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FRI 22 MAY 18:35 - Mooning Monthly feeling it in the old Sacré Coeur .....



Happy New Moon dear ones

Friday finds Lady Luna loitering in the shadows cast by the Gemini twins. Gemini is a bit schizoid at the best of times. This week the dualistic nature of human perception is given extra, polarised zest as the Gemini influence flits between one great plan and the next, without settling concentration long enough on any of them to effect successful implementation. Gemini is renowned as a Jack of all trades but master of none. Under this new moon we are in danger of becoming redundant Jacks, lacking a single trade to master, such will be our air-headed vacillation. 

Gemini is an Air sign of course but thankfully this new moon has an influential Saturn anchor that could helpfully keep us from floating off into the stratosphere of our own indecision. A touch of saturnal pragmatism may also be welcome as we approach the practicalities of easing international lockdown measures. What does responsible conduct now entail and what do we want our society to look like moving forward? Are the recent enforced changes that have created a paradigm shift in human behaviour and understanding to be lost in the clamour to return life to ‘normal’. As if we needed reminding, pre-Covid ’normal’ equated with an ecological catastrophe central to the evolution of the virus.('Promiscuous treatment of nature' will lead to more pandemics - scientific research article)

If we aren’t clear about what we want to see in the post-Covid world there will be no shortage of self-interested agendas vying to fill the creative void we leave. The suggestion under any new moon is to clarify our intentions before the moon starts to wax, optimising the manifesting energy of the solar/lunar/astral tides as we head towards the next full moon. Under this flighty Gemini New Moon we should give specific time and attention to developing a vision of the world we want to create, then engage in forums where those ideas can be shared, heard and enacted.

But around which of those myriad Gemini inspired grand schemes should we build our manifesting energies? Which ideas can we trust as our own, untainted by those consistently peddled by corporations, media and governments? Unless we challenge these ill-conceived narratives, the ones that got us into this mess in the first place, we will be complicit in their resumption.

Nonetheless, we here at Mooning HQ don’t believe it is helpful to indulge in theories that seek to apportion blame elsewhere, at someone (anyone) else’s door. We have long been acquiescent in accepting the consumerist ideologies that have fueled the de facto autocracy of capitalism and proved disastrous for all but a select few human inhabitants of Earth.  Yet, despite our wealth of material riches and a perverse opinion of our self worth based on their accumulation, many of us retain a fear drenched, desperately miserable view of life and those with whom it is shared.

As Mooners, we acknowledge our part in creating the world around us and take responsibility for adapting our behaviour to improve matters. Our thoughts, words and actions are entirely within our control. The discipline of remaining steadfastly positive, even in the face of great adversity, can add only benefit to the collective energetic whole. This is particularly valuable during challenging periods in human history when the dominant emotional output tends to be negative or fear driven.

With a modicum of self awareness under this polarized Gemini New Moon, we can question whether our thoughts, words and actions move us in the direction of love or fear. If we are conscious enough to catch ourselves in the creative act of thought, word or deed we present ourselves with choice over our response to circumstance as it arises. We can choose what we throw into the entire energetic mix. In effect, we can become dependable generators of good in the world, creators of the same loving, benevolent, expansive force at our heart and the heart of everything.

Love trumps matter folks. It isthe intelligence that arranges and animates both the material and non material realms. We need only to become aware of it and Love informs every decision in every moment, it’s innate intelligence gracefully arranging the matter of our own lives when previously wethoughtwe knew better. For humans, acceptance of loving guidance happens not in the mind but in the heart. In opening the heart to the unfathomable magnificence of wider creation we align and connect with it. In laying thoughts aside, for even the briefest moment, we canfeel and experience our rightful, integral, magnificent place at Life/Love's heart. In short, we canknowwe are it........and nothing else.

Under this Gemini New Moon, as we refine our intelligent, Love inspired, heart felt intentions to create a fairer, more caring, peaceful and ecologically sustainable world from the mess we've made, here are a fewdos and dont’sthat might help swing us from fickle duality to the openhearted, dependable certainty of Unity:

DO open your heart

DON'T persuade yourself that anything you think you know is right or worse, beyond question. Life, and what you make of it, is completely up for grabs. Believe.

DO open your heart

DON'T take stuff for granted. Explore your everyday experiences anew. What are you missing out on because you believe you already know what it’s all about? What does a cup of tea really taste like? How does it feel to stand up and walk? Examine the sensations as you sit in the sunshine at appropriate social distances. Leaves on trees; bugs in the dirt; a hot bath; having a shit; washing up; peanut butter - providing you’re not allergic.....all awesome!

DO open your heart

DON'T take anyone for granted. Explore your relationships with other people afresh in a similar manner. Who and what are people? How do you experience them sensorially? What happens when you talk to someone? How do sounds and movements become intelligible language? What are the aspirations of those with whom you engage? Every person you encounter is a feckin' miracle almost entirely beyond scientific understanding or rationale. However objectionable their character or behaviour may seem, people are ALL actually awesome and there to be loved.

DO open your heart

DON'T judge anything. One practice is to witness life happening around and within you without applying the restrictive labels and preconceptions derived from a lifetime of social conditioning. There is a clarifying liberation in waking up to things as they are without thoughts clouding the issue. Truly awesome in fact.

DO open your heart

DON'T delay in finding an opportunity to STOP! and observe what is happening around and within you at any given moment. Do it NOW! Quit reading this (in a minute). Drop all thought and witness the sights, sounds, sensations of being alive. Most importantly in this practice, make a point of examining the feelings in your heart as they arise. Check in with this most valuable of organs at least five times a day, if not more often. The heart is your inbuilt guidance system auto-tuned to Love. In inimitable fashion, the deluded human mind finds ways to disorientate that programming but this 'heart stop' practice is a recognized reboot back to Love. If you get to the end of the day and you haven't done your five intended heart stops, don't panic, simply do five in five minutes. Just STOP where you stand or sit and observe what's going on. Then again....and again. Regularly quietening the mind and, through the heart, tuning into Love - even for ten seconds - is to engage in conversation with your intuitive, highest Self: an inextricable part of all that is. Youarelove dear Mooners. Logically. Experientially. It is all there is.THATis awesome.


In this month's 'Bob Watch' we have to report that our fellow Mooner and esteemed elder Bob Weighton, at 112 years the oldest man in the known universe, has been taken poorly. Thankfully he is still Covid free and enjoying the comforts of his own home but time is taking its toll on his physical form despite retaining a gracious sense of humour and truly remarkable mental acuity. Whilst composing this missive at his side we casually asked for the plural of 'forum'. He replied, "Strictly speaking it would follow its latin root as 'Fora' but no one uses that these 'forums' will suffice." Find the word in the text above and connect to the great man himself Mooners. He too is awesome. If you find a moment and the inclination, feel free to focus on the picture below and send Bob all the Love you can muster as he makes his gentle transition.

This message should arrive in your inbox on Wednesday 20th May, the birthday of Sonny Solomon Weighton Glaister, at 15 years the youngest member of our Mooning Community and coincidentally the great grandson of our Bob. Happy Birthday Son!

We here at Mooning HQ hope you continue to enjoy these missives, written for and exclusively delivered every fortnight to our expanding international Mooning Monthly community. Please encourage friends of a similarly Moonish persuasion to subscribe (below) and share the lunar bounty, all of which can occasionally be found uploaded to the website

With Love, masked, sanitized and from an easing appropriate social distance, 'til next time...


Our community elder Robert Grant Pitts Weighton.Born 29th March 1908.

Officially, the oldest man currently on this Planet.


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