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SAT 14 SEPT 05.32 - Mooning Monthly saying its prayers....


Happy Harvest Moon Mooners

If you ever wanted confirmation that the Moon affects every aspect of life on Earth, this would be the Full Moon to use as an example. A fortnight ago we were in the grips of a New Supermoon in Virgo (link here) where the moon reached the closest point on its orbit to Earth (the perigee). This weekend we find ourselves at the opposite end of that lunar orbit with a Full Micromoon in Pisces at its furthest distance from our planet (the apogee).

This Saturday's Pisces Full Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon, appropriately linked to the gathering of crops under the northern hemisphere's late summer sun. Many ancient wisdom traditions suggest every full moon is a time of harvest, where we reap what we sow from the seeds of our intents in thought, word and deed. Such wisdom suggests, whether conscious of the process or not, that what we think, say and do largely determines the shape of our life experience.

This full moon in watery Pisces (represented by the icon of two fish) is likely to drench our personal harvesting in an emotional deluge - water signs being considered emotionally sensitive with a tendency to find their extremes at full moon. Those influenced by this moon will therefore need to be wary of saturating their immediate surroundings with fluctuating waves of emotional neediness and over sensitivity.

Whether seeking the limelight or not, most of us will probably be wondering this week why no one seems to be giving us enough attention. There is therefore a strong potential for serial hissy fits in response to the perceived lack of recognition. If the hissy is directed at us, some understanding tolerance might be usefully employed as it is likely to be in short supply everywhere this weekend. Reacting to others' lunacy at a similar fever pitch will cause explosive emotional fallout of no use to anyone, so breathe deep and count to ten, then count to ten again.... Do watch out for public figures throwing their toys out of the pram over the next few days in a concerted effort to be noticed on the world stage.

We all contribute to the ecosystem that is this beautiful, water bound, blue planet. 70% of Earth's surface is covered in water whose tides are determined by resonance with the Moon's orbit. 60% of the human body is water, but certain vital organs like the heart and brain (73% water) and the lungs (83%) are even more dependent on this vital constituent element. Emotional and mental health relies hugely on physical health. The thinking goes that if the Moon's orbit drives the ocean tides it is going to have a significant influence on the watery nature of our holistic well being.

But water constitutes just a small percentage of our planet's mass - roughly 0.5% - so how does the Moon's trajectory effect all the remaining elemental matter? Along with the ocean tides science has measured (amongst others) earth tides, fire tides, air tides and blood tides.

The Moon creates a tide that pulls the crust of the Earth towards its lunar mass. The surface of our planet actually rises between 4 to 12 inches when the moon is above the horizon which then recedes as the Moon sets.

Lunar tides also affect the fiery molten core of the earth, causing it to surge and recede just like ocean tides. This has been measured as a contributory factor in the cause of earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Blood tides effect all living beings on the planet.  There is plenty of contemporary scientific evidence of the Moon's tidal effect on living organisms and their reproductive cycles. From rutting deer to the wild sex of coral reefs ('The biggest sex show on Earth' Youtube clip); from human menstruation cycles (menses derives from the word Moon) to the pollination of plants (New Scientist article link) the Moon plays a vital role in the intelligent evolution of life on Earth.

The atmosphere around earth reaches up approximately 60 miles from her surface. We are reliably informed that this envelope of 'air' weighs an almighty five million, billion tonnes - apparently equivalent to a 30 feet depth of water across the entire Earth's surface. The Moon has a measurable affect on this air mass altering the density of Earth's atmosphere daily. When overhead, the gravitational pull of the Moon can drag the atmosphere outward by as much as 25% (the equivalent of 15 extra miles closer to the Moon) with attendant shifts in air pressure. These shifts in pressure play a significant role in affecting weather patterns on Earth's surface.

The devastating power of shifts in atmospheric air pressure were evidenced last week over the Bahamas. Hundreds of people are likely to have lost their lives and tens of thousands have been left homeless as Hurricane Dorian laid waste to this low lying archipelago in the western Atlantic Ocean. Many of the Abaco islands have been evacuated, leaving nature to address the immediate aftermath.

Once the situation is stabilised, people will probably return and attempt to rebuild their lives. We Mooners can support them in a couple of tangible ways. Firstly we can send a few quid to the relief effort through a reputable aid agency (Bahamas CDEMA link) but, if you're skint, the power of positive thought, specifically sent in the direction of those who have lost loved ones and homes, shouldn't be underestimated. Some people call it prayer. (Efficacy of prayer article link)

If the philosophical assertion central to Mooning practice is to be believed, everything connects to everything else in the constantly evolving, unified field of existence in which we operate. Mooning theory suggests that whatever we think, say or do therefore effects the whole because each is an inseparable part of the whole. In developing a more conscious approach to our thoughts, words and actions we seek to direct our energies away from habitual, often negative patterns of behaviour, towards positive conduct for the benefit of All.

In bringing to mind people in need, each of us empathizes personally through the pain felt in our own lives. An emotionally charged connection is made and an energetic thought form of goodwill is transmitted into the collective mind of humanity. Is it an unreasonable stretch of the imagination to suggest that others might tune into that transmission and be moved to take action, particularly if they are in closer proximity to those that need help?

Critical mass in collective human consciousness has given rise historically to major political and social upheaval. It's a powerful driver of change. The current swell of opinion regarding climate change might be a case in point. Let's hope so. 

In an era of incessant, predominantly negative media bombardment designed to make us feel worthless, can we encourage and maintain a positive disposition and outlook regardless of circumstance? In doing so, we may well be contributing to an energetic reservoir of positivity from which those trying to rebuild their lives from disaster can it in the Bahamas; the bombed wreckage of Syria; the threatened indigenous tribes of the Amazon as the forest burns around them; the recent flood victims in Mozambique or the 6.9 million people currently facing starvation in South Sudan. 

Here's a plan: Under this emotionally charged Pisces Full Moon, let's say a little prayer for others.

Every day for the next week let's find a quiet moment to bring to mind those in need, whether nearby or in distant lands. We can use our mobile phones as a prompt. Set an alarm for morning, evening or both and commit to spending a minimum of five minutes with eyes closed, imaginatively focused on the well being of others. The practice is not to dwell on their difficulties or misfortune but to clearly visualise their return to well being. That positive focus can be directed toward someone we know; those we have never met or both. What remains important is feeling the emotions that relate to our positive vision of another's well being. Take time to consciously acknowledge those feelings. Relief, hope, strength, happiness, solidarity, gratitude - all add to the energetic reservoir of positivity from which others may draw the same.

There is recognition in this Harvest Moon practice that our own health is inescapably linked to the well being of others; the well being of our planet and its great diversity of inhabitants. If, in a short daily moment of reflection, we can awaken a collective vision of equitable value for ALL life on Earth, we will move some way towards healing the problems that humanity is currently harvesting from the seeds of its own carelessness.

"I close my eyes and I can see a better day. I close my eyes and pray." "Pray" - Justin Bieber 2010

With love 'til next time Beliebers


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