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Updated: Jan 21, 2020


FRI 10 JAN 19.21 - Mooning Monthly avoiding a blood bath.....


Happy new decade dear Mooners

We're changing it up for 2020 here at Mooning HQ. Over the coming year, we're going to give the long missives a bit of a break and simply offer a few salient do's and don'ts loosely based on astrological lunar influence at each full and new moon. At each full moon we will also publish a lunar inspired drawing by fellow Mooner and artist, Mark Weighton, to enhance your monthly mooning meditations. We hope you enjoy the new format which will be mirrored on the website

With no further ado we start the new year with a portentous Blood Moon Eclipse in Cancer this Friday evening. Weather permitting, it will be fully visible in all parts of the UK and well worth seeking a point of high elevation around 7pm to witness first hand the red mists descend over Lady Luna's gorgeous chops.

A lunar eclipse (always at full moon) is something of a supercharged, emotional banger. In Cancer, it provides a home loving, family orientated spin to proceedings which over the coming week is likely to be anything but home sweet home. Tread carefully. Traditionally, Cancer encourages an intuitive outlook whilst being dogged by a pervading air of insecurity. This tension between a developed intuition and the inability to trust and act on its inherent wisdom is symptomatic of the polarized strain between the influential twin stars Castor and Pollux, currently at play. Self-confidence could be hard to come by and the dualistic tensions may well spawn a pessimistic, volatile moodiness. Under this Blood Moon we're going to have to work hard to avoid the red mist descending and derailing our best intentions.

As with any full moon, a lunar eclipse tends to exaggerate everything we feel...and then some. Everything we say and do could elicit equally extreme reactions from others so here is our suggested list of do's and don'ts to help navigate this Cancer Blood Moon minefield:

DO hole up at home and do the things you love. DON'T necessarily invite anyone else to join you - they will kill the unfettered joy of solo indulgence. Say NO to FOMO!

DO keep a low profile. DON'T make any unnecessary appointments or social arrangements.

DO take the time to walk to your destination if possible, or just walk aimlessly for the pleasure of being alone. DON'T drive unless impractical to do otherwise. Road rage will be rampant so go easy.

DO feather up the nest, concerning yourself with matters of aesthetics rather than large scale, practical projects that would provide opportunities for frustration, failure and angry self loathing. Not a weekend to visit IKEA. DON'T bother asking anyone else's opinion - it will be wrong!

DO check on family and friends - preferably by text. DON'T feel bad about making excuses not to meet them in person 'til later in the month.

DO make the effort to put on a positive face even if a hurricane is raging within. This is not denial, merely self preservation for the next week or so. DON'T vent - the rant will never end and won't paint you in the best light for the rest of the decade.

DO be aware that extreme polarities of mood are to be expected over the next fortnight. DON'T beat yourself up about anything - let the mistakes pass unhindered and glory in your unique imperfections.

DO consider what you might like to change in your life experience in 2020.....but just mull it over and make notes. DON'T make rash new year resolutions and expect to keep them this week. Save them for the new moon in a fortnight's time for more effective, longer lasting results.

DO get out and enjoy the spectacle of this Cancer Blood Moon Eclipse even if dealing with its unsettling influence requires patient vigilance. DON'T lose heart if the shit hits the fan - this too will pass.....

Here's to 2020 dear Mooners - may Love be your buoyant currency 'Til next time....





The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by fellow mooner and artist Mark Weighton



18 x 18cm  charcoal on paper 

The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by artist Mark Weighton


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