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SAT 20 MAR 09.37 - MOON LIT squeezes in a little bit extra new Normal....


Happy Spring Equinox one and All ( equally super Autumn Equinox to all those in the Southern Hemisphere)

Following hot on the heels of MOON LIT's third edition, featuring poetry of Bafta award wining film and TV writer/producer Henry Normal (still available to read here) Henry has only gone and sent us yet another freshly penned, joyous ray of moonshine to mark this weekend's equinox. A sublime and generous gift to the MOON LIT community, I am honoured and delighted to present it below for your equinoctial delectation. It's an absolute beauty and I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

In between reading Henry's poem at regular half-hourly intervals this Equinox weekend, let's find an opportunity to spend a quiet moment outdoors, to tune in to this focal point of balance between the seasons and explore what it means for each of us and our beautiful planet as a whole. It's a great time to consider the past and future but ultimately to rest our awareness in the present moment.

From the unalienable truth of the present moment, the miracle of life can be fully witnessed at the core of our being. In aligning our erratic, demanding human will with the ever benevolent, enduring cycles of nature, we 'Earth' ourselves in the planetary collective intent of benefit for All. Simply put, nature's narrative is the best and only love story in town. Open the book, read every word in joyous awe, then watch yourself fall in love as never before.

May the bursting blossom buds of this weekend's Spring Equinox find full bloom in the sunshine of your heartfelt presence.

With love 'til next time




If I lose the stars in static if I feast too full to breathe if I bleach into the dayscape if I flail in empty seas if I choke upon this stillness if I paint the world unkind if I turn from those I've loved if the dark within me dies if I ever forget the moon save me

Henry Normal


Henry Normal is a writer, poet and TV and Film producer; founder of the Manchester Poetry Festival (now the Literature festival) and co-founder of the Nottingham Poetry Festival. In June 2017 he was honoured with a special BAFTA for services to Television. Since retiring from TV in April 2016 he has written and performed 7 x BBC Radio 4 shows, released 8 poetry collections and has had a beer and a bus named after him in his home town of Nottingham! He is also a wonderful bloke and I heart him.



charcoal on paper

32 x 24cm



Just so you know, MOON LIT seeks to present literature and artwork that celebrates and reveres, marvels, champions and cherishes, whilst never shirking the necessary excavation of life's shadows in search of the priceless shining diamonds within. Each edition is a poetic invitation to contemplate our reading of, and reaction to, circumstance, that we may more consciously direct our thoughts, words and actions toward positive benefit for All.

Throughout 2021 MOON LIT will offer a monthly meditative pause under the poetic guidance of our distinguished literary guests. It is hoped readers will find time in hectic schedules to unhurriedly savour their literary craft; to read and reread these new perspectives on the miraculous, beguiling life experience to which we all belong.

MOON LIT publishes at new moon alongside its full moon sister publication MOONING MONTHLY that offers loosely astrological lunar forecasts for the coming month. (Mooning Monthly 114 still available here) Subscribe for free at your leisure to ensure both emails hit your inbox when it matters.

And of course, do please share MOON LIT with friends and family of similar lunar sensitivities, in the hope that this illuminating endeavour brightens our currently challenging, darkened times with the light of beauty and Love.

Happy Equinox



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