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Sun 6th Jan 01.28 - Mooning Monthly Edition 63 calling out the freak in all of us....


Happy new 2019 dear Mooners

The Mooning year starts in momentous fashion with a partial solar eclipse this coming weekend. The New Moon shares her darkest moments in Capricorn during the wee small hours of Sunday morning; her velveteen shadow temporarily blocking light from the sun in parts of North Asia.

Astrologically, solar eclipses are generally read as excellent opportunities for a reboot: periods of personal recalibration which can last anything up to six months. The recommendation is to use them constructively to break habitual, negative patterns of behaviour with a view to cleaning up one's act for both personal and collective benefit.

Impeccably in tune with our New Year resolutions, this eclipse/new moon is a great time to embrace change; to recognise oneself as a valuable constituent of the cosmic, quantum soup of existence that operates in a natural state of continual flux. We have the option to align with that field of shifting possibility or, in our peculiarly arrogant, misguided human way, work against that natural flow by seeking to control and solidify our experience into something we think we can hold onto indefinitely.

The well documented news is that nothing lasts forever in this material domain so at the start of 2019 let's not kid ourselves with deluded behaviour that suggests otherwise. Mooning philosophy would suggest that 'to go with the flow' often leads to a more creative, enjoyable experience of life than constantly fighting to turn that experience into something we believe it should be.  More often than not, expectation is the swiftest path to serial disappointment. 

So, a solar eclipse in Capricorn is an auspicious place to start a brand new calendar year. It's not necessarily the most fertile allotment on which to sow the seeds of one's new intentions (the ground can be a little arid and rocky) but a plot which, over the next fortnight, will eagerly respond to some well organised, loving attention.

And ourselves, dear Mooners, are of course the metaphoric earth in which we plant the seeds of our own imaginative desire, so some concerted, attentive self love over the next few days will go a long way to providing a verdant, productive environment in which our dreams can germinate, take root and eventually come to full and abundant fruition.

The suggestion this week is therefore to spoil oneself, in the truest sense, by giving oneself time. Time to oneself, perhaps indulging a creative passion, be that at the easel, in a journal or in the kitchen, leaves room to celebrate one’s glowing individual, extraordinary beauty - or as we often refer to it here: one’s inner freak. Actively loving that freak, in all its weird glory, is one of the most powerfully transformative, joyous love affairs that one can ever embark upon and is not to be missed in 2019. . We should be additionally aware this week of the potential for seductive influence carried by this particular Capricorn New Moon that may make us susceptible to the persuasion of others. Society’s sweet talkers will be out in droves and we may find ourselves more eager than usual to entertain their line in gratuitous flattery. Their captivating, complimentary tone is likely to have an ulterior motive however, so remain vigilant before committing to carnal connections or financial commitments. Consider yourself warned.

Similarly, let's not fall for the usual, Hollywood championed bullshit that abounds at this time of year suggesting that some other person, plan, philosophy, practice, purchase or procedure is going to magically improve our life experience overnight.  As Mooners, we stand tall in the knowledge that we create our own reality, something for which no one else can ever be responsible.

When we set an intent for positive change we understand that intent needs to be reflected in our internally created thoughts, words and deeds - a vital personal dialogue in which we must participate if we are to consciously find our way to self-knowledge and empowerment.  We must learn to trust the sound of our own imaginative intuition and not be swayed by the opinionated noise of those that would happily fill the void left by our lack of creative engagement.

In the privacy of our own homes dear Mooners, let’s resolve this year to unashamedly talk to ourselves; to tune in to the frequency of our own thoughts and lovingly embrace the conversation however challenging the subject matter. ‘Know thyself’ as the Oracle once put it.

We here at Mooning HQ are not unaware that our voice is merely another on the list of those noisily vying for your attention. We caution you to be wary even of our motives however benevolent we insist they may be.....and they are of course....(lols). The crucial bottom line under this Capricorn New Moon is to examine what you (and only you) want out of life even if that has to be discovered through an increased awareness of what you actually don't want.

In this dualistic human experience of ours, the realisation of what we don't want, immediately gives rise to the clear contrast of its opposite. This is a personally creative conversation in itself. The theory goes that if one then consciously aligns with the positive desire fired by what you don't want toward any gratefully received opposite experience, one allows the good stuff to flow in unlimited fashion. Dreamy.

If you require further evidence or confirmation, we recommend doing the quiet thing. Sit still with your eyes closed, back straight, feet flat on the floor and become aware of your breathing. Slowly allow the mind's chatter to subside and then pop the question: what do I want? With calm persistence and good listening skills, the answer will come. It may be more of a feeling than a thought. That's good. We want our desires to emanate from the heart not entirely from the head. Once located, those wild heart desires can be formulated into a clearly expressed intention (or wish) around which the universal cosmic soup may coalesce its ever generous, co-creative energies into magical manifestations. It’s a process we never tire of advocating and one that we like to call in these columns, Mooning.

Dreams, dear Mooners, do come true. It is simply a question of allowing the possibility. More soon.

With love and all best wishes for an irrepressibly awesome 2019 'Til next time

CRESCENT MOON - courtesy of Ian Clarke


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