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FRI 19 APR 12.12 - Mooning Monthly's spectacles get collectively rose tinted.....


Hello dear Mooners

"What's this?" we hear you ask. "A second Libra Full Moon in successive months?" Yes, an unusual lunar phenomenon with the previous full moon placed at the birth of the Libra astrological window and this one right at its death. In astrological speak, a full moon at the back end of an astrological 'decan' (segment of the zodiac) often carries the capacity for unpredictability. Loose cannons ahoy!

It hits full potency just after midday on Good Friday UK time. As chronicled in last year's Libra Full Moon missive (The Pope wears Pagan Socks - Mooning Monthly 44 link here) this moon is heavily caught up in the early efforts of the Roman Christian Church to co-opt the Pagan calendar and festivals to serve its agenda for religious dominance. So, for those in the know, Happy Eostre/Ostara/Ishtar to one and All.

This Libra Full Moon is also known as the Pink Moon. Nothing too religious or esoteric about that epithet, it simply refers to the historic Native American observation of spring flowering Creeping Phlox as it laid a gentle pink carpet on previously barren plains at this time of year.

Lest we forget, Pink Moon is also the title of the beautifully minimalist 1972 Nick Drake tune and album which, if you haven't already swooned over, could be given an ear whilst reading the rest of this diatribe (Pink Moon Spotify link here). Enjoy.

With the symbolic balancing scales of Libra still in full effect (if potentially off kilter) under this full moon, we shift from last month's recommendation to promote positive change by dreaming big on an individual level to this week's suggestion of dreaming big for change as collectives. This moon is deeply connected to the collective conscious which, on those Libra scales, could accurately be represented as the opposing polarities of susceptibility to external influence and pig headed obstinacy toward the opinion of others. Bearing in mind this moon's previously mentioned volatility, those of us sensitive to its cosmic clout could find ourselves swinging wildly from one extreme to the other in quick succession.

The perennial recommendation from Mooning HQ is to steer clear of those arenas where comparisons with others, particularly those in the limelight, might lead to negative self judgement. Continued mindfulness of our terms of engagement with social and mass media is therefore advisable. At our other Libra extreme, we should perhaps refrain from judging others negatively however irritating, ignorant or inconsiderate they may appear.

Mooning practice is all about finding our own personal balance in thought, word and deed under the pressures of a lifetime of societal conditioning and the continuing flow of external circumstance. Astrological imprints represent the gravitational pulls at work on our physical and psychological bodies from the astral bodies of our observable galaxy, the closest of these bodies being the Moon. We see and feel her obvious influence in the ocean tides and associated watery composition of our human cellular structure - 60% water at last count. But we should not consider ourselves slaves to these cosmic forces - quite the contrary. An affirming astrological quote from Mr Yogananda found this week in the Mooning HQ Library, epitomises Mooning philosophy:

"The starry Inscription at one's birth, I came to understand, is not that man is a puppet of his past. Its message is rather a prod to pride: the very heavens seek to arouse man's determination to be free from every limitation." Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda

The suggestion under this Libra Full Moon is to find liberty and balance in the collective. This is the week to join with others in a common good cause. This is the week to seek out those with similar aspirations and outlook to dream and manifest together the world that we wish to see. This could be the week to attend a local community meeting; go to church/temple/synagogue/mosque; join a club or take a new evening class as we actively seek shared perspectives.

The current political mire of Brexit in the UK might encourage us to look at the structures of governance and seek alternative approaches. Heaven forbid, this might be the weekend to join a political party! The next fortnight is likely to be a period ripe for political protest, where the voice of individuals congregated as collectives will have very real purchase in the corridors of power across the planet. The inspiring, disillusioned youth of Europe continue to protest in the Freedom Friday Movement (Four ways you can help the climate change student strikes - article here) and this might be the week in which we 'grown ups' commit to their cause. Could this be the week when we decide to join the next relevant ecological/political rally or direct action ourselves?

Local action groups; volunteer work or creative environments where ideas and activities can be shared will generate benefit far further afield than just the individuals involved. This is the beauty and power of collectives and communities. While there is great benefit to our individual intents to manifest positive change in our immediate environment, the inherent power in weight of collective opinion and action is historically what has brought about great change for the many and not just the few.

Under this pink Libra Full Moon, let's find or create environments in which to pool our positive thoughts, words and actions with the intent to bring benefit to All. In creating and sharing together, dear Mooners, we have the power to change the world for the better, sooner.

Hey it's a pink moon Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink moon Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink moon

Pink Moon - Nick Drake - Island Records 1972

With a touch of rosy love 'til next time


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