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FRI 16 OCT 20:31 - Mooning Monthly freaking out the controllers....



Happy Libra New Moon brothers, sisters and the beloved non-binary

The Libra archetype: the scales of justice, is all about balance but we must report that this Libra New Moon teeters on the knife edge of out of whack. There are so many freakish astrological aspects and retrogrades over the next fortnight that finding any kind of equity in the coming days will be a tall order.

The frontline, media driven hate-fest continues apace. The polarized debates between political left and right; black and white; them and us; wrong and right, rage on under a blistering retrograde Mars. The prevailing themes of frustration, irritation and anger at issues of perceived social injustice dominate again. The political and economic systems we have designed and employed are proving woefully inadequate to tackle the issues at hand and in the USA, whichever way folks vote in the presidential elections, they'll be consenting to four more years of short terminism denial - the same old ideology of grasping greed dressed in the suits and boots of 'progress'. Emperor's clothes naturally; in a costly range of imperishable synthetic fabrications....unnaturally.

The Climate catastrophe is upon us. Covid-19 is a direct symptom of the havoc we continue to wreak on our ever patient, generous planet and its diminishing biodiversity. The poor; peoples of colour; women and children are the first to suffer the undeserved burden of our globalised cultural narrative. We recognise this injustice but struggle to marshal our energies to effect change. Any meaningful message of hope or transition toward a better future for all is drowned out by the concocted, concerted cacophony created by the dictators of dissonance, disparity and division. (George Monbiot on the BBC slavishly following a news agenda set by media oligarchs instead of investigating power, money and their influence on our lives.)

In general, we here at Mooning HQ tend not to dwell on the negative, but occasional, focused acknowledgement of the shadow world we have collectively manifested is a helpful way to consciously bring it to light. It "is in the seeing of the shadow and its games which takes away much of the shadow's hidden power." (Richard Rohr, "Falling Upwards" YouTube clip)

In creating a continual stream of unchallenged negativity, seductively persuading ourselves that our misery is just a little less depressing than that of some other unfortunate, we lose track of any alternative thought pattern, disorientated, quite literally keeping ourselves in the dark. It is our work, our world, our derived dark reality - no one else's - for which we must take responsibility. To see our conditioned, habitual thought process in operation and acknowledge its direct effect on our life experience at any given moment is to make it available for revision.

Many traditional wisdom traditions teach that the manifest world is a reflection of the thoughts we keep. If there is division in the mind then this will be reflected outwardly. They suggest there is an underlying, abiding unity to existence that our dualistic thinking and actions shroud from our immediate perception like a dense fog. They speak of this unity being truth and our perceived duality as illusory. It's a tough call when the hardships and tragedy of daily life seem so very real to most of us. This perennial philosophy (wikipedia) nonetheless maintains that our culturally conditioned perception of essentially neutral events occurring within life's infinite field of possibility is what determines human experience. The argument goes that to separate judgement (dualistic goods or bads, wrongs or rights) from reality (neutral unity) is to step towards truth, harmony and the alleviation of suffering. The wider premise is that as our small world transforms towards holistic inclusivity through our consciously inclusive thoughts, words and deeds so does the wider world. Our personalised realities contribute to a greater collective/planetary reality.

To think, speak and act positively is to transmit that energetic frequency into life's unified field of possibility. In physics, like frequencies resonate and harmonise so it might be reasonable to assume that what we offer to the existential mix has a direct influence on what reflects harmoniously back to us. The long term recognition of the stuff that chimes with us will reinforce the world view we transmit. A negative viewpoint will beget negative outcomes in a harmony of negativity A positive disposition will be more likely to evidence positive outcomes....even in the most challenging of situations. We suggest harmonising with positivity - it's more fun.

The courage shown by the afore mentioned non-binary community exemplifies a balanced path toward positive harmonics. Dismissive of the polarised definitions and conditioning surrounding gender profiles, these heroic souls rise above discrimination and over-simplistic labels to live a life unencumbered by culturally imposed constrictions. Their bravery is reshaping the collective understanding of sexuality toward greater inclusivity, toward the universality of Love regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, or belief. By bringing their desire for self definition out of the shadows they bring it to light for the rest of us. We all win. Love is an inclusive dynamic force of expansion. It does not compete. It cannot exclude.

“....the attraction of all things toward all things, is a universal language and underlying energy that keeps showing itself despite our best efforts to resist it. It is so simple that it is hard to teach in words, yet we all know it when we see it. After all, there is not a Native, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, or Christian way of loving. There is not a Methodist, Lutheran, or Orthodox way of running a soup kitchen. There is not a gay or straight way of being faithful, nor a Black or Caucasian way of hoping. We all know positive flow when we see it, and we all know resistance and coldness when we feel it. All the rest are mere labels.” Richard Rohr...again.

The divided world is a treasured conquest for the powers that propagate, control and feed off our fear. We energize their vampiric appetites by our own. To give and then give again is the defining power of Love. Taking doesn't register. We have a choice whether to play ball with the control freaks, allowing them to deplete our energies as they define the size of the pitch and the rules of the game, or we can pick up our ball and take it elsewhere to play for the regenerating, enlivening pleasure of play itself.

Under this Libra New Moon, as we search steadfastly for any semblance of balance or justice in our divided world, we can exercise our free will to positively redefine the balance of our own life experience. In the silken shadows of a new moon we can quietly explore the influence of our shadowside on our own life experience and the wider world beyond. What are we buying into through complicit ignorance? Where are we habitually thinking, speaking or acting at someone else's expense because we haven't taken the time to consider the consequences of our behaviour? It can be a painful voyage of discovery.

The evidence suggests that we do indeed have to fall, often painfully, before we can pick ourselves up and meaningfully heal our wounds. As a species we currently seem to be scrabbling for survival in a bloody pool of our own warring trauma. Perhaps the only way up from our self inflicted debasement is to welcome each inevitable fall of 'necessary suffering'. As we fall, again and again, perhaps we learn how to rise with more grace, empathy and compassion for those falling with us.

In our revered lunar cycle, new moons are the most advantageous windows in which to set intents for positive change, so the suggestion here is to use this stumbling, frustrating, war torn Libra New Moon to perform an audacious balancing act in our own lives with the intent of restoring balance to the whole. And, by convention of this column, we offer a few do's and dont's to help tip the Libra New Moon scales of justice towards the inclusive, balanced liberty of Love:

DO commit to time alone to contemplate those areas in your life which cause you distress and discomfort. Regrets; guilt; anger; jealousy; disappointment; dissatisfaction; these clouds cast a shadow over our life experience and maintain their power of influence every time they are subliminally triggered. Outmanoeuvre the darkness. Bring it to your conscious awareness and sit with it before it gets a chance to take you unawares. Light a candle, sit down and get to know it - it's the enemy we have been advised (in some religious quarters) to love. Explore the emotions evoked. It's power over you will diminish surprisingly swiftly.

DON'T self sabotage any commitment to spend time alone in this manner. Find the time: start of the day, end of the day; lunchtime or whenever you can, just keep it regular. The process loosens our greatest shackles: fear - the means by which we may be controlled. Explain to your family/partners/housemates that this regular period of solitude is important to you and that you aren't to be disturbed. It is an act of self empowerment and the benefits are likely to be felt by those around you despite their initial protestations or ridicule.

DO switch off the news apps and outlets. It's a stale, repetitive, largely fictitious drama undeserving of the importance we accord it. It is a major tool we have designed to keep ourselves powerless and distracted from the real deal: our immense power to love and transform.

DON'T contribute to or endorse other people's negative narratives. Do not engage with others about the state of the nation, the corruption/incompetence of politicians/lovers/colleagues or issues of malcontent. The process simply reinforces the misery and changes nothing. If you feel the symptoms of a personal whinge arising you can rest assured you'll be ill informed, so stop taking yourself too seriously, resist the comforting arrogance of being 'right' and find a way to swiftly redirect your thoughts, words and actions to something positive. In a holy instant the world changes for the better. It's a prayer of sorts.

DO give up the desire to control every aspect of your life. Let life have a say in how things pan out without worrying continually about the outcomes. It's more interesting for a start. Hand the narrative over to the expansive, inclusive power of Love trusting that under its auspices everything will turn out well.....for All. It's such a frickin' relief to let the inner control freak go....

DON'T doubt that Love answers every call for assistance. Let the shadows pass across the shining face of your inner beauty and return your whole being to the light of Love. That is a prayer. Deffo,

Shine on Mooners.

Ah, ha

Aw, ha

Loss of control, loss of control, loss of control

Loss of control, loss of control, loss of control

Loss of control, loss of control, loss of control

Loss of control, loss of control, loss of control

"Loss of Control" - VAN HALEN 1980 from the Album "Women and Children First"

We hope you continue to enjoy these missives, unreliably composed from dubious source material, exclusively delivered every fortnight to members of our expanding international Mooning Monthly community. Please encourage friends of a similarly Moonish persuasion to subscribe for free so that we can share the lunar bounty, all of which can occasionally be found uploaded to the website We salute you.

With Love 'til next time.


26:01:1955 - 06.10.2020


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