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Updated: Oct 25, 2019


Sat 28 Sept 19.26 - Mooning Monthly Edition 81 dispensing power to the people...right on?


Happy Autumn Equinox Supermoon one and all

The soothing darkness of a closely orbiting Libra New Moon adds to the emolient balm of last weekend's Autumn Equinox. The week surrounding the Equinox, when the length of day and night are the same, is traditionally seen as a period of planetary equilibrium. Libra, visually represented by the balanced scales of justice, serves to reinforce the idea that this is a good weekend to cherish the prevailing tranquility.

For a few precious days we are likely not to sweat the small stuff. The warring opposites and contradictions in our lives won't feel quite so extreme. Where we might have created drama we won't even be arsed to get involved. What a relief!

However, this brief hiatus in the roller-coaster ride of human experience is not one to waste in idle oblivion. As all seasoned Mooners are aware, the monthly run up to a new moon provides fertile opportuniy to plant seeds of conscious intent in hope of a subsequent fruitful harvest. The clearer those intents, the louder the message transmitted into the ever receptive energetic soup of the Universe and the more potent the consequential harvest.

What we think, say and do reinforces our transmission until it becomes an irresistible beacon attracting unbound energy to manifest new realities from the soup. Mixed messages like, "I'm not worthy," or "Good things never happen to me," simply confuse the issue. Claiming on the one hand that we intend to manifest the house/car/profession/partner/pet/pasta of our dreams whilst on the other consistently transmitting messages of underlying unworthiness, completely undermines the original intention, reducing the chances of its successful manifestation.

Every thought, word and deed is an energetic signal to to which every other energetic aspect of our unified field of existence will respond. Like attracts like in the manifestation game. Positive messages bring positive outcomes. (Psychology Today article on boosting positive thinking here.) Negative begets negative. Under this balanced Libra New Moon, the suggestion is that we should be more mindful than ever of the messages we transmit into the world if we want that world to change for the better.

In advance of this week's UN Climate Action Summit in New York, millions of peacefully minded people from 150 countries across the globe (there are only 195 in total) gathered in their various nations to protest at the environmental catastrophe over which humanity currently presides. Millions took time off work, or left their schools in an orchestrated message of intent for the Politicians gathering for the Big Apple summit. 

The amazing Greta Thunberg was once again the youthful voice of sanity and desperation, pleading for some semblance of collective intelligence to be applied to the most pressing issue facing the planet's ecological stability. She lambasted the assembled delegates:

"You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you. We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line.”

And yet, the mainstream UK media barely covered last Friday's Climate Strikes....presumably because they were too well organised and lacking in violent confrontation. They apparently proved less 'newsworthy' in Britain than the indirect public rebuke of an ex-Prime Minister by the Queen for passages in his over publicised autobiography; more Brexit banality and Justin Trudeau's apology for 'blacking up' at a teenage party in the 1990s. One could despair. In the spirit of Libra New Moon balanced reporting, here's a link to a website that gave appropriate attention to the scale of the UK protests.

Depressingly, the three biggest greenhouse gas emitters, China, India and the US, have all failed to make any positive commitment to curb their emissions at the UN Summit. But it's too easy to blame the problems we face on politicians and simply expect them to provide the solutions. We know they are major stakeholders (as are we) in a system which is ideologically and morally bankrupt. We cannot continue to consume resources at our current insatiable rates without hastening our planetary demise, yet those levels of consumption are entirely within our own individual spheres of control.

Here's plan 1:

Don't buy new stuff.

Let's see if we can go a clear month between new moons without buying anything new. Food products might be a necessary exception but let's look for unpackaged, organic wholefoods with a minimum of processing. If stuff breaks down, let's get it repaired even if the expense is more than a new model. Let's utilize the increasing number of refill shops for our everyday household cleaning and beauty products. Let's exercise our purchasing power in the burgeoning numbers of charity shops selling perfectly reasonable used goods on our high streets.

The bigger picture under this Libra New Moon seems quite clear. The peaceful pause in tensions that can otherwise dominate our lives provides a neutral space in which we can more easily relax and joyfully appreciate the moment just for what it is, wherever we are, whatever we are doing. Additionally, should we choose, we can constructively employ this period of calm to become peacemakers: men and women that think, speak and act peacefully with the full intention of creating a better a world for the entire human family and the gorgeous living planet we share.

So here's plan 2:

Stay calm and visualize.

Invoke the universal quantum soup into movement toward your own shining, equitable vision of the future. Find a quiet five minutes once or twice a day to close your eyes, breathe deep and visualize the world that you would like to see rather than the one we are presented by those with other agendas. FEEL the emotional sensations of being part of a bright tomorrow in which everyone has a vested interest in everyone else's benefit. Witness your emotional response become the heartfelt beacon to which the energetic treacle of life is drawn (....Niiice). Watch miracles manifest in your own life and those of others with whom you connect. BE confident that you are adding to the collective pool of positive intent from which we all can draw and evolve for the better. Some call it magic, some call it prayer. In these columns we like to call it Mooning.

As we walk our talk in everyday life under this balanced Libra New Moon, we can rescue platitudes and protest slogans from superfluous rhetoric into meaningful realities. Judgements of others will become redundant as we become the proactive architects of our own reality in every thought, word and deed. Wherever we find ourselves, we stand alongside those resolved to wholeheartedly challenge the abusive inequalities endemic to our current political and economic models. We become the peacemakers committed to benefit for All, not just the privileged few; the unspoken millions who eventually cannot be ignored by their leaders, representatives, public servants and lawmakers.

Power to the people, right on. The Plastic Ono Band 1971 (listen here)

In taking responsibility for those things in life that we can change by healing our own suffering, pacifying our aggression, and taming our greed, we can actively contribute to the collective healing of people and planet that most of us want to see.

Right on.

With love 'til next time


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