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Updated: Sep 9, 2018


Weds 13th June 20.43 - Mooning Monthly Edition 49 breathing a dreamy, sleepy summer sigh....


Namastē dear Mooners

We've got a dreamy, slightly sleepy, midsummer new moon rising in Gemini on Wednesday evening here in the Northern Hemisphere. She's a dark hemmed beauty, rich with creative imagination, optimism, good fortune and good will. What's not to like?

Well.....on the flip, Gemini is likely to be it's typically schizoid, overstretched, eager to please, self. We may witness in ourselves and others, sudden switches in mood and action that occasionally pull the carpet from under our feet but as long as we stay centred and well balanced, none of those shifts will be seismic enough to knock us over. 

The trickster will be out in force so don't get sucked in to the most persuasive of schemes, particularly if it's of our own creative imaginings. The suggestion here is to let the imagination run wild but to let a little time pass for consideration before committing actioned intent to the envisioned masterwork. For this is not the most practical of new moons. It's something of a waking dream, certainly one to give yourself permission to luxuriate within but it's not entirely to be trusted. We liken it to the most relaxed of Sunday morning lie-ins, where one drifts in and out of sleep and the most lucid yet random of dreams. Everything dreamt seems so real and yet once woken, dreams broken, the still vivid memories and their very tangible, attendant emotional responses take on a slightly disorientating surreal quality. Dream deep dear Mooners but be sure to wake up fully on the other side or the week will likely be coloured in confusing, dislocated, airy-fairy Gemini hues.

Socially, watch out for those silver tongued philanderers, unless that's what you're looking for. They will be on the pull big time this coming week; full of promises and new beginnings but we shouldn't expect much post snogging analysis or engagement, as notches on the bed post will be the driving impetus of their week.

However, if we can find a willing friend with a less conquistadorial attitude, this Gemini New Moon provides opportunity a-plenty to share the sensual good things in life. Luxury and sensuality abound across the lunar chart so dust off the silk sheets and Barry White LPs, light a candle and a joss stick, run a hot bath sprinkled with June's fresh rose petals, lubricate liberally and away you go.

There's a fair degree of nostalgia to proceedings this week too, so old flames might suddenly appear on the horizons of our subconscious. We may even be surprised to find that some of these relationships warrant re-examination and time informed appreciation as they ease positively back into our present and future.

We here at Mooning HQ are generally skeptical of the merits of nostalgia, a central tenet of Mooning Practice being the intent to not have our present and future hijacked by our past, but over this Gemini New Moon there's is a strong argument for retracing our tracks and charting them for posterity. This could mean a grateful exploration of immediate family or ancestral history; a good week perhaps to archive one's ever expanding digital photo portfolio or merely an appropriate period in which to pause and reflect on momentous past events and great mistakes one last time before moving on to scout new territory.

To recap, new moons are generally a beneficial time to sow seeds of intent for a brighter tomorrow. In cultivating a greater awareness of our thoughts, words and actions under both new and full moons we can become less influenced by our habitual responses to circumstance: those conditioned cravings and desires that we've cultivated and indulged since childhood, allowing us greater clarity of purpose in the informed life choices we then make. In maintaining that clarity of intent, our dreams can then tap into the subsequent, powerful building energies of the waxing moon towards eventual manifestation for the benefit of one and All.  

It's what we call, on these here pages, Mooning.  And, under this particular Gemini New Moon, the imperative for self awareness potentially carries additional benefits. As previously mentioned, an appreciation of luxury abounds this week but it's really not something to hide or guilt trip about. On the contrary, this week it's something to indulge and luxuriate within. The chances are that these riches, even the simple luxury of time to rest, will have been hard won by your courage, tenacity and toil under previous moons so now is the time, however fleetingly, to enjoy it.  You do actually deserve it!

As an addendum to this, and possibly to assuage any residual guilt tripping, there is a distinct philanthropic air to the week, with those showing generosity and goodwill to others finding their own reward in the good stuff coming back at them in karmic material abundance. See this as encouragement from the Universe to keep doing the same, now being a propitious moment to make that donation or annual subscription to a worthy cause. 

None of us lives in separation of any other living thing. The ultimate Mooning goal is to think, speak and act not just for ourselves but for the overarching benefit of All in existence. This is a conscious stance of loving respect for humanity (regardless of our misperceptions and resulting destructive behaviour) all life on Earth and beyond, that aligns with the unified, mutually beneficial, intelligent force fuelling evolution.

In alignment with that force, best known as LOVE, through our thoughts, words and actions, we plant the most powerful new moon seeds of intent that we have to offer. They can, and do, change the world dear friends so let's get planting.

Let's not forget Midsummer's Eve 20th June into the Solstice sunrise on the 21st. The festival is all about Big Daddy Sun at the peak of his powers obvs, but he will be bouncing his illuminating light off our belovéd Luna as she builds to full the following week. It's a great time to be alive and to celebrate the experience dear Mooners. Light a fire or a candle, share a prayer with friends and let the good times roll.

Peace out Moondogs 'Til next time


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