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Updated: Jan 4, 2019


Fri 7th Dec 07.20 - Mooning Monthly Edition 61 shooting for bullseyes


Howdy Mooners

There's a shadowy new moon loitering in Sagittarius during our early morning ablutions this Friday. Traditionally represented by the archer, Sagittarius is all about the intense focus and steady hand required to shoot for a bullseye...... and clean one's teeth effectively.

Our life targets are therefore in the firing line this week if we choose to till the fertile ground provided by the last new moon of the year to nurture our clearest, most potent intention at which to take aim. Intention here is pointedly referred to in the singular - over the next few days our propensity for enthusiastic, premature festive indulgence might well obscure our line of sight to a single, well defined goal by inadvertently creating a myriad of blurred, moving targets. Think single-mindedly this week dear Mooners. Avoid multi-tasking, particularly whilst pissed.

Before consciously formulating any new intent there is always a strong case for examining the stories we tell about ourselves and others. Any new chapter in our ongoing personal narratives should perhaps be prefaced with an enquiry as to where we are currently placed in the plot. This informs our planning. What of the dramatic twists and turns, the intrigues, the farce and the tragedy of 2018? Circumstance may appear to have been kind or cruel throughout the year but this present moment will irrefutably be determined by our emotive reading of stuff happening (essentially neutral) - the storyline that we author and edit ourselves.

So, what are the stories of the last twelve months? What have been the themes? Who were the main protagonists? What were the dominant circumstances and how have we defined ourselves through them? ....As misunderstood, undervalued and abused or purposeful, encouraging and caring? Last month's Gemini Full Moon (link here) highlighted the often uncomfortable, fluctuating dualities of our perceptions.

The good news is that we can ameliorate the confusing discomfort derived from these axes of contrasting understanding by becoming more aware of how we, quite literally, imagine our stories into being through every thought, word and action employed in their telling. The story told, whether conscious or not, will determine the reality experienced. It is a daily process of Alchemy and one for which we are individually responsible: the choice between turning shit into more shit or shit, potentially, into gold. It's a process we like to call in these lunar influenced columns, Mooning.

This Sagittarius New Moon could be dubbed the Storyteller's Moon as it doesn't seem to care particularly whether tales told under its persuasion are based on fact or fiction. We venture to suggest that its influence actually encourages the colourfully dramatic over any nuance of truth/untruth; more about how the story is told than what the story depicts.

The stories we tell of ourselves this week therefore may possess a heightened potency to cross a threshold from the mundane specificity of our daily lives into our own personal, more generic mythology: an overarching attitude that can be applied to the minutiae of our day to day experiences, bringing a greater sense of purpose and understanding to proceedings. With a combination of commitment and our sharpened Sagittarius focus we will more ably pinpoint the narrative we want our lives to follow.

Imagination is key, as ever. Exercise of its ever present, liberating availability midwifes every possible storyline into new life. Without imagination a new story for humanity will struggle to emerge and, as individuals and a species, we will merely continue to regurgitate the same old lines that have placed us, and our precious planet's entire biodiversity, in the perilous, current predicament.

There's an art to this creative process of manifestation, one which we here at Mooning HQ consistently aspire to impart. It's not rocket science but neither does it conform to the normative, rational mental straight-jacket in which humanity has latterly dressed itself each morning.

The theory goes that if one imagines a clear intent, unsullied by doubt, (often best practiced under a new moon such as this) then fully imagines the experience of that desire fulfilled as if it had already happened, one discovers that to imagine a thing is so makes it so. The sensations of a dream fulfilled may not immediately correspond to an external reality but that internal dialogue of imagination is the womb in which all future possibility is conceived and gestates, eventually to be born into form.

Let's throw in a few supporting quotes for good measure:

You create your own reality - Jane Roberts

Imagination is the very gateway of reality - Neville Goddard

The imagination is not a state: it is the human experience itself - William Blake

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world - Albert Einstein

Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see - Neal Donald Walsch

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create - Siddahartha Gautauma Buddah

Behind the cliché that you create your own reality there is a shadow: if you don't create your own reality. it will be created for you - Deepak Chopra

Each new moon is cast in Earth's shadow, a shadow that embraces humanity's collective consciousness, so let's concentrate on that last shady quote for a minute. In the absence of our own conscious, imaginative determination of reality (our personal storyline) we allow any Tom, Dick or predominantly white, upper-middle class Harry to fill the space our imagination has vacated. We abdicate our creative sovereignty to other storytellers very capable of manipulating our realities to their own agendas be they political, economic, religious, consumerist, media led, celebrity driven, fashion derived or Hollywood determined. All their stories are fake news and should be largely ignored.

Without devoting time and energy to writing our own story we will, by default, be written into someone else's. This is not the definition of personal empowerment! In not taking responsibility for our own behaviour, we become complicit in the Trumped up stories written by others, compliant pawns in other people's games and dramas whilst sitting in the 'freedom' of own homes.

Under this Sagittarius New Moon, a fresh opportunity exists to tell a different story about ourselves and the possibilities that our lives represent for positive change on this planet for the benefit of All. This is the noble target for which we can aim with single mind over the next few days. It is the brave intent to challenge our own habitual behaviour; to engage in a vital, energizing internal dialogue that leads to meaningful change in our own lives and those of whom we encounter. It is also a direct path to joy.

Here's a plan:

STOP! Sit still Be quiet Concentrate on your breath, nice and easy Watch your thoughts come and go Don't judge, just take time to listen to the story those thought patterns tell and, know that it is so

Then, in good time

Imagine the world you want Imagine the life you want to lead Imagine the dream has already come true Enjoy how that feels Sense how that feels and, know that it is so

Repeat twice daily.

The suggestion here is that without imagination and acceptance of a wish fulfilled no dreams can come true. What do we want dear Mooners and when do we want it? What are our targets as individuals and a collective? Have we the required strength of purpose and sustained focus to start hitting bullseyes empowered by the belief that it is within our capabilities to do so?

As the celebrated television sports commentator Sid Waddell once exclaimed, live on air in response to a remarkable three dart finish at the 2007 World Darts Championships:

"I can only sum that up in one word........WORLD CLASS DARTS!"

One hundred and eightyyy! With love, 'til next time

Over the past twelve months we have called upon fellow Mooner, Mark Weighton, to provide an artistically rendered accompaniment for each new moon, twelve in all. This is the twelfth version of the same drawing that he has worked on throughout the year but with a further thirteenth phase, in keeping with the lunar calendar.  Each path depicted has represented a different stage of our monthly Mooning activity and the drawing now finds conclusion in two defining outermost parameters for this Sagittarius New Moon. We usually learn most effectively when we clearly understand where our boundaries lie.  The final paths represent the return to balance through the Compassion of the Master. The master is you dear *|FNAME|*. In merely observing your habitual thoughts, words and actions under new and full moons this year, you will have grown in self awareness (however much you might deny this). You will have become less a reactive slave to circumstance and more a master of your response. You will have given yourself greater freedom of choice and widened the fields of possibility for your happy and healthy future. The hope here at Mooning HQ is that you will continue to make consciously positive choices, in thought, word and deed, for the benefit of All.


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