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Updated: Jan 4, 2019


Sat 22 Dec 17.48 - Mooning Monthly Edition 62 filling Santas stockings....


Warm Winter Solstice salutations dear Mooners

The end of another Mooning calendar year is upon us with a sizzling Solstice Full Moon in Cancer this coming weekend. It hits its shining height on Saturday evening and what better way to climax our Mooning Mission for 2018 than with a super sensual Christmas bang.

There's such a positive, loving, family friendly Cancer Full Moon vibe in prospect for the whole festive season that even the most cantankerous relatives are likely to be well behaved and less deserving of a Christmas slap than usual.

And those amongst us that know the family would just be too much to take en masse round the Christmas hearth this year, will have made sensible provision for themselves elsewhere with their spiritual clan - the vital chosen family of bessers we have taken a lifetime to assemble.

Joyous self congratulation and satisfied smugness will abound around the festively adorned, generally convivial, turkey dominated dinner tables of the world - everyone’s a Yuletide winner baby.....apart from the turkeys.

If there was going to be an archetypal Christmas to end all Christmases, this would be it. Get carolling, walking in a winter wonderland and indulging Xmas excesses with the closest of consenting friends. Let’s dress festively (short of donning an elf costume), and throw ourselves with unselfconscious abandon into the spirit of Christmas past and future but most importantly, the present.

Those influenced by this Cancer New Moon will be more inclined toward giving than receiving (oooh vicar....) and Santa's little helpers will most likely be delivering thoughtful gifts over those requiring lavish expense. Austerity economics in Santa's Grotto may yet provide the basis for the most creative yet least costly Christmas ever and be doubly appreciated for the effort involved.

This is therefore the year to make our own Christmas cards, gifts, wrapping, tags and decorations from what can be salvaged in the recycling bin rather than encouraging the continued over-production of hypermarket hawked, useless plastic tat in the sweatshops of the developing world.

We will bring disproportionate lashings of Christmas cheer with our outlandish, home-made offerings and set high creative standards which others will lovingly strive to out-do during the coming year. Don't worry what anyone thinks, just get busy with the glue and scissors....and perversely you'll end up being loved for your truly festive, generous intent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No one likes glitter. It is the Devil's work and should be banned. It consists of tiny bits of sparkly plastic that does not biodegrade, finds its way into our waterways and oceans and poisons our fishy friends. It can also never be totally removed from a decent shagpile once it has fallen like f***ing fairy farts from well meaning, handmade Christmas cards created by our treasured community of under fives. It's not their fault. They have been erroneously tutored. It's time to boycott all primary schools and nurseries that continue to spread this vile filth across our planet and car interiors. Bah humbug....seriously - just say no.

So this Cancer Full Moon Christmas to end all Christmases is due to be full of inventive, festive bonhomie. There is also a distinct nurturing element at play and those influenced by this moon may find its full creative expression in the kitchen and round the dining table. This Cancer Full Moon is one for you would-be chefs with a health driven, nutritionist bent. This will be a Christmas for all the trimmings but one in which complex carbs and excessive sugar intake could be kept at bay.

The plan is to cook up an inspiring, health conscious feast for your loved ones dear Mooners by majoring on organic, cancer inhibiting, antioxidant laden fruit and veg - kale, broccoli, spinach and chard; red peppers, carrots, sprouts, squash and cabbage; and for desert: oranges, grapes and raisins, almonds, plums and all manner of berries. If there’s a natural foodstuff with a bright colour, the likelihood is that it’s rich in antioxidants. This does NOT include Sunny Delight which, despite its bright orange hue, is mostly manufactured from a mix of dead skin cells collected from Donald Trumps' Mar-a-Largo resort and glitter.

And naturally, we all love the sweet comforts of sugar, a substance proven in clinical tests to be more addictive than cocaine. It's in pretty much every food stuff that's been processed onto the shelves of our local not-so-super-markets. Scientific evidence is now suggesting overwhelmingly that high sugar content diets contribute significantly to the development of some cancers and brain conditions such as Alzheimer's, not to mention the debilitating proliferation of diabetes in young and old alike. In the spirit of this nutritiously nurturing Noël Full Moon, why not encourage a sugar free Christmas if only round at yours. No one will thank you for it but at least you'll know you're doing the right thing.

As a collective, we Mooners thankfully end the year on the up. Apart from a couple of notable high spots, the year has been a thorough challenge and on reflection the theme of self doubt, bordering at times on self loathing, has been our recurring, greatest test.

Fortunately, an embryonic process of recovery toward the self knowledge that informs self love, has begun to emerge over the last month, couched in a resolute determination to 'imagine' our way out of the circumstances that do not align with our desires in life. Our consciously applied creativity proves to be our greatest ally in changing our world, and the worlds of those about us, for the better.

Our imagination is the filter through which we process all experience. With greater awareness (simply a keener application of imagination) of our conditioned, habitual behaviours to external circumstances (such as new and full moons for example) we give ourselves greater choice of response, in thought, word and deed, as stuff happens around us.

This mindful, lunar orientated practice is the rekindling of an internal conversation in which most of us, consumed by our constantly distracted busy lifestyles, have forgotten how to positively engage. From that inwardly spoken journey of imagination one can consciously align oneself and one's world to one's highest desires through every thought, word and deed. It's a process we here at Mooning HQ never tire of promoting in the cause of benefit to All and, of course, it's what we like to call in these columns, Mooning.

Under this Midwinter Full Moon we would therefore recommend the following:

STOP! Be still. Be quiet. Listen.

Witness the ongoing conversation and know that your world is already reflected in the words you hear and speak.

Resolve not to repeat the shitty speak - the negative nonsense that regularly undermines your best intentions, your self appreciation an outlook.

Instead, focus fully on repeating those life affirming positive words with which you can then unreservedly create your own reality.

Watch your world change for the better with immediate effect.

We would finally like to take this opportunity to gratefully thank all our fellow Mooners for joining us on this loosely astrological, lunar year of exploration. We have enjoyed your company and feedback and hope you’ll continue to journey with us into 2019.

Happy Yule y'all Love, 'til next time


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