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TUE 07 SEPT 01:51 - Mooning Monthly on a surreal poetic lunar romp....


Welcome once again to MOON LIT, the international platform for lunar influenced new literature. Those of a moonish persuasion are in for a treat this month as I introduce the playfully surreal poetry of Samuel Morley. I've been an admirer of Sam's work for several years and resolved to find it a wider audience given the opportunity. I am therefore naturally delighted to share it in this edition of MOON LIT. Read on to join his rollicking ten step ride to the Moon.

So what's in store for the coming week's Virgo New Moon? Astrologically, I'm pleased to report there is a very positive Uranus aspect alongside a helpful alignment of Mercury that augurs well for the next fortnight or so. And auguration is particularly apt as this is something of an oracle moon that heightens our powers of insight and intuition. Sudden flashes of inspiration and fresh understanding are set to enlighten progress towards positive change without throwing our worlds into chaos.

Exciting change is afoot but the transitions involved will feel so smooth and natural that we are likely to question how we've made such hard work of things in recent months. It will feel easy not to dwell on past doubts and harsh self judgement as we embrace the overwhelming cosmic swell of positive transformation. If there was ever a cosmic wave to catch and surf into a new and delight filled shoreline in our lives, this is it. Wax your boards folks.

As mentioned, intuition holds a key to unlocking the treasures of this Virgo New Moon. In order to win it you've got to be in it, which necessitates tuning in to the beneficial prompts our subconscious will be offering. What we don't hear we can't act upon.

Listening to our intuition is a life skill most of us lost in childhood. This is the week to rekindle and honour those invaluable abilities by regularly checking into the internal dialogue that chunters away during every aspect of our day. The more consciously we tune in to our intuitive discourse the more informed we become in our daily decision making, the less distracted we are by the seductive consumerist noise that surrounds us.

And what do we actually want? To perpetuate a divided world and its symptomatic, ideologically derived climate crisis? Moreover, what do we actually need in order to lead meaningful, progressive, joyful lives that serve the bigger picture and not just our own, often misplaced, selfish motives?

After a year of unprecedented global climate turbulence, these are questions that require our immediate attention but vitally, can only be answered on an individual basis. Our conclusions will be evidenced in our subsequent thoughts, words and actions which hopefully, in the Mooning community and beyond, are now turning towards the holistic benefit of All.

Our internal dialogue is the very personal forum in which our behavioural conclusions arise. We can choose to sleep through the process or wake up to the inherent power of taking responsibility for even the most habitual of our thoughts, words and actions. It only takes two minutes of conscious thought awareness in quiet stillness a few times a day (head for a loo cubicle if nowhere else is available) to get that inner conversation up and running.

Modern living has made us lazy with a bad case of selective hearing. We're in permanent denial, only listening to the stuff that doesn't challenge the comforts we've grown accustomed to. We are co-conspirators and creators of the fog of ignorance in which we negligently grope around for purpose.

Our inability to engage with our inner world places a greater, imbalanced importance on the external world by default. In recent years the science of quantum mechanics has come to realise that one does not exist without the other. The material world cannot exist without the guiding intelligence of consiousness: cellular creation; gravitational forces on an atomic or cosmic level - the essence of matter and anti-matter, has an inherent discernment that directs its behaviour.

As interconnected elements of that cosmic energetic soup, we humans reflect the same existential processes. However, we have an apparently unique capacity to self reflect on our life experience enabling us to consciously modify our evolutionary behaviour to effect immediate change. It could be argued that in our current complicit consumerist stupor we have surrendered that capacity to the detriment of life on Planet Earth.

As David Attenborough so notably stated in his brilliant autobiographical television documentary A Life on Our Planet:

"Human beings are good at many things but thinking about our species as a whole is not one of our strong points. Our imprint is now truly global. Our impact is now truly profound. Our blind assault on the planet has finally come to alter the very fundamentals of the living world. A crime against the planet has been committed...the living world is a unique and spectacular marvel, yet the way we humans live on Earth is sending it into a decline. The whole of life is coming to terms with yourself and the natural world. Why are you here? How do you fit in? Many individuals are doing what they can but real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on Earth, now depends on us."

Bearing all that in mind, this would be a splendid new moon to maintain a receptive, clear head and body so that no prophetic pearls of intuitive promise are missed. A little hiatus from alcohol or any other line of inebriation will help contribute to the prevailing sense of informed clarity in thought, word and deed.

It will also serve us well to eat healthily and, as ever, eradicate the poisonous processed sugary shit from our diets. Fresh veggies are plentiful at this time of year. Tap up your mates with allotments for excess fresh green leaf, beans, courgettes and make sure you pick the last of the hedgerow blackberries before they finish for the year. Abundance surrounds us this harvest time so let's share it with gratitude.

If this Virgo New Moon proves indeed to be an oracle moon of glad tidings, let's contribute an equitable, creative hand to the grandest of prophecies imaginable; that of peace, unity and well being for All.


I am delighted that under this Virgo New Moon readers of MOON LIT can share in the audacious creative brilliance of Samuel Morley. By his own admission Sam is a designer, writer and friendly tinkerer from Nottingham. He lives in London where he spends most of his time designing for film and television but is equally committed to his creative exploration of poetry, visual arts and animation.

Sam is a founder member of ArtClub™, an international artist collective that aspires to inspire positive change in the world through their creative endeavour. His poetry is an extraordinary blend of improvised rhythm, surreal linguistic flamboyance and regular lewdness. He offers us a series of short poems written by moon light on the park at night. Perhaps you saw him there? Enjoy our bawdy young brother's bewildering banter.....



Ten Steps Towards the Moon

1 Helium 3, a fusion fuel, Is abundant on the Moon And if mined, Could walk the entire Kingland Road, Talking about belly lint 2 The Moon is occluded At this time of year By a stray bit of fringe And the bath edge, As it asks for tea 3 The Moon has a flat - a 30 min clip Between the flats between bits, Of the two wrong trains You have to go round the back to get in 4 I built a box for the Moon With the help of a friend And the Moon filled the box Which had one gammy nail 5 I stub my toe on the Moon I swear and then small-toe caress the bloke's face on the front I stub my toe again 6 The Moon has an edge I want to slip my nail under And hinge the whole thing back I am convinced the hole would sing 7 The Moon and I take turns now And as I step to take its place I clock its gloom side had been paddling all the time 8 I am the Moon's small bowl of soup It sips me from the small Of its back I wait for its sip - My surface shimmering 9 The Moon and I arc In the old kind of maths And do chalk board stuff And there's chalk on our shirts 10 The Moon knows itself by its shadow The earth knows the Moon by its bumps Neither know where they're from They could part ways But won't this month they'll sit and spin And sit

Samuel Morley 2021


Welcome once again through the perennially open doors of our very own art gallery MOON LIT DISPLAY. Exhibiting drawings, paintings, prints and sculpture with a lunar bent, visual artists share their most recent creative output alongside our literary guests, ensuring our exhibits complement the contemporary, enquiring nature of the prose and poetry.

Under this Virgo New Moon, Sam Morley accompanies his Ten Steps Towards the Moon with one of his own visual artworks. A draughtsman of great sensitivity in his own right, Sam offers us one of his sensual, amorphous forms bathed in moonlight.... perhaps on the park?


graphite on paper

crop from 420mm x 297mm original

Samuel Morley 2021


Just so you know, MOON LIT seeks to present literature and artwork that celebrates and reveres, marvels, champions and cherishes, whilst never shirking the necessary excavation of life's rich shadows in search of the priceless shining diamonds within. Each edition is a poetic invitation to contemplate our reading of, and reaction to, circumstance, that we may more consciously direct our thoughts, words and actions toward positive benefit for All.

Throughout 2021 MOON LIT will offer a monthly meditative pause under the poetic guidance of our distinguished literary guests. It is hoped readers will find time in hectic schedules to unhurriedly savour their literary craft; to read and reread these new perspectives on the miraculous, beguiling life experience to which we all belong.

MOON LIT publishes at new moon alongside its full moon sister publication MOONING MONTHLY that offers loosely astrological lunar forecasts for the coming month. (Mooning Monthly 120 'ON THE UP' still available here) Subscribe for free HERE at your leisure to ensure both emails hit your inbox when it matters.

And of course, do please share MOON LIT with friends and family of similar lunar sensitivities, in the hope that this illuminating endeavour brightens our currently challenging, darkened times with the light of beauty and Love.

With love 'til next time




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