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WEDS 22 SEPT 20.20 - MOON LIT balancing poetry on the forgiving edge of an equinox...


Happy Autumn Equinox one and All ( equally balanced Spring Equinox to those in the southern hemisphere)

I thought I'd drop a little poetic delight in your direction to mark an ever auspicious turning point in our planetary cycle. We move through a momentary point of balance between day and night at 20:20 UK time, before the darker hours of winter begin to dominate proceedings north of the equator. It's a timely moment to stand in nature and reflect with clear (20:20?) vision on our role within those great cycles and how we might better respect the part we play for the benefit of all life on our precious, shared planet.

In this MOON LIT Equinox Special we call briefly on the poetic agility of wordsmith Nancy Govern to give voice to this poignant point in the astral programme. A long term member of the Mooning Community, living locally to Mooning HQ, Nancy writes for pleasure and to appease her partner's insistence of her work's great merit. We concur. I am delighted that she has allowed us into her private world through publication and I do hope readers of Moon Lit enjoy her seasonal solar charting of summer's ebb into autumnal beauty.

From the unalienable truth of the present moment, the miracle of life can be fully witnessed at the core of our being. In aligning our erratic, demanding human will with the ever benevolent, enduring cycles of nature, we 'Earth' ourselves in the planetary collective intent of benefit for All. Simply put, nature's narrative is the best and only love story in town, humanity merely a destructive character footnote in the current chapter. Open the original book, savour the untainted text in joyous awe, then watch yourself fall in love as never before.

The latest line in that ever revealing love poem unveils the arrival of Magnolia Peach Marlowe on August 1st 2021, the latest member of our expanding international Mooning community. I hope you can join me in fully welcoming her presence later in this mini MOON LIT missive.

May the bounty of this week's Autumn Equinox find a full and safe harvest with which to nourish your winter keeping.

With love 'til next time




20/20 VISION

I’ve always loved Winter and the number 13 like underdogs and losers, stray cats call me to provide cushions and I oblige. But before the greys and the drizzle the silence and the dark there is Autumn.

Yesterday in the Red Cross I tried velvet green trousers almost bleeding for the fabric the luxury and grace but the cut didn’t cut it Saggy round the crotch and too long, made for silly model legs. I left them in the Covid bin dropped like leaves And went home to look out the window and wait for the birds for the sun flying south and that instant when day and night are equal Holding temperate hands on the celestial equator, at, from where I stand exactly 20:20 on the 22nd of this month. All is balance non partisan for a breath for a wink for a flash and I know I’m projecting but it’s such poetic fun, to let go and freely associate the end of summer with the end of the world when it’s just another beginning, an onslaught of colour to rival clear skies as time moves in just one direction setting the scene as sun sets on summer.

Nancy Govern 2021



charcoal on paper

32 x 24cm




Whilst navigating the life enhancing waters of the current Pisces Harvest Moon we send our love and congratulations to founding members of the Mooning fraternity, Tamsyn and Nick, for recently bringing the youngest member of our collective, MAGNOLIA PEACH MARLOWE (1.8.21 00:07) safely into her earthly vehicle. We welcome Maggie into her new surroundings on dry land and the loving embrace of her extended, supportive family. We give thanks to her Divine Mother, Tamsyn for the priceless gift of her birth this harvest time.

MAGNOLIA derives from a stone of the sea - a pearl, Neptune's gem, each selkie's guarded treasure, redolent of the moon herself: motivator of the tides. PEACH is sweet, organic of course, and MARLOWE connects her to the seas within and without after a miraculous 'en caul' birth, translating from English derivatives as 'driftwood'. May you drift at ease on the tides of your own destiny darling Maggie. You are loved.



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