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SAT 31 OCT 14:49 - Mooning Monthly minding its language....


Happy Hallowe'en dear Mooners

We're not going to lie, this weekend's moon has got us spooked.

It's the second full moon in October (hence a Blue Moon) and peaks in Taurus, the astrological sign of the bull, on All Hallows' Eve. It takes on the unnerving, unpredictable character of the last new moon and ramps it up a notch. In cosmological speak, this is largely due to the strong influence of an intimately placed Uranus which regularly presides over sudden unexpected change. The uncertainty preceding such sudden seismic shifts makes for a restless, anxious, jumpy moon in which relaxation may be hard to find. Nail biters will be nibbling their cuticles to the quick.

With a hardline, intransigent, authoritarian Saturn in tow and Mercury slowing to a standstill in retrograde, the potential to create our very own horror story of dissent and misinterpreted messages looms large. Without careful consideration, the recent themes of personal and civil unrest could contribute to the nightmare. The ghosts and vampires of torments past are more than likely to come a-calling, so keep your garlic, crucifixes and wooden stakes close at hand for the next fortnight or so.

The zombie elephant in the room is, of course, the US Presidential Election, set to trample over world events three days after this Taurus Full Moon. Are the terrifying ghouls of the past four years scheduled to unleash another term of torture or will some antidote be found to their carnivorous, all consuming avarice akin to hatred for life on Earth? The narratives are there for us to write in our own lives and on the international screen dear friends. Let's seek coherent congregation and consensus around the most caring and considerate of plot lines in the horror show.....and we don't mean binge watching Buffy!

Taurus is a home comfort lover, and while a wider winter of discontent dawns outside, refuge may be found in preparing our nests for the long cold nights ahead. Now is the time to consider the well being of family, particularly the old and the young, to make sure they feel safe and cared for as the harvest season ends. Let's make sure the needs of the vulnerable are met now and not abdicate the responsibility, or ignore the issues involved, until some remote later date. Let's resolve to do what we can to help NOW, at home and in our local communities. (Marcus Rashford campaign to end child food poverty)

As always at Full Moon, our instinctive emotional reactions and habitual patterns of behaviour will be hitting their peak. Under this Taurus Blue Moon we may find our language and actions screaming blue murder. Intolerance, irritation and impatience will be rife. It takes great courage and concentration to bring these autopilot responses to our conscious awareness in order to challenge their influence over our life experience. To facilitate change we must first want the change to occur. Dominant Taurus traits are stubborn complacency and an aversion to change, so under this Taurus Blue Moon we may have to redouble our determined efforts to bring benefit to All, through our every thought, word and deed.

Here are an entirely positive selection of do's without don'ts that might help banish the bogeymen and demons in our lives to the insubstantial realm of illusory, ghostly spectres where they belong.

DO consciously continue to avoid angry confrontation where irritation and impatience might be unleashed in hurtful words. Under this Taurus Blue Moon we'll be capable of picking an argument with a fence post so just don't go there.....even inanimate objects have their feelings. We're all likely to be generally jumpy and liable to lash out when spooked, so tread carefully through the cob-webbed corridors of this Halloween's House of Horror.

DO consciously appreciate the angels and saints that surround you. They are quite often everyday folk who are just trying to do their best. When you see kindness, compassion, trust or love exhibited by another, whether at the supermarket checkout or in your bedroom, let them know how welcome it is. Kindness, trust and love begets the same. Love expands and everyone wins. Join this living angelic host by volunteering to fund or get involved in a local community project to create yet another win/win.

DO consciously seek connections rather than divisions at every opportunity. There is a divine spark that connects us all. It is the unifying, animating thread of Life that we here at mooning HQ like to call Love. To seek common ground and alliance with the people we encounter, regardless of circumstance, goes a long way toward healing the wounds of seemingly unconnected, divisive relationships of the past.

DO consciously forgive. No one really knows what they're doing, even those of us that are trying to improve our awareness. The joy of life is often hidden in acceptance of its unfathomable mystery, never more apparent than in our fellow humans. Don't try to read minds, everyone has their own peculiar take on everything. Let jarring opinions ride in forgiveness and the obstacles of conflict dissolve. Where there was impasse, Love now flows.

DO consciously remember your olds, whether living or dead. Halloween coincides with the Celtic cross quarter festival of Samhain which celebrates and honours the ancestors. Check in on your elders, make sure they have everything they need in these isolating Covid wrought times. Spend time with them, in person or online, to remind them how valued they are. None of us would be here without their involvement in the cycle of birth and death. If it's not too long a stretch of imagination, do the same for the dead. Our transitioned loved ones are always available for a chat should we take the time to call on them. They love to know they are still remembered as a valued, integral thought form in the material present moment. Their benevolent wisdom and good humour should always be brought to the Samhain party. Light a candle, sit quietly and partaaayy....

DO consciously look for the good in All. This is the Halloween fortnight to avoid getting inwardly spooked, by accentuating the positive and not dwelling on the stuff that freaks you out. Finances, career, love-life, future - hold them at bay for another day. This is a great moon to be grateful for what you do have and to revel in it from the comfort of your own sofa.

And if in dread, doubt or distress.....break out the Buffy box set.

We hope this somewhat ominous message doesn't catch you unawares. Do please share its calming intent with friends of a potentially nervous disposition - it's another comforting way in which Love maintains its rightful, enlightened domain over fear and darkness as the long nights start to draw in.

Enjoy your socially distanced tricks and treats dear ones.

With love 'til next time....




The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by fellow mooner and artist Mark Weighton


18 x 18cm  charcoal on paper

The eleventh of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by artist Mark Weighton


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