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Updated: Jan 20, 2019


MON 21 Jan 05.16 - Mooning Monthly compelled to move to the lunar groove.....


Hola dear Mooners

The first full moon of 2019 and we've only got a total lunar eclipse going on in Leo! This coming Monday before sunrise, the blood red lunar spectacle can be viewed with the naked eye in most parts of North and South America and some parts of north eastern Europe but, alas, the gleaming postmodern glass towers of Mooning HQ lie just south of Staines so we won't get a look in this time round.

And what does the Leo Full Moon Eclipse have in store for us faithful Mooners? We are happy to report it is largely positive news but first, a little Mooning revision for y'all......A lunar eclipse is generally considered advantageous providing the attendant energies are embraced. It offers a classic 'purge' scenario in which we can most effectively get rid of the stuff in our lives that is no longer serving us. Father Sun is flooding its full illuminating light over our subconscious (ably represented by lovely Lady Luna), cruelly exposing those problematic recurrent relationship issues and behavioural habits that we spend the rest of the month trying to avoid or hide. At full moon, we regularly become the proverbial rabbit in the headlights of our own emotional turbulence.....little wonder that the etymological root of the word Loony stems from Lunar.

Then, HELLO... at lunar eclipse time, the solar searchlight gets temporarily interrupted by the path of Mother Earth as she moves betwixt Father Sun and Sister Moon, casting a spell of relieving shadow across the cratered face of Ms. Subconcious. Released from the glare of those cosmic headlights, we Mooners can stop behaving like fear transfixed wabbits and come to our senses whilst, crucially, still benefiting from that heightened full moon awareness.

If we take time to look during the temporary calm of the lunar eclipse shadow, we can catch a glimpse of the bigger picture, for ourselves and the world that we inhabit and contribute towards. That informed vision helps enable us to make radical, conscious choices about the stuff we need to get rid of or shift to manifest positive change in our lives....hopefully without getting (sun)burnt.

Self-administered, conscious shifts in our habitual patterns of behaviour are a vital part of our continued growth as small but significant contributors to the ongoing, expanding, unfathomably awesome, unified process of Intelligent Evolution. The argument goes that if we're not growing we're not helping the evolutionary flow, in fact we can become an obstacle in its path. As individuals and a species, we're at our best when we're right in that flow: flexibly aligned, adapting and making allowances for anything we encounter in order to keep moving/growing in a progressive stylee. The argument continues that, as a unified, intelligent, evolving organism, the Universe has a vested interest in supporting the well being of those aspects of itself that reflect its desire for constant renewal/movement/growth. Upshot? We've got to move if we want to feel the universal groove dear Mooners, so let's grow with the flow.

It might be suggested that on humanity's current trajectory of impedance: its blindly ignorant disconnect from the evolutionary narrative unfolding around itself, a swift demise to the species is more than likely. As a race we currently represent the worst case of evolutionary constipation imaginable and the shit, quite literally, keeps painfully backing up. The rubbish that we are creating, physically and mentally, is building up on the default refuse dumps of the planet (the Sea) and the bottomless cesspits of our minds. We so need a frickin' enema yet appear at a loss to provide ourselves with even the very simplest of apparatus to release our fetid load. If we as individuals don't instigate that purge, nothing will shift on a collective human level and eventually there will be an explosive release that will cover everything in crap. Worryingly, there are many in the scientific community who suggest we're not far from that point of no return...that's a stink no one wants to face....ironically partially attributed to the billions of fucking wet-wipes we've flushed down the loo after wiping our collective arses. (Unsanitised wet-wipe link here)

The laxatives needed are freely available to us all: a conscious intent to become more aware of our habitual, conditioned responses to external circumstance enables us to change those responses if they don't serve us or anyone else. Some traditions call it magic, some call it prayer, meditation or mindfullness, but on these pages, we like to call it Mooning.

If we don't embrace those personal shifts in order to help facilitate the purge influenced by a full lunar eclipse, the chances are we're going to get forcibly purged anyway which, I'm reliably informed, can be painful. Embracing change is not traditionally a human forté so the next couple of weeks may be as good a time as any to learn how.

The influence of a Lunar eclipse can linger for quite a while (often months) afterwards so don't be unsettled by an increased emotional sensitivity as you allow all that repetitive, overstimulated, overthought, superfluous subconscious shit to release. Feel the joy, feel the relief but prepare for tears......ahhhh my precious purge.....and you're back in the flow. Don't give a toss what anyone else thinks, if the emotions surface, give them free reign (without acting like a complete **** obvs) and witness your immediate reactions to stuff happening begin to lose traction on your subsequent thoughts, words and deeds.

We cannot stress enough what a powerful means to changing the world this is. In consciously choosing the perceptions of our own lives, we create our own positive realities, bringing benefit to ourselves and all that we encounter.

Under this Leo Full Moon Eclipse we find ourselves in the family way. Leo, represented symbolically as the Lion, is a generally social beast that relies on the pride for its well being. Our tribes, and tribal behaviour, are therefore likely to feature heavily over the next few days. Our immediate families and our wider, national identities will come under the scrutiny of the Sun's spotlight as we find ourselves contemplating the legacy we are leaving generations to come.

Is it any wonder then that this week the UK finds itself in the midst of Brexit Breakdown as Parliament creates one impasse after another? The USA remains paralysed by a government shutdown that seems destined to drag on at the expense, once again, of those that can least afford it. France continues to witness violent clashes between Police and 'Les Gilets Jaunes' on the streets of its towns and cities as arguments rage over unfair levels of taxation and aggressive, uncaring governance. Populism continues its not so merry rise to political prominence as we all clamour to claim and protect what is 'ours' in a world where progressively we all face the reality and responsibility of having to take less. Our tribal behaviour is in the limelight and as Mooners we have to carefully consider to which causes we commit our energies. The suggestion from Mooning HQ, at all times, is to listen to one's heart and walk the path of kindness for the over-riding benefit of All.

This would be a good week to ditch the media and switch the phone off unless you need to make a call. And if you are going to make a call, dial up your tribe, clan, pride - your family. It's one of those weeks where bloodlines (like the blood red lunar eclipse) will run deep, so why not take impromptu refuge in the company of kin. Family skeletons may raise their ugly heads in the great collective eclipse purge but we can prepare to embrace any such gruesome revelations with tolerance, forgiveness and love.

Make sure you check in with Mum and Dad if you're lucky enough to still have a pair. If some or all are gone, then check in with your ancestors as you might with the living. Familiarise yourself with their memory. Treasure any artefacts in your possession that they owned and be grateful for the life they have bequeathed you. A good week to create a little window ledge or mantlepiece shrine to those without whom you would not exist.

As parents, we may find ourselves wondering about the future for our children, our descendants that themselves might be harbouring deep anger toward us for the appalling mess we've piled up for them to process. The rage may vent indiscriminately and violently over the slightest grievance. Let's not rise to provocation but redouble our efforts to effect change in our own lives, and therefore theirs, to address the imbalances we have created. Read here about this week's Lancet Medical Journal report "Planetary Health Diet" and think again about your New Year dietary resolutions.

The enduring, ever optimistic suggestion from Mooning HQ is that this remains a world of abundance, capable of sustainably supporting the current population, and more, should we choose to organise ourselves a little better. We have a great material wealth to share but sharing is the operative word....and something else, we are led to believe, that does not come easily to humans. (We would naturally encourage you to share this missive with anyone you think might be interested....lols...)

Under this Leo Full Moon Eclipse dear Mooners, let's utilise the cosmic winds to shift our own agendas, taking every opportunity to share; to treasure our family, friends and ancestors.... and to encourage regular bowel movements.

With love, 'til next time


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