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Updated: Mar 19, 2019


THURS 21 MAR 01.42 - Mooning Monthly overflowing with the joys of spring.....


Equinoctal greetings dear Mooners

There's a Full 'Worm' Moon on the rise in Libra during the wee small hours of the Spring Equinox this coming Thursday night. Tradition has it that the ground starts to thaw a little at this time of year and worms start to roam in the top soil, providing juicy tit-bits for birds as the cycle of life kicks into Northern Hemisphere spring splendour. The Worm Moon is generally considered the last full moon of winter and is usually the last before the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.

Libra is represented by the balanced scales of justice and at the equinoxes our belovéd Earth experiences a fleeting moment of planetary balance between light and dark as the daylight hours perfectly match those of the night.  The Spring Equinox marks the dawn of a new season of fertility and growth......and the prospect of a summer wardrobe. Don your hot pants and mankinis from now until September dear Mooners.

A little Mooning recap: New moons = the week (prior to new moon) is the time to set intents, planting the seeds of our desires into the fertile soil of the imagination. Periods ripe for contemplation and the less comfortable inner work. Full moons = the week (the 3 days before and after full moon) to harvest those intents and weed out the stuff that's not working or growing the way you'd like it to. A good time for a cleansing purge - emotions will generally be running high.

This Libra Full Moon, sitting as it does at the precarious point of balance provided by the Equinox, could swing between extremes depending on the influences at play. A chief influence will be our emotional state. At full moons, our emotional sensitivities are heightened and prone to over-reaction at the slightest perceived provocation, whether good or bad. If the good times are rolling then they will roll in epic proportion. On the flip, if we're entertaining a downer, or harbouring negative emotional residues, like anger or jealousy for example, our life experience is likely to be dominated by expression of those unresolved states.

If you fall in love at full moon you'll likely be convinced you've met the creature of your dreams (before realising, two weeks later, that might not be the case). If you fall out of love at full moon beware of flying crockery.

We have more agency over our emotional states than perhaps we believe and belief is crucial here. As we have stated previously in these missives, a belief is merely a thought repeated often enough to yourself to be believed and most thoughts, as we know, are open to persuasion/influence and deeply unreliable. 

If beliefs are additionally fed by emotional energy their capacity to create realities is intensified.  After all, a belief without attendant emotion is a fairly dull and flat affair. Just think of the current emotional rhetoric surrounding Donald's pleas for his big wall or Boris's Brexit, both relying heavily on the passions aroused by the 'fear' of immigrants (the dangerous 'others' from whom we must be protected) for their successful implementation. The bile surrounding both issues being spewed in public and in private at our dinner tables, is tasteless at best and dehumanising at worst.

If we believe that we are slaves to our emotions then the reality will be little different. Acquiescence to a victim mentality allows others, like Trump and his ilk, to farm and harvest our emotional state for their own agendas: mantras they have repeated often enough to believe as right and just. The dark arts of the manifestation game are presented in a nutshell right there Mooners. If we hear something often enough, preached by someone with unshakeable faith in their message, we're more likely to accord those thoughts an emotional empathy, believe them and embrace them as our own reality.

In short, when we invest emotion into our belief systems, the manifestation of those beliefs becomes doubly likely at double the speed. It matters little whether the emotion is positive or negative, as long as the response coveted by provocateurs has passion and intensity. Politicians, governments, religions, marketing and advertising agencies, media and entertainment outlets understand this implicitly (no publicity is bad publicity) and actively vie for our emotional attention to further their own agendas. The better they are at evoking our emotions, the more successful their campaigns to make us behave as they want us to, whether that's to vote for their dubious policies or to further the consumerist ideology of buying more planet destroying shit that no one needs.

.....Let's play a little game over the next few minutes if you can find a scrap of paper and a pen:

Think of the things that have happened to you and the major national/world events that have occurred in, say, the last five years. Spend a couple of minutes dredging up the memories and writing them down. Maybe systematically retrace your steps year by year to 2014 to get the bare details.

Then, spend a couple of minutes imagining good things that you'd like to see happen to yourself and the world in the next five years.

Have a look at the lists.

You will be a most extraordinary individual if your first list isn't heavily weighted toward the negative events that affected you. Negative events tend to be the things we remember and therefore those that define our vision of the present and future.

You will be an equally extraordinary individual if you didn't find it more difficult to itemise a second list of positive dreams for the future. We have been encouraged through education and social conditioning to consider ourselves unworthy of good stuff as a natural, daily occurrence.

If we aren't mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds and the influence of our upbringing, we can very easily be persuaded that life is something that happens to us not something that we have a significant hand in creating. In ignorance or denial of our innate responsibilities and abilities to create our own reality,  we further nourish a victim mentality: a belief system fed by distressing but affirming sets of emotions. We can believe a hostile world is motivated to operate against us so we defensively react in anger, frusration and fear expecting life to shaft us and, hey presto, we find ourselves shafted.

The manifestation game is a self fulfilling prophecy. What we think, say and do is largely what determines our reality based on the emotional energy with which we charge it. If the attitude of our thoughts, words and actions is positive, our experience of external circumstance will reflect that positivity. If thought word and deed are negatively charged by emotional baggage like fear, anger, envy, guilt, disappointment, enmity, irritation, frustration or apathy then our experience of life will be similarly charged.

Don't take our word for it Mooners. Read this jolly little article published this week detailing scientific research that suggests negative emotions reduce our capacity to trust. (LINK HERE) Who knew?

The suggestion, as we approach this momentous Vernal Equinox Libra Full Moon, is to turn a trait that can be the biggest impediment to a happy and fulfilled life experience into our greatest ally. Using the process deployed in the second of our lists above, we can turn our attention and imagination to creating mental pictures of a bright future, not just for ourselves, but for our species and the entire Biosphere of Earth that we currently seem so intent on destroying. These visualisations, if returned to on a regular basis in gentle, focused pauses throughout our day, can form the invaluable platform of belief upon which that bright future can emerge into the present.

But here's the biggest trick in the manifestor's manual. If, in your visualisations, you can picture other people alongside you enjoying your dreams coming true, and truly feel the emotional satisfaction of the accomplishment, you will be investing those dreamy possibilities with a positive emotional charge born of an actual reality.  The emotion, in fact, makes the experience real. They're happy, you're happy. Happiness is the undeniable felt reality manifest in the world through your thoughts.  In picturing what you want as already having happened and feeling the joyful emotions of that new reality, you send a clear signal to the energetic cosmic soup of the Universe. By the laws of physics (let's not go through the quantum basis for the laws of attraction just now) that energetic cosmic soup has to respond and coalesce around that newly announced reality. Once understood, the process heralds a paradigm shift for humanity and this beautiful planet. It then becomes merely a question of what we consciously want to call into form.

As we so regularly suggest in these columns, these are the days to start dreaming big dear Mooners.  Under this Vernal Equinox Libra Full Moon, it is time to direct those dreams toward the benefit of All.

Change is afoot and it's going to be good. Put that thought on repeat and help the 'worm' turn dear Mooners.

In the immortal lines of Ren and Stimpy circa 1993:

"Is this a song about a whale? No! This is a song about being happy! That's right! It's the Happy Happy Joy Joy song!

Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!"

With love and joy, 'til next time


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