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SUN 23 FEB 15.32 - Mooning Monthly gets a little damp at the edges.....


Ahoy Mooners This Sunday's new moon is fully submerged in Pisces. Aquatic analogies have never been more apt. Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, the rains have been diluvial and many parts of the UK are suffering drastic flooding.  Fortunately, Mooning HQ has escaped the worst of the deluge. Pisces, symbolically represented by two fish, is of course, a water star sign and, in astrological circles, water signs are said to correspond with our emotional state. This Pisces New Moon is likely to provide an emotional drenching and those of us caught in its influence are likely to feel as if we're being uncontrollably tossed about by the powerful waves of our feelings; all at sea and perilously close to drowning. It's traditionally a difficult time of year to navigate. We can be invigorated by an occasional glimpse of spring as the sun shines momentarily and seasonal flowers and blossom emerge in the hedgerows.... only for our energies to be quashed by the buffeting winter winds, bone chilling temperatures and long hours of darkness. We desperately want some respite from the cold and wet whilst forecasts in the UK seem to suggest more of the same for a while to come. Fellow Mooners in Australia (big up to Jeffy C) are suffering the opposite climatic extreme. They are praying for the droughts to cease, for the longest summer of bushfires in living memory to end. The extreme weather in both North and South Hemispheres is yet another indication of the climate catastrophe that human behaviour has wrought on the surface of Planet Earth. (Article: hottest January on Earth since records began article) Terra, for her part, gracefully finds her way to ecological balance regardless of the consequences for humanity. She is neither angry nor vengeful. She works in tireless elegance with what she is given, but if you can indulge a little Pisces New Moon poetic license, the apparent tumult in her weather systems could be read as emotional distress. What we witness on the surface of this flawlessly beautiful planet may be likened to the turbulence of our own emotional condition as a species. We still act like a gang of grasping infants at life's supermarket checkout, desperate to devour anything sweet or in a fancy wrapper convinced that the contents will bring us happiness. The sensations of consumer satisfaction are fleeting. The sugar crash duly arrives and the need for more kicks in. Our addictive desire for more (always more) of consumerism's sickly sweeteners are truly cravings to die for.....and according to recent forecasts we will do so, along with much of Terra's current biodiversity, in an earlier than expected demise. The sixth mass extinction on Planet Earth is in full swing folks and the disturbing poetic inference is that it's a direct reflection of humanity's emotional immaturity. (Article: recent plan to avert Earth's sixth mass extinction.) But the emotional intensity of a Pisces New Moon needn't necessarily have a destabilizing effect. Emotions can be great drivers of creativity and innovation and under this moon the creatives amongst us may find a fresh well spring of inspiration form which to draw. The ingenious scientists, engineers, philosophers, architects, authors, artists, poets, musicians are all likely to be out in force, many developing new paradigms of practice and understanding to counter the issues we face. The next week will be a great time to get busy with our own creativity whether in the kitchen, the garden, at the easel or even just planning how we want things to play out when the weather improves. Hours spent in planning under this Pisces new Moon will be time well spent. Pisces is traditionally regarded as a highly intuitive star sign so trust your emotions if you can get them harnessed securely to the mast of your vessel amidst the storm. Trust your inner dialogue and take your dreaming seriously. Have confidence that combined, they will chart a safe passage through the choppy waters of winter's discontent. Every thought and word is a message that precipitates the arrangement of matter. The clearer the message the greater the likelihood that those thoughts and words will manifest. CAUTION: such manifesting strategies sound all well and good whilst one gives open minded rein to unlimited, positive flights of fancy. If, however, after all the detailed visualisation, one follows up with a throw away thought that, "I'm really not worth it because good things never happen to me," there are no prizes for guessing which message will dominate the transmission. Such negatively judgemental thoughts and words will derive their equivalent in life experience, undermining any positive intents you may have lovingly devised into so much time and energy wasted. Here then, are a few, slightly damp Do's and Dont's to dream our way through the potential wet patch of this Pisces New Moon: DO get creative with a bit of anything that takes your fancy. Get childlike - create for the sake of it with no expectation or finished product in mind. Have fun ffs! DON'T believe the personal narrative that insists you're not a creative person just because you didn't do Art at GCSE. If you can hold a pencil, you can draw.

DO go large on intuition. This is an ongoing conversation with the Self in which one learns to filter the gems from the silt through practice. Keep it up. DON'T stop talking to yourself. DO dream big. Call solo planning meetings with yourself and a written agenda (a list) of your to do's for 2020. Take minutes of the meeting and keep them for reference later in the year. DON'T unwittingly slag yourself off in AOB. It's unseemly, completely unwarranted and unravels all the good dream work. DO, therefore, continue to be careful with your language. Unconsciously transmitted negative statements attract negative outcomes as surely as positive statements attract positive ones. Let's focus entirely on the latter. DON'T project a negative future outcome from the essentially neutral Now. This is scandalous supposition guaranteed to bring immediate misery. Fear induced conjecture is the cause of most people's emotional and physical exhaustion. Give it up. DO keep tabs on the watery emotional swell. Under this Pisces New Moon those tides can have treacherous undercurrents. With forewarning however, that undertow can give rise to manageable breakers upon which we can skillfully surf to the sunsoaked shores of our own bliss. DON'T overuse marine based metaphors when writing/talking about the Pisces New Moon. I'm just a daydreamer Walking in the rain Chasing after rainbows I may never find again   'Day Dreamer'  David Cassidy 1973 (Spotify link) We here at Mooning HQ hope you continue to enjoy these missives, wriiten for and exclusively delivered every fortnight to our burgeoning international Mooning Monthly community. With Love 'til next time....


The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by fellow mooner and artist Mark Weighton

We love you Dave


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