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Tues 9th Oct 04.46 - Mooning Monthly Edition 57 sucks....


New moon greetings dear Mooners

We can make this message short and not so sweet. Way before the crowing of any cocks this coming Tuesday morning, the moon will be as dark as the darkest hour in Libra can be. This is the time of year that the spooks come out to play on every level of existence and this New Moon could be as spooky as it gets.

As we move toward Hallowe'en (Samhain in the Celtic tradition) ancient oral traditions are filled with stories of ghosts, ghouls, vampires and malign spirits. It's a time, therefore, to don your garlic garland and not remove it for the next month, especially at bed times, or you're likely to find your necks peppered with perforations that will be difficult to plug.

Such ancient lore has its origin firmly rooted in this archetypal, witchy lunar month starting at the Libra New Moon. Signs of impending darkness (the onset of winter and its links to the underworld) abound in a cast of crows and horrifying hounds; foxes, wolves, blood thirsty, insatiable demons and vitality draining flying rodents; the living dead and the devil; horns and fangs a go-go in cultures across the globe.

We are at pains to relay that these mythical figures, far from being eerie fairytales from some distant past, will be at large amongst us in one form or another this month, searching for hosts and victims to beleaguer and drain of their essential spunk with no remorse.

We've warned in previous missives about the forms such delightful company can take at this time of year. We may witness the well presented scavenger, the predator, (often sexual or financial) searching for prey and pride, ready to pick the bones of others' misfortune and take advantage of any naivety to deceive, ensnare and consume. This is the darkside's 'grooming' season dear Mooners, where we really need our wits fully about us, carefully reading the small print of people's intentions to avoid being duped by the most devilishly charming of smiles.

People we trust and love, might momentarily take leave of their normal patterns of behaviour to howl at the building moon over the next fortnight, giving rise to unsavoury acts of predation. Such transitory, overnight werewolves, both male and female, will be fuelled by Libra New Moon extra sensory awareness, chasing any opportunity to take advantage of the vulnerable, sniffing out the slightest whiff of a kill. The art of forgiveness may be well exercised in the coming weeks.

But there's an additional peculiarity to this overdramatised scene from the Mooning Hammer House of Horror. In a bizarre, self defeating balance of the Libra Scales, there are likely to be as many victims lining up to be sucked in the coming weeks as there will be vampires to do the sucking. Something under the Libra Moon has us so desperate to please, so hungry for external validation that, if we haven't already turned into slavering werewolves or vampires hell bent on consumption ourselves, we will regularly adopt the apposite role of victim and submissively offer ourselves up as chiffon clad virgins on the sacrificial altar for Nosferatu's supper.

In either role, as vampire or virgin, we are confronted under a Libra New Moon, with our own lack of self esteem, confidence and love. The next few weeks can be a stressful balancing act between active aggressive self hatred and the passive desire to be adored. As a result dear Mooners, if we do not tread carefully, this is a month in which we can either fuck people up or get right royally fucked - and not in a good way.

Whether vampire or virgin, our Libra New Moon egocentric determination to control how others see us (strong and powerful or desirable and yielding) can turn us into raving narcissists this month, prepared to debase ourselves in anyway to gain momentary approval or little victories in the material world that we mistake for love. In our desire for the love that we suddenly feel we cannot provide for ourselves, we quite literally open ourselves up to the sinister influence of the Shadow World's deeply suspect characteristics at this time of year. Be consciously discerning when it comes to company at bedtime folks.

The suggestion here is to operate with heightened due care and attention if we are to avoid the pitfalls of vulnerability that come with this month's lunar territory. Along with the garlands of garlic we could do with a smidgeon of self protection, perhaps most effectively embodied in an understanding that, ultimately, life is not about seeking external acceptance or pleasing anyone else.

There is, of course, wisdom in recognising the joy that comes from the happiness of others, however, it is an impossible, thankless task to actively ensure this. Our greatest joys will be ours alone, as individual as our natures, but when these passions are expressed and shared, they can give rise to a bliss that naturally spreads to a wider stage. 'Love Spreads Around' as The Stone Roses once chanted...

And if people don't want to share your vision of your world then so be it. In a phrase, "Fuck 'em," whoever they are with whatever power they try to assert over you - certainly don't lose sleep over it. Our individually perceived visions are what we came here to experience and enjoy. No one else can experience them for us. As an integral part of an intelligent, expanding evolution, our individuated experiences are an essential component of Life (That which we are all an inextricable, interconnected part of) experiencing and learning about itself so that it can grow. It's the major part of our job description as humans. We are microcosms intrinsic to the macrocosmic process of existence, and our joy reflects the natural joy that expresses itself in every moment of creation.

It is our deepest hope here at Mooning HQ, that in the joyful knowledge of our sacred worth in Life, we no longer feel we have to prove it to anyone else, particularly ourselves, by fighting to be right. It would quite simply mean an end to war and the associated suffering overnight.

Under this Libra New Moon, with a commitment to self awareness (that we here, like to call Mooning) perhaps we can drive a stake through the heart of our roles as intergenerational vampires/virgins, currently sucking the life out of this planet at the expense of almost every other living entity with which we share it whilst complaining about actually being the victims of the piece. Vampires and virgins indeed.

Let's be the change we want to see dear Mooners and set seeds of intent in the dark soil of this Libra New Moon to harvest a brighter, lighter tomorrow for the benefit of All.

With love and garlic breath 'til next time....

Over the next twelve months we call upon fellow Mooner, Mark Weighton, to provide an artistically rendered accompaniment for each new moon, twelve in all. This year he will be working on the same drawing throughout, a different stage of its development being presented each month, culminating in it's completion under the Sagittarius New Moon next December. Number ten is the path of illumination. Even in our darkest hours light defines our internal and external experience; the language of light, our vocabulary. Ten is also the awkward bugger; the arrogant will of man desperately trying to impose itself on the will of God as an aesthetic. It can look smart but lacks elegance, a well dressed drunk that needs the torchlight of love to guide it home.
Number 10


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