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SUN 05 JULY 05.44 - Mooning Monthly celebrating its centenary and winning the lottery....


Dear Mooners Welcome to the 100th edition of your favourite, and possibly only, moon forecasting service. In 2015 Mooning Monthly began its mission to bring some regular lunar inspiration to the conscious awareness of our ever expanding family of international subscribers - that's you that is. It's a quest which, with your continued engagement and kind support, looks set to continue for the foreseeable happy centenary to us dear Mooners. This weekend's full moon in Capricorn is officially an eclipse, albeit penumbral and barely visible. The slightest wisp of Mother Earth's shadow across Lady Luna's full shining face does, nonetheless, give an added energy boost to her associated influence, and thankfully, the prospects are good. As we climb cautiously out of lockdown, this Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse provides positive invigoration for commerce and business: some welcome domestic harmony after a challenging couple of months; the opportunity for open, friendly social connections leading to new, stimulating relationships plus the potential for good fortune.  This would be the weekend to purchase a lottery ticket or two if we weren't completely opposed to the horrifying landscape of mental illness and distress caused by the pernicious, predatory motivations of the gambling industry. (Article: UK's gambling addiction worse than thought) Buy a ticket just in case eh? A Full Moon is always a good time to cleanse and purge so the coming fortnight might be a beneficial one in which to jettison those aspects of our lives and relationships that are no longer serving us or the bigger picture as a whole. We probably know what they are. If not, we should give it some serious consideration, then make an internal conscious commitment to let go of the redundant stuff to create some spaciousness in which the new can emerge and grow. If we run businesses, now would be the time to assert our ecological credentials to attract a newly 'woke' customer base. Let's reassess our mission statements and motivations. Are the rewards we seek purely financial or can there be a marriage between profitability and the benefit our endeavour brings to people and planet?  Is what we do fun? Where's the Love in our working day? How can that be heightened? Domestically, it's time to reconnect with family and friends that we've missed during the pandemic. Gentle, relaxed reunions and newly forged al fresco friendships are to be welcomed. Let's keep an eye on the olds who may be suffering from lockdown isolation and provide comfort where we can. All in all the outlook, dare we say it, is a happy one in challenging times. The influence of the eclipse season (this is the third successive solar or lunar eclipse in the last six weeks) is said to hold an underlying sway until the next eclipse, which aligns in six months time. Will we take advantage of this sustained window of optimism to reappraise our life intentions and establish well considered change in our thoughts, words and deeds? It sounds like a plan....we live in hope. As always at full moon, our emotions and instinctive behaviours (conditioned responses) are likely to hit their peak. In a conscious effort to drag those tired old habits out into the illuminating moonlight for some timely recognition and forgiveness, we are ideally placed to challenge their influence over our life experience. It takes courage, patience and attentive determination to become consciously responsive to life circumstances, so here are a few do's and don'ts that might help make this optimistic Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse an opportunity for positive change taken rather than an opportunity missed. DO switch off the news apps and outlets. It's a stale, repetitive drama undeserving of the importance we accord it. Instead, create your own news headlines, ALL entirely positive. BREAKING NEWS! The bathroom mirror at Mooning HQ has been cleaned.... DON'T contribute to or endorse other people's negative narratives. If you see the signs of an unsubstantiated whinge arising, find a way to nip it in the bud or swiftly and diplomatically move on. DO consider new business and employment opportunities, particularly joint ventures and self employment based on the positive changes you'd like to see in the world around you. This is a fertile, creative but also commercially viable moon, so have a closer look at the logistics and set some wheels in motion. This is a time to quite literally make the world a better place through our well-intentioned actions. DON'T hide your light or consider your creative impulses unworthy. Float ideas in supportive company, gauge the reaction objectively - then act. DO offer something positive to your local community. This might be fostering better communication and friendliness among neighbours; shopping for the elderly or making a personal effort to improve the local environment with a spot of guerilla gardening (article). Anything proactive is likely to yield immediate rewards. DON'T think you don't make a difference however small your input to your locality appears to be. This entire shouting match of life is an interconnected, unified field of experience. Everything has purpose; everything informs everything else - contrary to surface appearances, there is no separation. A smile or a kind word costs nothing and goes a long, long way (just ask a quantum particle physicist). Such genuine acts of love find their way back to your doorstep pretty quickly. DO have a purge. Find your own way to clean up your immediate environment: your home, your body, your language, your locality. If you haven't already done so during lockdown, this would be the week to clear out your closets and donate to your local charity shop when it reopens. Prepare any remaining stockpiled excesses for donation to your local food bank. There are going to be some tough, hand to mouth months ahead for many, and a collective intent to support those in need rather than judge them will bring society closer together for the good of all. DON'T waste stuff anymore. Resolve to buy less, making purchases as you actually need them not just because you think you might. Just say no to excess and anything with a plastic wrapper! DO ENJOY.....stop what you're doing and thinking every once in a while to breathe it all in. Absorb the marvel of life available to us in every moment, wherever we find ourselves. In a conscious act of gratitude, give something back to the natural world that sustains your physical presence. Failing all else, a regular heartfelt 'Thank You' to the Universe will do nicely. DON'T forget that change is the natural order of things in this world of form. To align with, rather than resist, the constant, intelligent movement of evolution, makes life an altogether more enjoyable experience. Allowing life to be what it is rather than fighting to mould it to our own, ego oriented design is a certified route to liberation (just ask a Buddhist). Go get your lottery ticket. We hope this centenary message finds you happy and healthy. Thank you for your enduring support over the past five years. Please keep sending us your enquiries and words of encouragement - we respond to them all....eventually.  And, if it seems appropriate, do please share these missives with friends of similar sensibilities - it's another way, in an unlimited spectrum of possibility, to spread the much needed Love. Keep it in motion Mooners With love 'til next time....


BOB WATCH - funeral web link

Our beloved elder, Bob Weighton, oldest man in the world for 58 days - sorely missed but gratefully remembered.

Should you wish to watch Bob's recent webcast funeral, it's a rather lovely affair despite the restrictions on attendance.

For the next month it can be found at

username: Niri8499

password: 885399

A selection of Bob's poems from his book Diverse Verses were read during his funeral service and we thought we'd include one of them here. It's Bob's reworking of the 23rd Psalm from the Bible which, in the retelling by the great man himself, carries additional comfort and an enduring sense of peace. If one allows oneself to look past the divine gender specifics it could easily be adopted as a Mooning anthem:

The Lord of Love my shepherd is,

I want for nothing while I'm his,

In pastures green he bids me lie

And leads me the still waters by.

He raises up my soul again

From depth of sadness and of pain,

He sets my feet upon the way

Of righteousness and endless day.

Although I walk through death's dark vale,

Thy rod and staff me will not fail,

No evil then shall make me fear,

For thou art with me, ever near.

The feast is spread, thou biddst me come

And make thy house my own true home,

Goodness and mercy all my days

Shall follow me in all my ways.

To the tune of 'Open Mine Eyes and I Shall See' by John Rutter

Robert Grant Pitts Weighton




The first of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by fellow mooner and artist Mark Weighton



18 x 18cm  charcoal on paper 

The seventh of 13 Full Moon inspired drawings for 2020 by artist Mark Weighton


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