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THU 26 DEC 06.13 - Mooning Monthly Edition 87 happily preparing to go without.....


Happy Winter Solstice dear Mooners

A momentous Boxing Day solar eclipse casts a mysterious shadow over this week's festive proceedings. This shadowy Capricorn New Moon entirely blocks the light from the sun in full view of anyone lucky enough to be hanging out in the South Pacific or South America. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere may catch a fleeting glimpse of a shadow crossing the outer edge of the sun's face should the mid winter gloom abate around sunrise on Thursday. Unlikely.

A solar eclipse is likened to a cosmic reset button. The brief absence of solar influence provides an energetic breather in which to clearly visualise the world we wish to create and maintain. The clearest of our intents will then receive a generous energetic reboot as the sun's radiant creative countenance comes back into play. The suggestion would be to dream big but dream wisely. 

Capricorn's totem, the goat, carries sway in the flock so this week might prove an opportune moment to assess our contribution to the collectives we help create: in our families, social groups and wider society. At a time when right wing populism is filling the void of public indifference, should we reappraise how to express ourselves politically? In view of the current ecological and climate crisis, can the way we choose to live our personal lives be anything but political? 

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker

The tradition of 'Boxing Day' dates from the Victorian era when the wealthy used to box up gifts to give to the poor. It was also generally a day off for servants who received an annual 'Christmas box' of gifts from their masters. 

After the excesses of Christmas Day, Boxing Day represents a lull in levels of consumption. We make do with the party left overs and work out which of the gifts we have gratefully received will never get used. May we respectfully suggest that any unwanted, excess pressies find their way straight to your favourite local charity shop....possibly in a box.

Under this Boxing Day Solar Eclipse let's utilise the astrological breathing space to go proper consumerist Cold Turkey. Let's make a fresh commitment to curb our consumption and the often attendant levels of waste. Let's only buy what we need when, and if, we need it. When we buy stuff let's strive to purchase products that have travelled the least distance, are packaged without plastic and have the best ecological credentials. Let's gratefully make do with the stuff we already possess and do everything we can to preserve its use and longevity. Let's darn our socks dear Mooners!

And, over the coming month, let's take the option to go without. If not already vegan or vegetarian, why not choose to go meat free one day a week? 

Whatever your eating persuasion why not take up intermittent fasting? We here at Mooning HQ favour a 24 hour fast from Monday lunchtime (when we stuff our faces) to Tuesday lunch (ditto). We keep busy Monday night, drink copious amounts of fresh lemon and ginger tea and by Tuesday morning, lunchtime seems a manageable distance away. Science widely recognises the health benefits (article here) and of course there is no better way to reduce our consumer footprint than by not consuming at all.

Cold turkey sandwiches, salad or curry are the culinary orders of Boxing Day but few people make the most of the remaining carcass. In the spirit of a waste not want not Christmas we suggest making a delicious stock that can be added immediately to soups and sauces or frozen for future use. 

Our recipe for a little Christmas stocking:

Place an entire stripped turkey, chicken or game bird carcass in a large saucepan. If it doesn't fit, simply break the bones to fit it in. Any unwanted cuts or skin, giblets etc, just chuck 'em in too. Cover the bones with water, so the pan is approximately two thirds full.  Throw in a rough chopped onion, a good sized carrot and a couple of sticks of celery. Bring the brew to the boil then simmer (with a pan lid) for a minimum of two hours. The longer the simmer the more nutritious goodness is retrieved from the bones. Season to taste. Decant the stock into appropriate containers for future use. A good stock will take the form of a jelly from all the released gelatine once cooled. It becomes liquid again once heated.

Bone broth has well documented health benefits (article here). In prioritising our health and well-being, whilst not contributing to the consumerist Nightmare on Earth Street, we make a powerful personal statement of intent about our able willingness to help the world evolve for the benefit of All. It is undoubtedly a political act.

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare" Audre Lorde

The Dalai Lama supports such personal reactionary acts as wisdom that can benefit everyone:

"With realisation of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." Lhamo Dondrub

Under this Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse let us come together to celebrate each other's individuality, confident in our collective intent to create a better world for All.

Merry Christmas With love 'til next time 


carbon ink, newsprint on recycled cardboard 30 x 24cm 2019


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