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THU 23 APR 03:25 - Mooning Monthly nurturing the neighbourhood.....



Happy Taurus New Moon dear ones

This Wednesday night finds a bull at the gate of 'lockdown' proceedings. Taurus the bull is a home-comfort loving, herd beast so those touched by this moon are likely to be acutely affected in the family way. Parent/child relationships are liable to be under intense scrutiny particularly if sharing the same space, but close relationships in the wider flock are also likely to find themselves tested.

Those relationships that survive the test will be ones invested with genuine attentiveness, patience and engagement - that's something of a no brainer of course. Hours/days/interminable weeks spent together will only be 'quality time' if we shift towards notions of mutual benefit, of genuinely nurturing others towards their greater potential rather than continually worrying about our own outlook.

Those currently home schooling young children are in the thick of this and all power to them. Facilitating exploratory learning for young 'uns is hard work but nurture is the nature of a parental role. It gets even tougher as children move into adolescence but at a push most are still open to being told what to do in between the hours gaming online. From young adult onward, humans regularly personify the Taurus Bull: convinced that we know what's best for us, pretty much everyone else in the herd and intolerant of being persuaded otherwise. This column being an apt case in point!

Although the Taurus New Moon is generally not one of energetic motivation, this week it carries an unpredictable, aggressive astrological demeanour (conjunct Uranus, square Saturn and heavily influenced by the constellation of Aries) that suggests major, uncomfortable change. Impulsive behaviour is anticipated, in our personal lives and on the wider geopolitical stage. Watch out for a deepening shade of blood red orange tan amongst certain world leaders as the week progresses.

If we give reign to the impulses, particularly out of boredom, the consequences could well be shocking, potentially tragic. Sudden change is upon us whether we like it or not (just have a look around) and it's up to us whether our unthinking behaviour and inappropriate choices make those changes more difficult to bear. We could do worse than try to find our inner Taurus this week - lazily obdurate, content at home surrounded by creature comforts and in no hurry to make any decisions at all.

The novelty of lockdown will be wearing thin and this week's cosmic alignments will probably contribute to us all feeling ultra itchy to get out and do our own thing. We advise that this is not the week in which to do so. Settle in alone or with loved ones for another box set/jigsaw/baking bonanza. Enjoy those Coronavirus enforced daily routines for just a while longer and take every opportunity to NURTURE anyone or anything that might respond to, or need, a bit of attention.

As ever, here are a few Mooning HQ sponsored Do's and Dont's to help nurture ourselves and others through this challenging Taurus New Moon

DO nurture yourself. Now is the time to initiate the greatest love affair any of us can have - with ourselves. Pamper, indulge and enjoy yourSELF, whoever and whatever you want that to be.

DON'T succumb to boredom. Boredom is truly the greatest gift to creativity. Just do something different and see what happens. Bloody fascinating.

DO nurture your inner voice. Engage with that incessant internal conversation that rattles along without much conscious acknowledgement. Listen carefully to the shit it spouts and have a good laugh at the conditioned nonsense we've led ourselves to believe. From this humorous perspective change is often easier to embrace.

DON'T EVER condemn that voice as unworthy or unimportant. It is the sum total of your upbringing and understanding; it's who you think you are and needs to be heard before it can change.

DO nurture and cherish others. Spend a little 'extra' time doing kid's stuff just for fun (let them teach you some of their technological wizardry) and learning will naturally arise.

Engage fearlessly with the older youth. Make genuine effort to find out what makes them tick and have a go at it yourself. Never stop inviting them to join you in your activities.

Vitally, chat with the Olds. They are the ones feeling most vulnerable, fearful and isolated in these challenging circumstances.....whilst observing prescribed social distances of course. Remain calm and patient with others at all times this week because they're all likely to be in meltdown.

DON'T think that any thought, word or deed committed to the benefit of another is wasted energy. These conscious, positive acts fill the collective well of goodness from which we all need to drink from time to time. Fill the well Mooners.

DO nurture your home. get stuck into home chores/improvements - if there are any left to do 4/5 weeks into lockdown.

DON'T forget, under this Taurus New Moon, to seek agreement for any changes you intend to make to your living environment with those that share the space. These things balance on a knife edge at the moment so don't be too arrogant to ask permission before painting the bathroom purple. Coincidentally, there has been an appalling statistical rise in domestic abuse since lockdown restrictions were applied. Living with people ain't easy particularly if they happen to be violent men. (World rise in domestic abuse during lockdown article)

DO nurture nature. Encourage any plant life in and around your home to thrive. House plants, window boxes, gardens, roadside verges and public green spaces. Let things wild up a wee bit. Let the flowers in your lawn grow, the bees love 'em. Pick up any litter you see during your recommended daily exercise and take it home. Carry a bag for that purpose. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly on your return home.

DON'T use Round Up (Glyphosate) or any other chemical weedkiller ever again. They kills bees, are known to cause cancer, poison us and everything else (Erin Brokovich article on the deadly traces of weedkiller in our food)

A nurturing word heard this week in conversation with our community elder Bob Weighton, now 112 years old and officially the world's oldest man:

"I am ready to die tomorrow. I've done most of the things I set out to do in life and a lot that I didn't.

In the meantime let's see what's possible...... and what's impossible we'll just have to accept."

Robert Grant Pitts Weighton b:20.03.1908 - in conversation 20.04.2020

We here at Mooning HQ hope you continue to enjoy these missives, written for and exclusively delivered every fortnight to our ever expanding international Mooning Monthly community. Please encourage friends of a similarly Moonish persuasion to subscribe (below) and share the lunar bounty, all of which can occasionally be found uploaded to the website

With Love, sanitized and from an appropriate social distance, 'til next time...


Our community elder Robert Grant Pitts Weighton.Born 29th March 1908.

Officially, the oldest man currently on this Planet.


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