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Tues 25 Sept 03.52 - Mooning Monthly Edition 56 on the piss (not....)


Happy Autumn Equinox dear Mooners

There's so much to love about this time of year, not least the big ol' Harvest Moon that rises to it's fecund, fattest in Aries during the wee small hours of Tuesday morning.

We often chart the general guidelines of Moon Manifestation on these pages - sowing seeds of intent and dreaming big at New Moon; gratefully harvesting the good returns from previously set intents whilst making sure to clear out the shit that's not working at Full Moon.

A Harvest Moon in Aries is traditionally the last great energetic shove of the calendar year before we start curtailing our external efforts in preparation for the more introverted focus of winter. It's therefore a great weekend to get outside, regardless of the weather, to throw ourselves about with gay abandon and remember how wonderful it is to be a physical being in a very beautiful, very real, physical world.

Often this last, focused burst of energy can give rise to spontaneous, adventurous and passionate engagement typical of Aries - which is good. It can also lead to a degree of manic and impulsive indiscipline, which mixed with an Aries stubborn streak can drop us into some pretty compromising situations from which it may be difficult to extricate ourselves - not so good.

Beware Mooners, this may not be the weekend to go out on the piss and 'accidentally' get laid. Neither the moment to engage in confrontation (something Aries finds difficult to consciously avoid), in particular with those we love. The fall out might require huge amounts of remedial work to recover. It could be said that the next week provides us with a classic opportunity to reap what we sow, a harvest that may just as easily be defined by negativity as positivity, dependent on the attitude that we embody and express.

The suggestion here is to tread a careful (possibly abstemious) path; to avoid our regular triggers, be they people that wind us up or that seventh Jägerbomb on Saturday night. Whether under the influence of a full or new moon, the intention to become more aware of our own habitual tendencies in thought, word and deed is central to the process of what we call, on these pages, Mooning. It allows us to be proactive rather than reactive, empowering us to make more informed, conscious choices in our lives that benefit not only ourselves but everyone and everything with which we engage. It's the ultimate Mooning win/win.

With that firmly in mind, the suggestion here is for us to tread a road less travelled this weekend and beyond.. and that would be the Path of Love. WTF?! one might immediately exclaim. What does that hippy strewn 'road' even look like? Where are the signposts? How does one avoid the acres of billowing, purple cheesecloth skirts and tibetan quilted jackets en route?

Our assertion is that it's actually already the path you are on, no clearer signpost being your ability to keep reading what is offered on these slightly suspect but well intentioned pages. But more pertinently to this Autumn Equinox, Aries Harvest Full Moon, we can simply make time to open our eyes to what is actually going on around us as we travel, taking appreciative note of the markers peculiar to our circumstances and this time of year.

To repeat the first sentence of this missive: there's so much to love about this time of year. The chill dampness in the early morning air; the superficial but comforting prospect of rediscovering our winter wardrobes; a thicker duvet; cleaning out the grate for the first fire of winter or, in slightly more carbon dioxide neutral households, the first nights of gently introduced central heating. The sweet smells of freshly fallen leaves; woodsmoke; the last cuts of grass lawns; the changing colours of the landscape wherever we are, even in cities; the abundance of seasonally available, locally produced vegetables, even in the mega stores. (Please patronise their sorry attempts to integrate organic, unpackaged produce in their aisles. It changes their spread sheets and so influences future policy.)

This Aries Full moon is a time to STOP our constant mindless activity; to sit or stand still and breathe it all in, wherever we are, as often and for as long as we are able; to consciously notice ourselves in the physical world and appreciate what it feels like to be a living, participant component of the very thing we are witnessing. Is it possible to witness ourselves as the sensation of life experiencing itself, expanding through knowledge and love of itself?

We here at Mooning HQ suggest that it is and must report to occasionally sensing it ourselves, deeply in heart, mind and body. We might attempt to describe the experience to be like falling in love, over and over and over again in an unbounded, unconditional love story that Hollywood could never edit or restrain. Such a love can arise as a momentary appreciation in those same, organically bereft, supermarket aisles, or wherever we happen to be, that everything we witness is nothing less than everything; living, oscillating, interconnected aspects of ourself and exquisitely wonderful. Perhaps the hippy speak couldn't be avoided after all.

Despite the shit that we manifest for ourselves as a species and the abhorrent fallout consistently, patiently absorbed by our ever generous planet, fellow plant and animal inhabitants, these connected moments of falling 'in love' provide clear notice that all is not lost. Far from it. With a conscious intent to increase our awareness of the manifesting power available to us in every thought, word and deed; in a daydream; a laugh; a song; an act of kindness; a thank you note; a kiss; a word of encouragement; a shopping basket full of organic produce; we can, in effect, change the world we experience for the wider benefit of all.

It's the big dream dear Mooners.

Let's commit to it under this Aries Harvest Moon and gather to us all that's good, that it may be shared:


Be still.









It's all there is and It is us.

Keep Mooning

'Til next time


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