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Updated: Mar 7, 2019


Weds 6th Jan 16.03 - Mooning Monthly Edition 67 gets damp at the edges......


Love saturated salutations dear Mooners

We've got a soggy one for you. A new moon bathes in the emotive shadows of Pisces this coming Wednesday tea time and, as a water sign, Pisces is as wet as they come. Watery planet Neptune is in dominant, trident swinging mood in the heavens too, providing a double dousing of cosmic juice from the unfathomable depths of the astrological ocean. Both Pisces and Neptune are traditionally said to govern our emotional responses so it may prove prudent to prepare for an impending tidal wave of emotion over the next few days.

The inference is that those influenced by this Pisces New Moon will be super absorbent, soaking up any external influence, good or ill, more efficiently than a 2ply quilted kitchen roll. This works both ways. If we surround ourselves with toxins, we'll end up swiftly poisoned. If we keep things pure and clean, we'll find ourselves feeling crystal clear, in perfect repair, available to bring clarity and good vibes to the world around us.

The suggestion under this Pisces New Moon is to give our bodies a break and avoid all unnecessary toxicity at a time when absorbing it may lead to chemical/emotional overload and ill health. This week is therefore a time to choose our company carefully, particularly those that we invite into our homes, hearts and, heaven forbid, boudoirs.  If someone is carrying more than their fair share of toxic baggage, we are in danger of being poisoned too.

These will not be great days for independent thinking or action. Such will be our susceptibility to external influence that great care will need to be taken over what we read, watch or listen to as we'll probably believe every word that we're taking in. We will be prone to believe anyone that tells us anything with enough volition, so beware of the hawkers, hagglers and sexual predators.  Not the week to attend a Donald Trump rally - his rhetorical, abusive bile may suddenly sound credible.

In the absence of our regular powers of discernment, the suggestion would be to avoid mass media content and its deeply suspect agenda at all costs. If you are still suffering from a post Virgo Full Moon hangover (link here), looking at perfect bodies living perfect lives in perfect homes remains likely to make you feel shit about your own circumstances, so continue to ignore the social media, magazines and Hollywood sponsored drivel. Live and love your life, no one else's.  Keep that intention on repeat.

Our own opinion shouldn't be trusted this week either dear Mooners - simply because it's likely not to be ours. Parrot-like, we may be found squawking received wisdom that will seem anything but wise by the end of next week.

On the upside, the coming weekend will be an advantageous period in which to clarify our thoughts, words and deeds to align with the fertile growth of spring nearly upon us up here in the Northern Hemisphere. Where better to observe the non judgemental world, unfolding before us in all its awesome complexity, than in nature itself? We have been blessed in the UK, with an unseasonably warm and sunny few days this week, and the early signs of spring are everywhere. First blossom, spring flowers, mating birds and the waking, invaluable armies of insects are a delight to witness first hand and we here at Mooning HQ will be taking every opportunity to get out into the open air to clear the winter hibernation fug from our lungs and minds. 

The newly acquired Mooning HQ allotment will be tended and our weed filled patch provides a timeless metaphor for the rest of our lives. This is the perfect time of year to prepare the soil for planting new seeds; to weed out the undesirable, choking root systems of habitual patterns of negative thought and behaviour. It's a time to add good, nutritious ammendment to the earth in which you intend to plant, tend and harvest this year's seeds and their bountiful growth. The more carefully we tend and nourish the soil of our lives under this Pisces New Moon, the quicker our seeds of intent will germinate toward a spectacular harvest later in the year.

This is therefore a great week to eat organic and drink filtered water - lot's of it - to flush out the toxins that we unwittingly already host. Cleansing (without chemicals) will be the name of the game. On the quiet, let's have a random week off the booze, fags and extra curricular stimulants. If you are going out on the pishh, take it easy - it won't take much to get waaay tipsy. Let's consider cutting back on the caffeine (cold turkey might be a step too far for the addicted). A gentle 24 hour fast (whilst drinking plenty of liquids) over a slow day during the weekend can reboot the system entirely as we look to be enhance our daily capacity to make the world a better place for all we encounter.

Here's our regular set of Mooning HQ recommendations, potential DOs and DON'Ts for this Pisces New Moon:

This IS NOT the week to eat out, particularly take out, fast or junk food, where you have no control over ingredients or provenance.  Don't eat anything that you haven't prepared yourself, with love. Just say no to Maccy D's, KFC and the rest of those deep fat fried franchises...

This IS the week to buy organic produce and eat pure, unprocessed, lean, clean food with a minimum of preparation. Cut back on the meat. Hurrah for vegetables. Kale is the delicious seasonal British crop on the shelves right now. Eat organic - save the insects! (Link here). Never was there a better time to commit to spending a little more of your weekly budget on organic produce. It's official - it really can and will make a difference to our our long term sustainable planetary prospects. (Link repeated here)

This IS the week to buy your first Water Filter if you haven't already got one. Here's a very simple, very cheap, plastic free, wonderfully effective, gravity fed unit, similar to the one we run at Mooning HQ. (Filter link) Drink litres of tasty, toxin filtered water to your heart's content knowing that you needn't purchase another disposable plastic water bottle in your life. Flush out your toxins in a week of intensive hydration.

This IS NOT the week to get your hair chemically bleached and coloured. This is barely even a week to wash your hair with a supermarket stocked, chemical cocktail shampoo. If you have to, use the most gentle natural products you can find in your local health food store. Natural, organic soaps and shampoos are becoming more widely available. Deodorants without the breast cancer inducing poison of aluminium are now readily obtainable (salt sticks are a genuine work of genius - link here) so please use them.

This IS the week to get out in nature and stretch your legs. Why not make a long, solo circuitous walk from your front door, using roads and paths that you're not familiar with. Open your awareness to stuff you've never paid attention to before - whether that's local architecture, landscape, people or the thoughts that emerge as you're walking. Enjoy and explore the physical sensations of walking, breathing, seeing - even in the rain. Your body is an awe inspiring, living vehicle for consciousness.

Finally, this IS THE most fantastic week to go swimming - failing that, to have a bath. One way or another under this watery Pisces New Moon, we implore you to submerge your body in crystal clear water, swim or move gently, exploring the sensations of your body in this generally unfamiliar element. Water is the major constituent of our physicality, and tangibly connects to our emotional body. Immersion in water relieves the gravitational weight of our bodies in air and can soothe the heaviness of thoughts and behavioural habits that occasionally weigh us down, so why not find time for a soak.

Let's take heed of this Pisces New Moon and the words of the elfin, occasionally poisonous, Van Morrison, and get wet dear Mooners.

Oh, the water Oh, the water Oh, the water Let it run all over me

And it Stoned me - Van Morrison 1970

With hydrated love 'til next time

CRESCENT MOON - courtesy of Ian Clarke


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