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LEO NEW MOON 19.08.20


WEDS 19 AUG 03:41 - Mooning Monthly getting creative in the playground.....



Happy New Moon dear friends We surf into this Leo New Moon phase on the crest of a more optimistic wave. The preceding month's pessimistic wipe-outs are behind us, and despite feeling a little scraped and bruised by the experience, we can now gather our physical, mental and emotional faculties, confident that we'll catch this next breaker and ride it out gracefully to completion. Potentially good times Mooners. A few aspects to be aware of. Saturn is still dominating the lunar astral chart - resulting frustrations may arise as the current structures of our lives fail to accommodate our dreams. The rigidity of our thinking regarding ourselves and circumstance will feel, at best restrictive, at worst claustrophobic. We may be overflowing with big ideas to positively change our world but consistently face brick walls to their full expression. Where and with whom can those constructive aspirations be shared and actioned? Managing our own, occasionally unrealistic, expectations will be central to keeping a lid on the discontent. A flexible, open mind is the one to locate and employ. Communication (Mercury, Sun and Moon all in Leo) will be key. Our inner dialogue, our conscious thinking, may be heightened over the next couple of weeks, giving us a witty, quick footed mentality when engaging with the external world. We may well rediscover an ease and confidence in company that gravitates us towards the heart of the party. Enjoy it. Let's use the opportunity to encourage others to enjoy the life party too. It's a different approach to sharing that is less likely to result in frustration. Leo rules the heart (remember the Wizard of Oz cowardly lion searching for courage?) and we would do well in the coming days to bravely follow our passions. There should be no fear of doing what makes us feel good or excites. On the contrary, there is always huge benefit to approaching life like a little kid by PLAYING joyfully throughout the day, immersing ourselves creatively in whatever we end up doing. Can the washing up be transformed from chore to game? Does the supermarket trolley dash have to be a slog? Are our repetitive, habitual actions in essence a bore or does our state of mind determine our experience? Let's add an open heart to the open mind and the coming fortnight will shape up very nicely indeed. Leo is an old romantic too. This would be the time to start new relationships or pep up the existing ones. Make a bit of effort. Great rewards await those who afford their partners, lovers and friends the undivided attention everyone craves, Generosity of spirit will go a long way this month to restoring a sense of pride in both the self and those that surround us. To counter the underlying, saturnal frustrations of this Leo New Moon, let's not focus on the things that aren't working for us. Instead, let's turn our conscious attention to creating the stuff we do want by dedicating some quiet time to refining our own grand schemes to unleash when the time is right. Anyone with a heart will currently be scanning the horizon for the optimistic means to make this world a better place for All. We can only do what we can, but as more of us consciously evoke positive change in our own lives we provide the strong foundation upon which collective caring change will naturally arise.  With that in mind, here are a few do's and dont's to help transform the restrictions of this Leo New Moon into a caring, sharing, heartfelt roar of joyous liberty. DO get playful. Creativity is the loving force that flows throughout existence. Align with it, express it and you're doing your job as an integral, creative part of the whole. Joy is the natural bi-product.  Switch off the telly, clear the kitchen table and make stuff.  (How Creativity Improves Your Health - article) DON'T judge the outcomes of your creative efforts. Just throw yourself into anything that takes your fancy and PLAY. If you need an excuse - get some kids involved to show you how to do it properly. DO get refining. Spend a bit of quality, quiet time with your own aspirations. What is it that you want to see in the world? How might you realistically contribute to that vision? DON'T undermine the vision by doubting what it is you want to manifest. Clarify the vision in detail until you feel the emotional satisfaction of that dream coming true in your mind's eye. This emotional 'reality' is an energetic precursor, a beacon drawing matter to coalesce around its signal. The clearer the message, the speedier and more faithful the outcome. DO get romantic. Go the extra mile. Make someone feel special because it makes you feel special. No one needs external validation but it feels sooo good when it arrives! DON'T set unrealistic expectations of others. Don't put conditions on your own generosity of spirit. Give because it feels good. Then give again. DO get social. Social distances permitting, the coming weeks are ripe for socializing online and in person. Accept all invites. Put yourself about a bit. Meet new people. Explore new opportunities. DON'T worry what anyone else thinks. Be confident in who you are and the knowledge that you have something to offer every situation and encounter. Look for opportunities to help others realise their dreams and projects. Chances are, when the time comes to roll out your own grand scheme, others will respond in kind. DO get courageous. Go out on a limb. Challenge your own vision of yourself with an open heart and mind. Don't choose the habitual response to circumstance. Think differently, respond differently, but always with Love. Life becomes more interesting. DON'T get disheartened should your own courageous efforts meet uncomfortable consequences. It's all a learning experience and part of the 'playtime' fun. Be brave. Open the heart again, trust and watch your world transform. DO get flexible. And strretch! Extend the capacities of your own understanding of self and others. Is it possible to see your neighbour's needs as your own? Can one truly love one's enemies, whoever or whatever they might be? What happens when we try? ........Why not take up Yoga online? A flexible body is the temple for a flexible mind. DON'T impose unnecessary, petty restrictions on yourself or others just to maintain your comfort zones. Expectations and prescribed goals regularly lead to disappointment and the constricting fear of failure. Free yourself up to unlimited possibility and enjoy the ride....... .......roarr! "But I could change my habits, Nevermore be scared of rabbits If I only had the nerve. Oh, I'd be in my stride, a king down to the core Oh, I'd roar the way I never roared before" "If I Only Had the Nerve" - The Cowardly Lion, Wizard of Oz 1939 We hope you continue to enjoy these missives, written for and exclusively delivered every fortnight to members of our expanding international Mooning Monthly community. Please encourage friends of a similarly Moonish persuasion to subscribe for free so that we can share the lunar bounty, all of which can occasionally be found uploaded to the website With Love 'til next time.


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