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SAT 24 JUL 03:36 - Mooning Monthly winding up the nearest and dearest....


Happy Aquarius Full Moon dear friends...

...but keeping it happy might present a serious challenge. There's an uncomfortable symmetry to the astrological aspects of the approaching weekend's big ol' shiner, with Venus (intimate relationships, money, self-worth) and Jupiter (growth, abundance, understanding, foreign travel) sitting smack opposite each other, a dynamic that will bring out the worst in both. The cosmic bottom line reflected in Lady Luna's moonlight is one of tension, brittle nerves and the potential for grievous amounts of irritation.

This will be most acutely felt in our intimate relationships - lovers, family and the closest of friends, where slurping tea, forgetting to put the bins out, leaving the loo seat up or snoring (even lightly) is likely to cause an international incident. The inability of significant others to read our minds and adapt their behaviour accordingly will fester into resentment and indignant behaviour. Oh we're going to be such fun to live with during the next couple of weeks. Not.

The immediate antidote would ordinarily be to increase open communication, although best intentioned honesty will still probably be enough to wind up our bessers this week. Glorious seclusion might be a safer haven from the harsh judgement and accusations heading our way but unfortunately all the Air B&B hermit caves are fully booked this summer on account of the Covid. Believe me, I've looked. Voluntary social quarantine? Let's not go there in a week where UK government u-turns on quarantine laws and foreign travel have abounded. Irritated? IRRITATED? I should coco.

The well practiced Mooner obviously eschews the negative vibe in favour of the good stuff. Patience and forgiveness always trumps the whining so let's consider the coming week an exercise in forebearance and love. Advance warning of the pending emotional charge may allow us to nip expression of our own exasperations in the bud, leaving space for others to vent without contributing ourselves to the accumulating vitriol. Therein lies the eternal challenge.

As ever, the greatest solace and solutions can be found by turning within. Whatever messages the external world seems to be giving us the Truth can always be located through internal dialogue. It's not bonkers, magic, supernatural or even particularly difficult. It is simply a question of regular honest observation of one's habitual responses to life's circumstances in thought, word and deed. As the artifice of our conditioning falls away through non-judgemental self scrutiny, so the joyful reality of existence becomes irrepressibly evident.

This process however, is not what we have been taught, culturally and socially, to practice. Time after time when the going gets tough, we resort to begrudgingly comparing ourselves and our circumstances with those of others, judging ourselves harshly to boot. We look outside of ourselves for the stuff that appears to be missing and try to plug the perceived 'gaps' with whatever social norms and conditioning suggest we should. Under this Aquarius Full Moon, if we are to avoid being irritated by our own inability to fully manifest our dreams, we will have to take a good long look at where and how those dreams were formed.

The Covid epidemic has been a great leveller for many of us. It doesn't matter in which social strata we find ourselves, we all now share something in common. On the most basic level we all have something to talk about and learn from each other, whether in supermarket aisles or out walking the hastily mortgaged Lockdown Puppy. Strangers aren't perhaps quite as strange as they once appeared and engagement appears more open and trusting. I can personally recommend the benefits of initiating a conversation with someone you don't know at least once a day.

And as the collectively faced months of imposed social restrictions officially come to an end this week in the UK, there has perhaps been greater recognition of the high value we place on aspects of our lives that cost very little: the loving, tolerant company of those with whom we live; good health; peace of mind; the enjoyment of nature; reading; listening to music; sociability and friendship, even over a zoom call; more flexible working hours and less time commuting; gardening if we're lucky enough to have one; good wholesome home cooked food prepared from fresh ingredients; regular outdoor exercise; caring for others in our local communities.... and more.

These aspects of our lives, vital to our well being, are not pipe dreams forged in the manufactured fog of consumerism that threatens the essential, life supporting biodiversity across Planet Earth. They are not idols at whose altar we would debase or sacrifice our happiness. They are not yardsticks of success with which we can beat ourselves. No. They are inherent aspects of being both human and humane, instantly observable as being of benefit to all and worthy of defending. They are no less than the good life we would wish for ourselves and should therefore wish for everyone else.

In short, this full moon can be a catalyst to thinking of others (planet and all creatures great and small as well as people) before ourselves. It's a great time to create positive storylines, however seemingly insignificant, to counter the pervasive global negative narratives. Under this irritable Aquarius Full Moon, let's resolve to galvanise our loving, regenerative thoughts, words and actions towards the benefit and peace of All.... and hope we don't wind up too many folks in the process.

With love 'til next time



Roll up, roll up for next month's edition of MOON LIT which features the illuminating writings of author and academic Darren Umney alongside the exquisite artwork of his partner, Gabrielle Radiguet. Make sure you have subscribed HERE to ensure this lunar influenced, cultural treasure arrives in your inbox for free on the day of publication. Darren writes in various ways for numerous reasons - technically, academically, poetically and often quickly. He is also an editor at the Journal of Cultural Economy, a research fellow at Queen Mary University London, and a researcher and curator at the Edinburgh Futures Institute. Gaby is a Jersey born artist and teacher now based in the UK. Primarily a painter she continues to explore her fascination for landscape and excitingly, promises a lunar take on the theme for the next issue. Gaby and Darren have been together for 37 years, have two grown up sons, and are currently working together on a children's book.

The magnificent creative output of James Campbell and David Grinly in the last edition of MOON LIT is still available to enjoy here: MOON LIT 7. It's a multi media treat well worth another lingering glance during your cooler moments in the summer shade.




The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by fellow mooner and artist Mark Weighton


32 x 24cm  charcoal on paper


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