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MON 09 MAR 17.47 - Mooning Monthly keeping things sanitized....


Greetings Mooners, one and all We shall be bathing 'neath the light of a Super Worm Moon this coming Monday. It's 'super' because Lady Luna is as close as she can be in her orbit around Planet Earth. It's 'wormy' because native traditions of the Northern Hemisphere observed worms coming to the soil's surface at this time of year to enjoy any early spring sunshine that might have been available. Not much sunshine here in the UK currently. Following on from the watery Pisces New Moon, things are still pretty damp although the emotional intensity of the deluge seems to be lifting. Gentler rain might be the cautiously optimistic forecast for the next few days, but flood warnings (both literal and metaphoric) should be sensibly kept in place. The turbulent emotional tides of that Pisces New Moon coincided with the emotive spread of Coronavirus Covid-19. Humanity across the planet appears to have been caught up in a fevered storm of fearful hysteria as the virus gains momentum toward pandemic status. It is, naturally, a worry. The portents of doom have spread faster than the virus, and worst case scenarios have been projected so that appropriate planning measures can be taken to protect human life. Without wishing to appear sceptical of the very real health and logistical issues posed by the disease, I suspect there may be substantial financial profit for some in the prominence of its profile. (Article on Coronavirus profiteers here) In contrast to the epidemic at hand, the Virgo Full Moon, usually the last full moon before the Spring Equinox, is traditionally cast as a harbinger of fertility and well being. With or without Covid-19, the next fortnight promises to be a rewarding period in which to boost the immune system with healthy wholefoods whilst avoiding sugar loaded, processed junk. This is not the time to be comfort eating 'cos we all might die tomorrow. Quite the opposite. Despite the contagion at hand, we should take the opportunity under a Virgo Full Moon to follow nature's lead: to cleanse and regenerate in preparation for the glorious season of growth just around the corner. This is the fortnight to bring extra awareness to everything your mind and body is ingesting. From food and drink to thoughts, emotions, words and behaviour. In alignment with its DNA, the body designs and constructs a vehicle based on the quality of the ingredients it has absorbed. The more conscious we can be about the input, the more intentional the outcome. If you want a body coursing with fear - read and watch the current news bulletins on the hour, every hour. If you want to lower your bodies natural resistance to disease and infection - start smoking and eat loads of sugary shit. If you want your body to operate in a physically aggressive manner - take up boxing (or watch it on telly), play violent video games and swear like a trooper. However, If you want your body to feel calm and peaceful - make time to sit around doing very little other than observing your breath until your distracting thoughts dissolve (aka meditation). If you want your body to reflect health and vitality - eat and drink clean, fresh produce.....then go for a walk and tune into what's happening around you in the natural world. It sounds simple and great in principle but few of us have the discipline to turn a nice idea into a practical reality. Perhaps the fastidious, willful energy of this Virgo Full Moon will provide us with the motivation to do so. With repetition, the influences to which we expose ourselves become the filters through which we experience our life. Unless consciously challenged, those filters become our habitualised, intransigent 'realities' with no apparent alternative. Under this Virgo Full Moon we should be encouraged to exercise choice in our daily decision making as never before. Whether at the supermarket (other smaller, higher priced, less profitable purveyors of groceries and household products are available); in conversation; surfing online; reading a book; watching a film or going for a run; we can aspire to an awareness of the thoughts in our minds, the sensations in our bodies. In bringing informed decision making, based on these observations, to bear on our experience, we intentionally create circumstances in which both mind and body can prosper. As we prosper, so others around us prosper - even if it's only because they don't hear us moaning so often.  Love begets itself; it spreads around in similar fashion to a pathogen, yet disseminating benevolence and wellbeing.  Under this Virgo Full Moon let's take every opportunity to expose ourselves to its effects in hope of spreading a Love epidemic as far as our sphere of influence may reach. As always at full moon, our emotions and instinctive behaviours (conditioned responses) are likely to be at their peak. With those tired old habits out in the open, illuminated by the full shining face of the Moon, we are ideally placed to challenge their influence over our life experience. It takes courage, patience and determined concentration to become consciously responsive rather than compulsively reactive to life circumstances, so here are a few do's and don'ts that might help us spread our own infectious, positive influence under this Virgo Full Moon. DO switch off the news apps and outlets. This action is not denial. Ironically, it is an intelligent mode of self preservation. DON'T get caught up in other people's drama. Let them 'enjoy' it themselves. Be unapologetic about cutting conversations short if invited to indulge in someone else's am dram. DO take reasonable precautions to ensure your safety (still look left and right before crossing the road) but allow the future to take care of itself. It will anyway. DON'T delude yourself that life's circumstances can be controlled. Our best bet for happiness lies in aligning with what it is actually occurring around us and remaining flexible in our responses. DO remain firmly available to the present moment by tuning into your thoughts and physical sensations at different times during the day. Maybe set a regular alarm to stop whatever it is you are doing to spend a minute enjoying the miraculous phenomenon of being alive. We misplace the sensations of this remarkable experience most of the time under layers of self imposed distraction. DON'T sweat the small stuff. Virgo is notoriously fussy and critical. Direct such unwarranted, unhelpful negativity at yourself and others at your own peril over the next couple of weeks. Don't go there. DO have a cleanse and not just with disinfectant. Find your own way to clean up your immediate environment. Your home, your body, your language. Give something up, as encouraged by the Christian Lent tradition currently in full swing - which apparently stems  from the Germanic linguistic root 'Lenten' meaning Spring. DON'T waste energy worrying about hypothetical circumstances. This doesn't just apply to the current health scare. Once again, don't underestimate the huge value of remaining centred in the present moment. DO nothing......see how long you can keep it up, observe the sensations. DON'T allow fear to diminish your capacity to love. When the anxiety begins to rise, find a different, LOVING subject or situation on which to focus your attention.   Then wash your hands..... This message is germ free, benign and nutritious. Do please share with friends of similar sensibilities without fear of reproach from the medical authorities. Keep it sanitized dear Mooners 'Til next time....





The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by fellow mooner and artist Mark Weighton



18 x 18cm  charcoal on paper 

The third of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by artist Mark Weighton


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