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MON 14 DEC 16:16 - Mooning Monthly putting some swagger into the Sagittarius jibber jabber....



Festive solar eclipse greetings dear Mooning Collective ‘Tis the season to be jolly and we’ll hopefully have a good crack at that over the next fortnight. There’s a new moon not only facing the Sun but blocking its light in total eclipse this coming Monday. Those of you social distancing in Chile and Argentina should get a spectacular view of Lady Luna complete with solar halo while the rest of us will just have to tune in to the lunar mood music or rely on internet coverage.... And what astral tunes are likely to make the emotional playlist under this Sagittarius newbie? Well....the melodic catchy chorus involves a conjunct Mercury (in the same alignment as Moon and Sun) with a positive Mars influence - all of which suggests thoughts and words will be paramount.

Mercury is the great communicator and Mars is set to add a daring splash of dynamism to our articulations. This would be a great week to focus on the big ideas, schemes, and relationships that matter and not sweat too much over the everyday and less significant. More than ever, this is a new moon solar eclipse under which to set a clear intention to raise awareness of our thoughts, words, actions and their effects, notably on ourselves but also on others. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon (subconscious) temporarily blocks the regular, rhythmic rays of the sun (conscious). In astrological terms, this passing moon shadow provides an advantageous cosmic ‘breather’ in which to engage with our ‘shadow self’: that part of us usually hidden during our busy day to day activities but which governs so much of our habitual behaviour and response to circumstance. Dig in and go deep if you dare! With sun and moon in total alignment as observed from our precarious perch on Earth, this temporary interruption to the regular programming of personal, social and cultural broadcasts, allows us to reassess notions of ‘self’ and consciously reinvent ourselves should we wish. In effect, a solar eclipse is a massive reset button; a supercharged window in which to launch new initiatives, projects, relationships and generally redefine aspirations for the path we wish to take in life. It’s not surprising to see why a solar eclipse was/is seen in witchcraft traditions as a powerful period in which to effect ‘magic’. In our revered lunar cycle, new moons are always advantageous windows in which to set intents for positive change. A focused intention in the weeks before Christmas might be to utilise the powerful shadow of this Sagittarius Solar Eclipse to reboot our own aspirations, dreams and desires towards the world we want to create and experience. Let's find a way to use our newly bestowed, dynamic communication skills to think and speak a world into being that serves All. And, by convention of this column, we offer a couple of do's and dont's to help put some swagger into the Sagittarius jibber jabber: DO remember: If there's something to say - then say it......with confidence. Throwing together the dynamism of Mars with Sagittarius (among the best of the zodiac conversationalists and the astrological house in which this week's heady alignment is occuring), means your words shouldn't miss their mark. Even if you’re not totally sure of the ground on which you stand - it’s not likely to come over as brash or self aggrandising. Far from it. People are likely to be grateful for your candid honesty even if the message is a difficult one to hear. This applies to bosses and work colleagues, lovers, family and friends. DON'T forget: If there is love to be made - then make it. Just as importantly, this is a great week to express how much these important people mean to you and to share direct messages of love, however challenging that may initially appear. Woo and indulge your partners. DO remember: If there's a deal to be done - then do it. The people you love are more than likely those with whom you will want to collaborate in realising your next great scheme, so keep them sweet and hold them dear. DON'T forget: If there's a relationship to build - then build it. Don't simply rely on the relationships you already have in the bank. Heaven only knows who this Sagittarius Solar Eclipse is going to bring into your life for the better. It's a wonderful time to meet new friends, even if its online or in a socially distanced stylee so keep your eyes and minds wide open. DO remember: If there's a personal aspiration worth investing in - invest in it. These are advantageous days for confidently investing in yourself and your dreams. If others benefit from the investment, so be it; begrudge no one the fruits of their own labours. Give freely, particularly if the intent is to improve your own circumstances, the ultimate returns will be yours. Concerted effort and study will bring rewards (get your mock exams revision underway during the Christmas hollies youngsters). DON'T forget: If there's an issue to be confronted - then confront it. Our hidden fears are the greatest impediments to our happiness. It's not good practice to ignore the dark side of the moon. Just because we can't see it doesn't mean it's not there, deserving of exploration. As the diminutive Good Lady Luna blocks the powers of mighty Sol Invictus, so can an unexamined subconscious block our effective (joyful) participation in life itself. DO remember this Christmas time: If there's a gift worth giving - please give it. The prism of Covid 19, through which we have viewed 2020, has given us a clearer view of the imbalances and inequities of a world we have built on a stream of mistaken beliefs. (Excoriating article on Britain during the 2020 pandemic here) These ideas and ideologies are failing to serve our species and the ever benevolent planet/biosphere of which we are a small but extremely influential part. It is imperative that we start to rebalance our lives as a microcosm of the perilously poised macrocosm. It is time for us to commit to giving more to life than we take from it. This can start with small but meaningful acts of care, kindness and generosity, even if it is simply time given to concerns outside the confines our normal, often insular, busy busy busy, self serving personal lives. We must start to give; effectively we must learn how to share and we must start to do it now. Happy Christmas.

So here it is, Merry Christmas

Everybody's having fun Look to the future now It's only just begun

"Merry Christmas Everybody" - SLADE 1973

We obviously hope yule continue to enjoy these occasionally mistletoe kissed, moon led missives, unreliably composed from dubious source material, exclusively delivered at this time of year by Santa's little helpers to members of our expanding Mooning Monthly community worldwide. Please encourage friends of a similarly Moonish persuasion to subscribe for free so that we can share the Christmas lunar bounty, all of which can occasionally be found uploaded to the website Ho ho ho!

With Love 'til next time


Still living on the royalties of Christmas cheer in 2020

Gawd bless 'em!


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