to manifest. We live in a feeling driven Universe, eloquently expressed in Creation through us, as human beings. In overly simplistic physics, everything is electrically charged impulse flying around in space, gravitating towards other energetically charged stuff to which it is attracted. What we feel at any given point in time is the dominant message or signal of attraction we transmit into the world and the basis for our perceptions of it. These perceptions, through repetition, become our belief systems; about ourselves, each other and our circumstances. This embodied, emotional state - how we feel about our lives - translates as our individual energetic signature broadcast on the airwaves of existence.....metaphor ahoy!..... and acts as a beacon for similarly charged stuff to head in our direction, shaping our further life experience.

The suggestion over the next few days is to really get creative with the fine detail of what we want in our lives and to quite literally FEEL what it's like to achieve those dreams in order to attract them as a manifest reality into our field of experience. Our creative imagination is vital to this process and it needs dusting off and rebooting after the long summer vacation before being subversively brought back into the classroom of our daily lives in the form of unfettered daydreams.

Back in the day, we here at Mooning HQ were constantly in trouble for staring out of the window, lost in various states of joyous reverie and not paying attention to the lesson espoused at the school chalkboard. Worlds of discovery and possibility would open up for us in daydreaming that the regimen of school so often seemed intent on shutting down. Ahhh, fond memories of teenage dreaming during lunch time detentions spent in the warm embrace of the maths block whilst more teacher attentive classmates shivered in the liberty of a damp and cold winter playground. On slightly negative reflection, our 70s secondary school was little more than a detention centre for the disaffected, something that only daydreaming and, eventually, Art School could counteract. (An unveiled ghost or two of education past for Mooning HQ to exorcise there perhaps?)

Sweet revenge is at hand dear Mooners. Under this Virgo New Moon we should grant ourselves permission to stare out of the window and daydream as much as we like. Ironically, the reason why our daydreaming was so vivid in the classroom most likely lay in the enforced detention/classroom conditions. We were made to sit still in silence, supposedly to concentrate on our mind numbing studies but in truth the discipline gave rise most effectively to the landscape of our imaginings. Those desks and hard chairs; those achingly large windows opening onto the world beyond the silence acted liked a trigger: the perfect, fine tuned, grey environment to be punctuated with the kaleidoscopic colour of our waking dreams.

How many of us, of our own volition, now find time to sit still in silence and stare out of a window at nothing in particular? It's a meditative practice that can actively set the mind free but many of us have trained ourselves (praise be to school and employment...) to atrophy the muscles of the imagination in favour of keeping busy, busy, busy. The creative imagination is central to the process of manifestation. If something can't be imagined it can't happen. Certain wisdom traditions infer that the awesome beauty of this material world is but an imaginative twinkle in the Mind of God.

As we imagine, so we evoke feelings, good and bad, related to our thoughts. With a degree of concentrated self awareness we can begin to direct our thoughts in the way we want them to go, in effect becoming the author of our own imagined narrative, or the walker of our own path in 'dreamtime' as Aboriginal culture describes it. The emotions evoked, despite being derived from the imagination, are as real as anything we feel in our daily experience and, as previously mentioned, are the clearest signal we emit to the Universe around us: the One Big Thing of which we are an inextricable, interconnected part and upon which we depend for our existence. In sending out clearly felt signals to our Universe we communicate directly to the energetic Whole, which receives the message and, in applying its ubiquitous Law of Attraction, reflects similar signals back in our direction. Decoded: if we think good stuff, say good stuff, do good stuff and feel great, the same will evidence itself in our life experience. Think, say and do shit stuff and feel shit - guess what's round the corner?

As so often stated in these columns, by becoming increasingly aware of our habitual beliefs and behaviours under external influence (such as the regular phases of new and full moons in this case) we can more consciously adapt our thoughts, words and actions for the mutual benefit of ourselves and everything in life with which we engage. It's a classic win/win philosophy which, on these pages, we like to call Mooning.

Under Sunday's new moon we recommend employing our Virgo inspired, creative attention to detail to inform and fuel our wildest positive imaginings and attendant emotions as if they are real because, energetically speaking, that is exactly what they are. Then watch in awe and gratitude dear Mooners, as the universally administered equivalent is reflected straight back atcha.

Hey Teacher! Leave those kids alone....

With love through the round window 'til next time

Over the next twelve months we call upon fellow Mooner, Mark Weighton, to provide an artistically rendered accompaniment for each new moon, twelve in all. This year he will be working on the same drawing throughout, a different stage of its development being presented each month, culminating in it's completion under the Sagittarius New Moon next December. Number nine chimes with completion and contemplation; initiation and graduation as the strategies employed to achieve greater understanding are refined through imagination. Nine is the end of all live it up loved ones!
Number 9


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