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Updated: Nov 20, 2018


Weds 24 Oct 17.45 - Mooning Monthly Edition 58 hangs out with the wrinklies....


Full moon blessings dear Mooners

Welcome to the second instalment of this devilish lunar month, building toward the graveyard shift of Hallowe'en at the end of October. This Taurus Moon rises full, early Wednesday evening, following on from the ghoulish Libra New Moon two weeks back and its proliferation of sweet talking, seductive vampires. Here's hoping your necks remain unperforated.

Ancient wisdom traditions across the planet recognise this time of year as one in which the physical realm of the living comes closest to the metaphysical realm of the disincarnate and dead. Contact between the relative worlds is therefore said to be easier which sounds a bit spooky, and under last fortnight's Libra New Moon things did indeed have the potential to get a little hair raising and other worldly. But, as we move toward the Taurus Full Moon this week, there's a subtle shift away from the drama of horrifying blood suckers to another, much more supportive cast of the dead and still living: our ancestors.

We wouldn't be here without them of course and in the wider scheme of things it might be said that each generation is simply the latest incarnate episode in the continuing story of human evolution. Many cultural traditions believe that each generation buys into the storyline of the last and by default takes it further, warts and all. Collective Karma as it were.

What is the narrative of understanding bequeathed to us by our immediate previous generations: our parents and their parents before them? That war and genocide are completely unacceptable or that in certain circumstances innocent deaths are tolerable? That slavery is an aberration or that enforced, cheap labour is occasionally desirable for the world economic spreadsheet? That we should fight for what is 'right' at all costs despite there being no moral certainty or consensus of correctness? That human life is valuable above all other forms of life or that life itself is sacred? That the world's resources are limited and that they should be shared in an equitable and sustainable fashion so that war and poverty are finally relegated to the past or that a first come first served, survival of the fittest fixation rules the day? Inevitably, the messages we translate from our history, whether familial or cultural, will be mixed.

And what is the story that we, at the current vanguard of human evolution, are telling our children and those yet to come? From our perspective at Mooning HQ it seems that most of us have become worryingly inured to the sketchy media coverage of horror stories being perpetrated to this day by human upon fellow human. Completely avoidable mass starvation in Yemen; state sponsored murders of those committed to speaking their truth; the richest in society continuing to prosper disproportionately at the expense of the less fortunate, particularly if they happen not to be white and male; women and children continuing to be abused and trafficked as slaves, under the radar of our fervent desire not to hear their cries.

Mooning HQ also observes nervously the war of consumptive destruction consistently being waged by humanity against the very planet and dwindling biodiversity that benevolently allows us as a species, against all cosmic odds, to survive in this part of a relatively tiny, inhospitable galaxy,

These, dear Mooners, are the challenging circumstances already haunting us, fresh from a crypt of our own digging, one which, if last week's UN report on Climate Change is to be believed (link here), will soon become a mass grave for those caught up in the increased risks of drought, flood, extreme heat, air pollution and poverty that rising global temperatures will present.

Have we, in our own lifetimes, actually learned to listen to the stories from our past in order to inform our present and immediate future or do we continue, in our own blithe, intransigent ways, to not give a fuck as long as the bad stuff doesn't touch us or our loved ones?

We are left to examine our own conscience but can no longer claim an immunity of ignorance regarding the issues we face. Yet blindly, most of our individual patterns of behaviour show few signs of even modest adaption.

It's a dark, gloomy picture we paint as the sombre evenings fittingly lengthen toward a Northern Hemisphere winter. But, as ever, from the mire of self inflicted darkness we here at Mooning HQ attempt to dredge a positive light. In becoming more aware of our own, often negative, habitual behavioural tendencies under new and full moons, we can become more adept at making conscious positive choices in our thoughts, words and deeds for the benefit of ourselves and those with whom we engage. It's a very tangible way to bring immediate beneficial change to our world and a practice we like to call on these pages, Mooning.

At this approaching Taurus Full Moon, the suggestion is to seek out the ancestors. Wherever we live on the planet, let's examine our culture, its historical legacy and place ourselves firmly in the continuum of human birth, death and rebirth. In the coming fortnight, let's visit a local historic museum, house or site and make an inner connection to its representation and significance in the human narrative. Is it a story that we buy into? What are our intuitive responses to it? How has it contributed to human progress and understanding? How does it reflect on our own life choices, our behaviours and aspirations today? Ultimately, what can we do in our immediate lives to build on historic legacies to create a more harmonious, humane storyline going forward?

If we're particularly lucky, we will still have parents and grandparents available to us as an avenue to our heritage. They embody our genetic and most influential cultural history but we rarely find time, particularly in western culture, to honour these ancestors, still walking amongst us.

Visit the olds in the next few days dear Mooners, and not in a patronising way. It's not necessary to quiz them about their childhood experiences or lessons learned back in the day, unless it feels appropriate. Merely enjoy time present in their presence, making a conscious, grateful connection to our lineage and the gift of the life they have given us. There's a lot to witness particularly if your familial relationships are not the easiest. Even then, there are few people that don't regret spending more time with their folks once they're dead so go make a visit.

And if you haven't got family immediately available, or even if you have, this is the fortnight in which to make a visit to older people in your 'hood that might welcome a chat over a cup o'char. Look out for the opportunity. Maybe make the opportunity.

Taurus is renowned as a fierce defender of family and loved ones, so it feels particularly apt under this full Taurus shiner that we make deep connections with generations from our individual and collective past. It has been suggested by wise folk through the ages that humanity is but one family that unmistakably prospers when it comes together and cares for itself in a common understanding of that unity. This is language that is conspicuous by its absence from current political and geo-political discourse.

We can reintroduce that vernacular of Unity dear Mooners, in our thoughts, words and actions, as we recognise and fully honour the interconnected nature of the self, our shared planet and each other. Let's share our different understandings rather than fighting divisively amongst ourselves to be proved right.

There is one life, one expanding family of existence. We can call it Love. It is unlimited, ever present, ever giving and it's all there is. Let's share our myriad experiences of that unity for the benefit of All as One.

Love, dear brothers and sisters

'Til next time


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