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SAT 18 MAY 22.11 - Mooning Monthly feels the sap rising.....


Oh my sweet Mooning Lord! It must be that Scorpio Full Moon time of year again.  The days up here in the Northern Hemisphere are longer and warmer, people are shedding layers of clothing like reptiles shed skins. The trees are in full flower and mid May electric green leaf, sap rising from roots to potential fruits. The birds and bees are alive with their sexy, sunkissed fertility dances and we humans, being a constituent element of the same naturally aroused, unfurling process of intelligent evolution, are little different.  The sap is rising around and within us dear Mooners - everything above our root chakra is bursting with energetic fecundity......noice!

This Scorpio Full Moon peaks just before UK pubs call 'time' this Saturday night and, for good seasonal reason, it's known as the Flower Moon. Scorpio is traditionally seen as the sexiest of the star signs: secretive and at times manipulative in order to serve its voracious carnal appetites - patterns of behaviour that can equally apply to projects outside the bed chamber.

Under the Scorpio Full Moon we can't seem to get enough of whatever we have set our rapacious sights on. We become unusually willing to compromise ourselves and others to get what we want at all costs.  Self interest takes the wheel and drives us at a feverish pace toward our perceived desires, barely considering obstructions or fellow drivers - is it any wonder that the next week is ripe for accidents and self induced catastrophe. Eyes on the road dear Mooners!

Full moons heighten the luna-cy of thinking the unthinkable, saying the regrettable and doing the unmentionable. Under this Scorpio Full Moon we can expect plenty of foot in mouth moments in word and deed as our darker, secret world is laid bare in the moonlight. Our licentious, base motivations are likely to be so consuming that we probably couldn't care less.

If we don't wish to find ourselves speeding heartlessly down that dispassionate road, nor endure the painful remedial work that such behaviour will inevitably demand of our most important relationships (not least with our planet and fellow creatures), some vigilance is required. An application of awareness to our thoughts, words and deeds under lunar influence is (generally) all we need to avert our unconscious best efforts to self sabotage and, is an empowering process we like to call in these columns, Mooning.

Our Scorpio Moon heightened, procreative sexual energies, naturally designed for propagating our species and its sphere of influence, are calling out to be harnessed.... and not necessarily in latex, leather and chains...for the greater good.  Instead of indulging our selfish mores we can choose to channel that same energetic drive to shift our sensibilities from carelessness to consciousness.

Humanity's sphere of influence has caused great harm to our fellow planetary inhabitants. Scientific reports of the extent of the damage are only now reinforcing what many ecologists have feared for decades. Our ideological, economic and political systems are in need of radical overhaul if further damage is to be avoided on our beautiful, shared, blue planet. They are currently proving unfit for purpose. The rise of political populism, unless called out and halted, promises more of the same. The German right wing political party AfD have just embraced climate change denial in a frantic clamour for the expanding populist vote (article here). It is a sad observation here at Mooning HQ that only when the immediate existence of humanity is threatened by its own careless, greedy behaviour that its motives are questioned.....and then often with an indifference born of short term self interest.

The scientifically comprehensive UN report published only last week claims that human society is under urgent threat from the loss of Earth's natural life (article link here). It's depressing and damning reading. Contrary to our own lauded advice, we have been shitting exponentially on our own doorstep since the industrial revolution and the toxic results are now plain to see. As mentioned here in previous missives, we are heading for the sixth planetary mass extinction (Holocene Extinction - Wikipedia link here) in planet Earth's history - and we're directly responsible for the mess.

Life is an inherently sexy whole but we, as a species, have brought the perverse bondage of dualistic human perception and belief to the party. The ecosystem which over millions of years has naturally evolved into a mutually beneficial, unified expression of fertile interconnection is fast becoming a separated stream of desolate wakes.  Species die in the name of human progress. Collateral damage. Friendly fire. We are at war with our very nature. Frankly, it's a bit of a turn off.

Our craven, grasping distortions could be aptly ascribed to the dark side of this and all Scorpio Moon influenced desire for more. With increased awareness of thought, word and deed, can we catch our decision making processes and choose a different path, as individuals and collectives? Do we continue behaving in our, all too deadly, uncaring fashion or do we make a change towards nurturing, sustainable, equitable ways of living that benefit our entire ecosystem?

The time for blithe rhetoric has passed and we here at Mooning HQ suspect reiterating the big guilt trip is largely counterproductive. The situation requires urgent action at all levels. Our hope and intention is to consciously tap into the creative drive of this Scorpio Full Moon to make the necessary shifts in attitudes and lifestyles attractive - even sexy. To see the changes that we need to adopt (less consumption/demand for new goods; less use of energy; less food waste; better use of land, water and well managed, sustainable resources) not as compromises but as consciously embraced, positive intents to improve our lives and those of others, might improve collective uptake. Can we champion a counter culture, inner enthusiasm for taking less and giving more?

We need peer role models and practical examples - currently we are relying on a Swedish 16 year old with Asperger's for common sense and creativity. God bless Greta Thunberg! If we can't find role models in our immediate communities then perhaps we have to become them.

The planet might well be better off without Humanity's currently pernicious presence dear Mooners, but under this arousing Scorpio Full Moon let's hope there is still a chance to find the sexiest of imperatives for living: to actively care for All and avert catastrophe.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt Too sexy for my shirt So sexy it hurts"

Right Said Fred 1992

With love 'til next time


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