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Welcome to a forum which orbits around a vaguely astrological, fortnightly column concerning the annual moon cycle and its phases. What we call mooning is, loosely speaking, the process of observing our subconsciously driven patterns of behaviour under the influence of new and full moons. As we become more aware of our habitual responses to external circumstance (the moon is simply one of many) we can become increasingly aware of our ability to change those reactions as a matter of conscious choice. Such creativity of thought, word and deed encourages positive change that benefits not only ourselves but all we encounter. It's a simple but effective shift of perception through which we can quite literally change the world. 

Generally speaking, new moons provide an advantageous monthly window in which to set intents (metaphorically sowing seeds) for the change we want to see in our world; whilst full moons offer an opportunity to harvest the fruits of those intents and, almost as importantly, a chance to get rid of the stuff that's not working as we refine our manifesting skills on the path toward our goals. 

The fortnightly columns, direct from those at Mooning HQ, attempt to highlight a few likely pitfalls on the path towards realising our dreams whilst also suggesting the most propitious moments for proactive effort to promote positive change that benefits All. The aim of mooning is to ultimately develop an antidote to our default, often negative behaviour; to cultivate an understanding of the dominant features of Moon influence so that we can eventually harness such cosmic tidal forces beneficially, for our own evolution and that of the wider world around us.

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