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WED 30 DEC 03:28 - Mooning Monthly looking to invest in a conscious start up....


Dearest family, friends and sentient beings of a moonish persuasion

Plenty to get our teeth into here as we find ourselves at the end of a memorably challenging year here on the ever beneficent, beautiful planet Earth. The dominant astrological reading of events in 2020 highlights Saturn’s prominence, ably abetted by a galactic planetary cast, most notably Jupiter in their recent Winter Solstice Grand Conjunction. (Mooning Monthly Grand Conjunction Solstice Special still available here) Saturn governs restrictive power structures, whether institutionalised or in our personal lives. Conventions regarding employment; relationships; justice; education; social, political, economic and cultural norms, have had to be reappraised this year - not before time some might add. Many of those constructs have collapsed in 2020 or are in the process of collapsing. Others are hanging on for dear life but most, by necessity, have had to accept change, however painful or demanding, and are looking to rebuild from the year's wreckage. It seems appropriate then that 2020 should end with Jupiter and Saturn in a loving, if somewhat uneasy embrace, as seen from Earth last week. (Images here) Their astrological alignment at 0º Aquarius heralds a huge system reboot, following hard on the heels of the Full Solar Eclipse just a few days earlier. (Sagittarius Solar Eclipse blog here) Both planets are associated with authority but in very different ways. Jupiter is the generous, magnanimous leader promoting health, wealth and good times for all those under its influence. Saturn is more of an authoritarian, a stickler for rules and structure, strict responsibility and perceived limits of growth. Jupiter expansive; Saturn restrictive. Their brief, heavenly kiss has been interpreted by many star gazers as the long heralded, harmonious dawn of Aquarius, an advantageous cosmic collaboration offering potential benefits for life on Earth. Nonetheless, most astrologers agree that the successful birth of a significant new age will rely heavily on the midwifery skills of conscious human engagement. And that's where we come in dear Mooners. As consistent advocates of expansive, positive change we share the will and awareness to apply our thoughts, words and actions to change the world for the benefit of All. Employing the very favourable creative influence of this week's Cancer Full Moon we can focus on initiating our own 'new dawn', in which we acknowledge and learn from the past but are no longer beholden to it. Perhaps everything we have been conditioned to believe since childhood should be tested to see if it still rings true from our current maturing perspective. The great thing about truth is that it is holds true universally, at all times. If something is true, it has to be true everywhere or it's not true at all. There is no prerequisite belief, dogma, faction, subset or separation for its perception or experience. A great, obvious truth we can all share is that life is and, as recent science has evidenced, is impossible to disconnect or separate. (No Separation - article) This is not merely the informed preserve of remote, abstract quantum theory, it can be directly observed in our daily lives. There is individuation but no separation, everything relating to everything else on an essential and completely practical level. Who and what are we, if not this great living truth itself? Do our measly, grossly reductionist, materialist opinions of ourselves energize that grander vision of Self or the ongoing (Saturnal) nightmare that rewards a privileged few (usually white males) at the expense of pretty much everyone and everything else. (Guardian opinion: Britain's crisis creating ruling class) Under this final full moon of 2020 there is a heightened sense that we've been living something of a lie throughout the year, a delusion succinctly described by Albert Einstein in a written response to a rabbi seeking advice for how to explain the death of his daughter, a “sinless, beautiful sixteen-year-old girl,” to her older sister:

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation, and a foundation for inner security.

This delusion or False Self, the cozy image of ourselves as individual and autonomous, is running scared from the truth that it does not really exist. When our body is all we think we are, is it any wonder we develop a fear of it dying. It's all we know and have. This False Self is terrified of death because it generally struggles to find any long term alternative (such as experiences of the Soul) so focuses entirely on the short term instead. It has no substance, no permanence, no vitality, only various forms of immediate gratification to grant it validity. Put another way, its opposite - the True Self - that which is 'the whole of nature in its beauty', is confident in its eternal presence; regularly enjoys soul experience; knows it does not die, therefore holds little fear of loss or the 'ending' death appears to provide. The liberation of which our beloved Albert speaks, stems from his own scientific observation of the constant dance of rebirth. The Franciscan monk and theologian, Richard Rohr concurs with our Bert's findings:

In all of nature, one form has to die and decay for another to take over, so this pattern should be obvious and clear, although it is largely not - until you really observe or actually study the patterns of everything. Again, we appear to be in gross denial.

What if the seismic shifts that we have witnessed this year point toward the need for certain misperceptions (Saturnal constructs) to die as a natural matter of course so that new ideas, closer aligned to Truth, can evolve into a more harmonious, intelligently symbiotic 'whole of nature' on Earth. (Article - 'Rethinking our relationship to the natural world after Covid 19') Are these shifts a call for recognition from our Greater Self, the energetic spark that connects us to everything in existence? Some call that common spark the Divine, the Sacred or Spirit, which nurtures everything in existence toward inexorable change. Our willful ignorance of this immeasurable animating breath, inherent to all things, allows us to commit sacrilegious acts - war, genocide, murder, torture, physical and sexual abuse, imposed poverty, starvation, environmental degradation to name but a few - blithely divorced from the understanding that, in truth, we commit these atrocities against no one but ourselves. (Prophetic 2019 warning by 11,000 scientists of 'untold suffering') We should gratefully point out dear friends, that the Greater Self, of which we are all part, is never in peril. Ultimately we are safe, securely held in the heart of all that is. However, under this year ending Cancer New Moon, the False Self, that diminished, separated view of ourselves and our conduct, is being called into serious question. How do we actually want to see ourselves? As victimised pawns in the consumerist, commodified paradigm, continually fighting for little victories, often perpetuating the misery of others? Or, conversely, as a walking miracle - the embodiment of Life itself actively involved in an eternal, naturally expansive cycle of perpetual win-wins? A lie or the Truth? A choice or an imperative? Astrologically, the end of 2020 marks a new beginning in the heavens and on Earth. Under this Cancer Full Moon, it would serve us well to reflect on how our thoughts, words and actions can contribute positively to the transformations that are coming, whether we like it or not. How we perceive those shifts, with fear or with love, will dictate the magnitude of the catastrophe or blessing they represent. It may sound disconcerting, but there's a suggestion here that those of us with the courage to do so, should consciously face our worst fears and, through them, experience a death or two before we die. The likelihood is that we will have to face those fears prior to our deathbed anyway, if not on it. To intentionally hasten the demise of the False Self, however uncomfortable the process, is to allow rebirth of the True Self (Albert's 'foundation for inner security') for as long as the eternal divine continues to enliven our temporary form. Reborn in this way, we are released to live a joyful, liberated life that contributes purposefully to the process of intelligent evolution rather than impeding it's progress. The challenges we have faced this year may have initiated some of those deaths before death. They will certainly have touched a few nerves. Whilst difficult to welcome with open arms, many wisdom traditions suggest that these trials occur to be accepted and assimilated, not fought against. The necessary suffering they provide is the common path long traversed by those varied traditions as a direct route to enlightened awareness. As always at Full Moon, our instinctive emotional reactions and habitual patterns of behaviour/denial will be hitting their peak. Under this year ending Cancer Full Moon we are presented with an opportunity to move closer to the truth of who and what we are, and think, speak and act accordingly for the benefit of All.

As ever, we offer an entirely positive selection of do's without don'ts that might help negotiate safe passage to deeper understanding and grateful appreciation of the life we all share:

DO yourself a favour - make a regular date with your Soul.

Inner world; True Self; Spirit; God (whatever) - call it what you will - just make time and space in your life to make contact. Also known as meditation, contemplation or prayer, it's easy to do, merely requiring an applied will and a wee bit of routine discipline.

Here's how if you want some guidance:

Recommended as you first rise in the morning or just before you retire to bed in the evening...or both.

Switch off the devices - no distractions.

If necessary, let others in your household know that you do not wish to be disturbed for a short while.

Create a quiet, relaxed space with a chair in which you can sit comfortably with a straight back (option to light a candle/incense should you wish. Wrap yourself in a blanket if it feels right).

Sit with a straight back and concentrate solely on your breathing until your thoughts start to slow down.

Don't beat yourself up if your uncontrolled thoughts keep distracting you - just acknowledge those thoughts, observe their origins and swiftly return your concentration to the breath....quite literally the physical sensations of breathing and only this.

When the mind finally calms (5 -10 mins), ie when the gaps between thoughts get noticeably longer, a spaciousness may be experienced.

Explore it.

Where are you in relation to that space?

Relax and dwell in the spaciousness as long as feels comfortable, returning concentration to the breath when thought intermittently arises.

To finish, gratefully acknowledge that spaciousness as your own: a safe, happy, healthy and, above all, peaceful space to which you can return at any time simply by focusing on your breath.

Return to the awareness of your body, surroundings and your day to day activities, hopefully imbued with peace.

You have begun to enjoy and picture "a love of already satisfied desire."

It's better than telly.

DO give this practice a regular spot in your daily digital diary.

DO employ it as a symbol of your intent to raise your own awareness in 2021. Wear it as a badge if you have to.

Don't fret if you miss a few days. Just return to the practice as soon as possible and reaffirm your commitment to positive change.

Observe the transformations manifest in your life almost instantaneously.

Try not to gloat or appear smug.

DO remember and repeat throughout the year ahead, "Love is stronger than death."

It's a potent, fear busting mantra that stimulates vital rebirth and renewal. Let's use it unrepentantly!

In keeping with an open desire for new dawns, rebirth and renewal on this Cancer Full Moon, we have decided to shake up the Saturnal constructs employed here at Mooning HQ for 2021. For the coming year there will still be the regular Moon Missive accompanying each full moon, while new moons will see the inception of a sparkling new feature, MOON LIT. By way of setting a positive intent each month, notable contemporary poets will offer lunar themed verse specifically commissioned for the Mooning Monthly blog and website for your reading pleasure. Less chat from Mooning HQ, more direct, diverse literary drama and dizzying discourse from talented members of our very own mooning community.

The first contribution is from Miranda Peake and will land, all shiny and newborn, in your inbox as the the New Moon in Capricorn approaches on 13th Jan. We hope you're as excited by the prospect of being Moon Lit as us.

We hope this midwife of all messages rebirths the passion of our burgeoning international Mooning Community for constructive loving action and transformation through conscious awareness of our false and true selves (everybody's got them both.....) Do please share its well intentioned, metamorphic disposition with friends of similarly born-again sensibilities - it's another way in which the path of Love may be kept well trod toward the greater light in All.

With love 'til next time....




The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by fellow mooner and artist Mark Weighton


18 x 18cm  charcoal on paper

The thirteenth of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by artist Mark Weighton


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